Ukrainian Nationalists are Nazis – An Example

A recent comment from a Ukrainian Banderist (Ukrainian nationalist) type exemplifies their anti-Semitism. Their anti-Semitism is particularly vicious, and in fact it looks a lot like Nazism.
This particular variety plays into the standard anti-Semitism of most anti-Semites: opposition to Communism since Communism is a Jewish plot; Communism is a Jewish plot to “exterminate Whites;” 100 million “Russian Christians” were deliberately murdered by Communist Jews; Jews are Khazars, not real Hebrews; the USSR, even as late as 1932, was 100% Jewish-run; Communism was a Jewish plot to steal all the money from Russian Whites and give it to Commie Jews so the Jews could get rich; Jews run the media; Communist Jews continued to run the USSR, even as late as 1946-1986, etc. etc.
Truth is that you will hear almost all US anti-Semites move over to this position at some point in the development of their anti-Semitism, it’s a logical development as one’s anti-Semitism matures and becomes more virulent.
There is a major problem with this anti-Semitic line laid out above: it’s straight up Nazism 100 proof! So, as an anti-Semites’ anti-Semitism grows and matures to full bloom, he tends to go all the way to the ultimate anti-Semitism, Nazism itself. We see this increasingly even in the pro-Palestine movement, which is increasingly adopting the overtly Nazi argument above, and some Arabs are adopting it also.

The Holodomor was a very true event. Here in Chicago, when growing up with immigrant Ukrainian nationals, they all said the same thing: “The Bolshevik Jews from the Kremlin came done and did it!” Why do you think Ukrainians joined the Germans in wiping out communism/Jewish control of the Ukraine?
Why do you think the Ukrainians have resentment toward the Jews? The Holodomor! The Communist/Bolshevik (mostly Khazar Jews) leadership deliberately starved millions of Ukrainian kulaks because they would not submit to collectivization and agricultural wealth transfer to the Jewish communists (and many cases lining their own pockets).
The Ukrainian leaders/politicians were rounded up and shot by the Jewish run NKVD and the rest of the populace starved out of existence. Hunger was so bad that mothers ate unborn fetuses. Mao Tse Dong did this in china in the 50’s, learning from Jewish commissars sent there in the 50’s.
Same events like this happened in African nations; starving African nigs into starvation; deliberately. Some of the graves of murdered Ukrainian nationals and leaders discovered years later during and after WW2 were blamed on the “Nazis’ by the Jewish run media (shit like Katyn forest lie hyped by the Jews saying “Nazis did it!”). We know now the Jews controlling the media lied (Katyn)to us for 50-60 years.
This Lindsay guy who runs this website is obviously a Jew who is protecting his tribes’ crimes during that era. He is a “Holodomor Denier!” His facts in Holodomor denial supporting sound factual, but many are slanted/ are easily disproven.
Their was no widespread wheat rust in the 30’s, some happened in the early 20’s. Farm animals were killed because of pending stealing/confiscation by the Bolsheviks How many starved? Hard to say because of poor records. 3-7 million. Some estimates as high as 10 million. Remember, Communist Jewry and their tyranny in USSR killed almost 50 million Russians/Christians from 1917-1986.

Almost none of this is true.
It’s true, I suppose, that 1/2 of the livestock in the USSR were killed by the kulaks because they were about to be confiscated or collectivized. But the fact is that the kulaks’ killing 50% of the livestock in the country is one of the things that led to the famine! Horses were used to plow the fields in those days.
It’s not true that there was no wheat rust. It’s looking more and more like much of the famine was natural – a wheat rust epidemic.
The epidemic was worst in the Eastern Ukraine and the Cossack Lower Volga region to the east. All of these areas were strong supporters of the USSR. This is also where the famine was worst. The famine was worst in the Ukraine because that is where the harvest failure was worst.
Why did the USSR starve worst of all their supporters in the Eastern Ukraine and the ethnic Russians in the Lower Volga if their intent was solely to kill Ukrainians? Why did they kill so many other Russians, including 1 million in Siberia, if they were only trying to kill Ukrainians? The Holodomor narrative makes no sense at all.
The USSR was not run by Jews in 1932. The Jewish era ended in 1927 at the latest. There were a lot of Jews in the NKVD for some reason, but they were not the majority, and by 1936 (before the Great Terror) they were gone. It’s probably true that Stalin executed Ukrainian leaders. Stalin killed 390,000 Ukrainians in dekulakization. If you want to call that a genocide, you are welcome to, but the famine was no genocide.
The Holodomor narrative depends on a number of lies. One is that there was a bumper crop in the Ukraine in 1932, but in the midst of the dekulakization campaign, the Soviets confiscated all of it, herded the Ukrainians into internment camps, refused to let them leave, and did not allow them any food, so they starved.
None of this is true.
The central claim, one of a bumper crop, is false. The harvest completely collapsed in 1932 for a variety of reasons. One was wheat rust, another was the chaos and civil war surrounding the too rapid development of collectivization whereby the old system was ended before the new one was set up yet. Killing 1/2 the farm animals in the country played a role.
Kulaks destroyed a tremendous amount of the crop by setting it on fire in fields and in their own stores, harvesting it and piling it in fields to be destroyed by rain, armed attacks on collective farms where they set fire to fields and grain stores. This was why the USSR confiscated most of the crop – the kulaks were destroying it.
In return, the Ukrainians were given rations, but rations were very tight that year. Few died of actual famine. Instead, most died of disease epidemics often related to poor sanitation and lack of modern medicine to treat the diseases. There was no deliberate withholding of food. Instead, there were tight rations. Ukrainians were not herded into concentration camps. Instead, they were put on collective farms.
It is not possible for a mother to eat her unborn fetus. Please explain how this is possible.
Mao did not learn his lesson from the Bolsheviks and perpetrate a deliberate famine during the Great Leap. Anyway, not many died. In only one year during the Great Leap was the death rate higher than 1949-prior. That year was 1959, when there were 4.5 million excess. Mao saved and prolonged more lives than anyone in human history.
There have been no deliberate famines in Africa that I am aware of other than during wartime.
Notice that this Ukrainian Nazi also hates Blacks, as he casually calls them nigs. It’s a fact that almost all Nazis, Ukrainians or otherwise, hate Blacks. Black people ought to become more aware of the menace posed by these people.
As far as why Ukrainian nationals in Chicago insist en masse in believing in something that apparently did not occur, I do not know.

