Why Are You a Moderate?

There is absolutely nothing whatsoever moderate about US “moderates.” The truth is that being a moderate in the US means being a wild, raging reactionary. Let’s look at some core issues:
Prosecute Wikileaks (yes is pro-fascist):
Liberals No
Moderates Yes
Conservatives Yes
Social Security
Liberals Protect Social Security, hopefully strengthen it, if not, at least utterly minimize cuts to it.
Moderates Begin the process of slow destruction of Social Security
Conservatives (Republican Party) Slowly destroy, then privatize, Social Security
Conservatives (Teabaggers) End Social Security now
Liberals Save Medicare, avoid cuts to Medicare when possible, hopefully strengthen Medicare, or at least minimize cuts
Moderates Support devastating cuts in Medicare such as increasing the yearly deductible from $150 to $3,000
Conservatives (Republican Party) Slowly destroy, then privatize, Medicare
Conservatives (Teabaggers) Unknown, possibly end Medicare now
Liberals Save, and hopefully strengthen, Medicaid. At worst, minimize Medicaid cuts.
Moderates Destroy Medicaid slowly by a death of a thousand cuts.
Conservatives (Republican Party) destroy Medicaid more rapidly via a death by a thousand cuts
Conservatives (Teabaggers) End Medicaid now
Tax Cuts
Liberals Minimize tax cuts so as not to precipitate a debt crisis.
Moderates Endless tax cuts causing a terrible debt crisis
Conservatives (Republican Party) Endless mad tax cuts deliberately designed to cause a horrific debt crisis
Conservatives (Teabaggers) Wild tax cuts, so insane as to nearly defund and bankrupt the state
Regulation of business
Liberals Regulation of business necessary and beneficial under capitalism.
Moderates Minimize regulation of business as harmful to business interests
Conservatives (Republican Party) No regulation of business period
Conservatives (Teabaggers) Immediately roll back all regulation of business

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