Update on New Comments Policy

It only applies to economics.
You are not allowed to support or promote rightwing economics in any way, shape or form. In general, this means you can’t promote laissez-faire economics, Reaganomics, Milton Friedman, the Heritage Foundation, the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party, the Cato Foundation, the Tea Parties, etc.
Now that Obama seems to have thrown in his lot with some of this crowd, admittedly things are a lot more complicated.
You are only allowed to support and promote politicians or parties in the US which promote leftwing economics. You are however, allowed to promote or support any Democrat, even the neoliberal Obama and Clinton types. After all, they are part of the coalition. Unfortunately. You are also be allowed to promote No Logo and Third Way types like Michael Bloomberg. Unfortunately.
I basically want this comments section to look like Daily Kos or Democratic Underground at least on economics anyway. Over there, all Republican types are immediately banned.
Violators will probably be banned immediately.

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0 thoughts on “Update on New Comments Policy”

  1. Looks like Jew Among You won’t be showing up any time soon. That kike douchebag is actually a Milton Friedman supporter!

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