Are Some US Minorities Troublesome and Bothersome?

Resounding yes to that statement! We do say that about them, but that’s when we are in a good mood. What do we we are in a bad mood? You don’t want to know! If anything, that’s what nice, relatively non-racist White liberal types say about some minorities. The real racists say much worse things.
It’s true. They are troublesome and bothersome. And our White communities, whatever their faults, seemed to work pretty well for us. There is very little crime, you can trust most anyone, and we often don’t even lock cars and doors. You can even pick up hitchhikers. Young beautiful females, even teenage girls, walk down the main streets at 3-5 AM with little or nothing to fear. It’s nuts to call it paradise, but it works.
You move from there to a place that’s heavily minority, and my God it is so much worse. I can’t even begin to count the ways. So yes these people are a lot of trouble to us in their groups. They bring down everything, the whole standard of living, the morality level, the safety level, the whole nine yards. There’s simply a general degradation that’s impossible to ignore.
Of course not every minority is responsible for this degradation. Many act just like us or even better. But there are simply way way more bad actors than in a White community, and that’s what brings the sack of bricks down.
See examples of this sort of moral degradation here.

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0 thoughts on “Are Some US Minorities Troublesome and Bothersome?”

  1. Yes; this is kind of in reply to a recent article that said black-black crime doesn’t affect whites much.
    What black pathologies do is force the creation of artificially expensive housing markets to use economics to keep out people who can’t be kept out any other way. Except in some very dense metro areas, this is a large country with lots of land to build housing. But it’s built artificially large to keep out the people you don’t want to afford living there. In places with low minority populations, even great places to live like Tampa have inexpensive housing except right on the coast.

    1. “What black pathologies do is force the creation of artificially expensive housing markets to use economics to keep out people who can’t be kept out any other way”
      Blacks are not the only responsible party here. I talked to people who lived in certain parts of St. Louis in the 1960s and 1970s when the blacks started moving all over. Many said that local blacks were actually encourage and subsidized by real estate agents to attack and harass the neighbors inorder to ge them to move. By getting them to move it guaranteed new comissions on future houses sold and customers for other services needed in real estate transactions. I even was even reading a post by someone online a while back that said that a group of blacks actually tried to steal the storm door off the front of his house…..while he was still in the living room with the door open.
      Ain’t capitalism grand?

  2. Robert,
    I’m curious about your use of the word “morals”? Clearly the things you mentioned are a reflection of declining morals but what of all the white collar stuff such as insider trading, the subprime and financial collapse, all the wars, drugs, oil spills, off shoring jobs, etc… These things blow way past troublesome and bothersome and not just for this country but for the whole planet. It affects everybody. Minorities can’t be blamed for this. Isn’t this also a major decline in morals? Why are non-minorities let off the hook so easily for these?

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