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12 thoughts on “Ukrainian Nationalists are Nazis – An Example”

  1. Read Kevin MacDonald if you want to understand the murderous, tyrannical nature of Jew-Bolshevik rule of the USSR from 1917 to 1945.

  2. Kevin MacDonald’s recent articles on Occidental Observer regarding Solzhenitysn’s book goes into great detail about how filthy Marxist hebes murdered millions of Slavic peasants and aristocrats while destroying traditional Slavic culture and the Orthodox Church.

  3. National Socialist hierarchy thru the 1930s privately argued among themselves about the greater or lesser degree of Jewish influence in the USSR, so when a post Nazi American critic of Jews takes an adamant stand on the subject, you know he’s pontificating beyond his depth.
    As a Stormfront commentor put it,
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    AD BESTIAS will become famous soon enoughAD BESTIAS will become famous soon enough
    Re: Ukrainians
    Personally, I don’t even differentiate between Russians and Ukrainians. In a sense, all Russians are Ukrainians and all Ukrainians are Russians. It’s true that we’re separated by some linguistic differences along with these lines on the map called borders that the politicians have drawn for us, but I tell you what, we’ve always been one people and thus share common destiny.

    1. We hate you disgusting moskali. How dare you! And we are not nazis. We fought them during WWII as well as Robert’s soviet heroes.

  4. It’s true, I suppose, that 1/2 of the livestock in the USSR were killed by the kulaks because they were about to be confiscated or collectivized. But the fact is that the kulaks’ killing 50% of the livestock in the country is one of the things that led to the famine!
    Talk about blaming the victim.
    The Kulaks had to kill the livestock to avoid starving, on account of the Bolsheviks stealing their food.
    This was why the USSR confiscated most of the crop – the kulaks were destroying it.
    That’s funny. I thought it was because the Soviet State explictely declared the Kulaks to be class enemies.
    The “liquidation of the kulaks as a class” was announced by Stalin on 27 December 1929.[1] The decision was formalized in a resolution “On measures for the elimination of kulak households in districts of comprehensive collectivization” on January 30, 1930. All kulaks were divided into three categories: (I) to be shot or imprisoned as decided by the local secret political police; (II) to be sent to Siberia, North, the Urals or Kazahstan, after confiscation of their property; and (III) to be evicted from their houses and used in labour colonies within their own districts.[1] A Stalin crony and OGPU secret police chief, Efim Georgievich Evdokimov, (1891-1939) organized and supervised the roundup of peasants and the mass executions.
    Oh yeah, and the reason people were starving all over the place in the Soviet Union was because Dekulakization was pursued all over the place in the Soviet Union.
    A combination of dekulakization, collectivization, and other repressive policies led to mass starvation in many parts of the Soviet Union and the death of at least 14.5 million peasants in 1930-1937, including 5 million who died in Ukraine during the Holodomor.[1]

    1. I would take the wiki article with a grain of salt by looking at the references they use specifically Robert Conquest who worked for British Foreign Offices IRD anti-Communist propaganda department.
      Not exactly impartial or unbiased sources.
      And it does not actually give a link to the text of the resolution to see if it’s accurate or what it actually says.
      It was large outbreaks of diseases and lack of central planning and control of the agricultural sector that lead to deaths across the USSR not dekulakisation as there was not another large famine outbreak again until WW2

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