One of the Worst Bills in Decades in a Color Graph

Just to show you what a stinking pile of steaming shit this bill really is, let’s take a look at his horrifying graph: All the sane people agree that the Bush Tax Cuts were one of the worst financial hurricanes to ever hit the US government. They were specifically and cynically designed to create a horrific deficit and debt crisis in the budget, which would necessitate a Freddie Kruger like slashing of essential government programs, mostly in order to save them. Like the Vietnam adage about having to destroy the village in order to save it, the Republicrat asshats say they have to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and God knows what else in order to save them. As you can see by looking at that vomit-inducing graph, Obama is actually much worse than Bush! Obama’s glorious compromise explodes the psychotic Bush tax cuts by fully 30

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