Ian Welsh "The Kabuki Congress"

I used to think that the Left, represented by guys like this, was insane or at least utterly unrealistic. Now it looks like the liberal/Left are the only sane people left in America.
Want to preserve Social Security no further cuts? Only the liberal/Left supports this.
Want to preserve Medicaid with no further cuts? Only the liberal/Left supports this?
Want to preserve Medicare from further cuts? Only the liberal/Left supports this.
Believe that polluting industries should be regulated? Only the liberal/Left supports this.
Support the endangered species act and believe their preservation should be prioritized? Only the liberal/Left supports this.
Believe that the US should pressure Israel to settle with the Palestinians and that the US should stop supporting the KKK-Jews in Israel unconditionally? Only the liberal/Left supports this.
Opposed to the thorough corruption of US politics by corporations and big money? Only the liberal/Left supports this.
Support the working class and middle class of America at the expense of the rich and the corporations? Only the liberal/Left supports this.
Believe in labor rights and a government that fights for labor against corporate and business power? Only the liberal/Left supports this.
Believe that free trade globalization is a catastrophe for the US worker? Only the liberal/Left supports this.
Believe that neoliberalism, supply side economics and small government philosophy has failed US society for 40 years now and continues to destroy the US state and society? Only the liberal/Left supports this.
Want to completely pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan? Only the liberal/Left supports this.
Welsh points out that Barack Obama is a moderate Republican. He always has been. From day one. Once you finally figure that out, everything starts to make sense.
My enviornmental organizations have been telling me about Barack Obama’s catastrophic failure to protect endangered species. This never made sense to me. Obama’s a liberal, right? So why isn’t he supporting endangered species? I don’t get it. He’ll start any day now, I kept saying. WTF is with Obama, I kept asking.
No he won’t. Obama’s going to get worse and worse on endangered species until he ends up as bad as George Bush. Why? Obama’s neoliberal DNC Democrat who’s even more rightwing than Bill Clinton, and Clinton was horrific on endangered species.
Clintonite Third Way corporatist DNC Democrats think preserving endangered species is bad for the economy. When it comes down to business vs environment, they always side with business. Now it all makes sense. Of course Obama wants to kill off all the endangered species and probably all the rest of non-human life too. That’s the DNC position.
I also never understand why Obama supported Ken Salazar as Interior Secretary. Salazar is a rightwing ranching and logging destroy the environment Democrat from Colorado. Why did Obama appoint him as Interior Secretary? WTF is with Obama? I kept asking myself. Now it makes sense. Salazar is Obama. They are both committed to destroying our nation’s environment in the name of the business community.
Why won’t Obama ratify the Kyoto Accords? WTF is with Obama, I kept asking. But Obama is a rightwing DNC Democrat. He believes that curbing global warming is bad for the economy, so he is going to throw the whole economy of the world under the bus for the business pigs. Sure, it makes sense.
Why won’t Obama push card check, a major goal of unions? WTF is with Obama, I kept asking. Obama’s a liberal, right? He’s pro-union. But he isn’t. Obama hates unions, and he hates workers. He’s a zillionaire limousine liberal, a member of the tiny upper class of America. Obama’s always going to wage class warfare for his rich class against workers and the poor, every day of the week. It makes sense.
Why does Barack Obama run around the world negotiating shitty neoliberal NAFTA trade agreements that cost US workers 20 jobs for every job they give us? WTF is with Obama, I kept asking. He’s a liberal, right? He’s for the workers, right? But he isn’t. He’s for business, and he hates workers. He’s out to screw the workers on behalf of his ultra-wealthy class every chance he gets. Obama’s also bought into the neoliberal lies that NAFTA agreements are the way to get the economy going.
Why does Obama keep cutting taxes and then screaming about the deficit? WTF is with Obama, I kept asking. He’s a liberal, right? He knows that tax cuts and then deficit screaming is a plot to destroy government by deliberately starving it of funds to create a debt crisis, and then use the fake crisis to destroy government.
Turns out Obama knows that full well. He’s actually one of the plotters. Obama’s goal is to deliberately devastate the state through endless crazy tax cuts, then fake scream about the debt bomb that he deliberately caused, then use that the ax the safety cut that he despises so much. Why does Obama hate the safety net? Not sure. These rich Democrats like Obama don’t have to use those programs and they get taxed for them. They probably want to shred the safety net on those grounds alone.

If Obama wasn’t black, he’d be a “moderate” Republican.  He is not a progressive, not a liberal and neither is Harry Reid.  Pelosi would be liberal in a different world, but she will do what the President tells her to do, she’s a good soldier.

Exactly. Even the “liberals” in Congress act like moderate Republicans when Obama orders them to. They won’t disobey him if he told them all to jump off a cliff.

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0 thoughts on “Ian Welsh "The Kabuki Congress"”

  1. Too bad Kucinich can’t split the height difference with his statuesque
    wife and tack a tad more macho on his persona-he could challenge
    Obama from the Left. Feingold hasn’t got the charisma either and now has a loss under his belt. Not that either aspire to.
    My only complaint with the substantially near-doomer Welsh commentors is the occasional Shrillary-ite who is usually quickly silenced by others, casting authoritative doubt that she’d have been any better than Obama.
    Assuming , probably incorrectly, Obama had a shred of authentic left in him, everything is positioned now to tempt Obama to (attempt to) ensure his legacy by triangulation. It would be interesting for an expert to gauge how much this temptation is served by left progs pulling punches that would otherwise pressure, for fear of being called racists.

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