How Long Have Modern Humans Been In India?

A new commenter is disputing many things in the anthropological threads. First he said that humans only who showed up in India 8-10,000 YBP. Not so. Their genes go back 45-60,000 years and we have data showing them in India 76,000 YBP.
He also said that all humans have African genes, or must have African genes, since they all came out of Africa. It’s true that they all came out of Africa, but no one can find any modern African type genes left over from the out of Africa people, so we say that modern OOA moderns simply do not have any African in them. Europeans and Middle Easterners have African blood, mostly dating from the last 3,000 years. No one else does. So it’s true we came out of Africa a long time ago, but there are no African genes remaining in us from that time.

76,000 years in India, you say. Homo Sapiens (modern) at the earliest reached Australia, via India 60,000 years ago. There is no evidence of earlier homo sapiens in Asia. There were probably more than one migration out of Africa, later than the 65,000 to 70,000 years BCE when the first Homo Sapiens Sapiens left Africa. Where is your data from?

Yes, it is a fact. Homo sapiens is in India 76,000 YBP. But they were wiped out by the Toba volcano eruption that occurred in 73,000 YBP, an eruption that wiped out much life in Asia and even Africa. Keep in mind that Toba may have wiped out so much Homo sapiens that we were down to the last 500-1000 humans on Earth, although I think that many more survived in West Africa. It’s possible that the remaining bands were holed up in the Mt. Kilimanjaro region where they had some refuge from the nuclear winter type climate collapse that followed the eruption.
It is from this tiny band that the Earth was populated. Anyway, I think it is quite clear that the OOA people were part of a tiny band of 500-1,000 people who survived the eruption in East Africa. It is for this reason that the OOA people are so closely related, and the other Africans are so far apart from all the rest of us.
Recall that by 75,000 YBP, Africans had split into 40 extremely divergent lines, and only two of those lines left Africa. The other 38 of the 40 stayed in Africa and kept evolving separately. That’s why Africans are so different. They are not only different form us but from each other. Supposedly two Nigerian tribes 25 miles apart are further apart than an Englishman is from an Aborigine.
This extreme divergence is why the racists on Chimpout, etc. say “Niggers aren’t human LOL,” but that isn’t the case. They can easily breed with us, so obviously they are human. However, Africans are very, very different not only from everyone else but from each other.
The people he is talking about that hit Australia 60,000 YBP were the post-Toba people. The Orang Asli in Malaysia have genes going back 73,000 YBP I believe. Most ancient out of Africa genes on Earth.
Where on Earth does he get this idea that he is going to find “African genes” in all humans on Earth owing to the fact that they are out of Africa? You won’t find any.

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