Obama Is Starting to Lose His Base

New Gallup poll on Obama’s popularity:
Oct 31
Blacks: 95%
Liberal Democrats: 88%
Liberals: 76%
Blacks: 84% (-11%)
Liberal Democrats: 79% (-9%)
Liberals: 69% (-7%)
While clearly he still retains the support of the overwhelming majority of his base yet, the base is definitely beginning to peel away from him in the past 6 weeks.
Blacks and Liberal Democrats have traditionally had the highest levels of support for Obama, but he only lost 2% of the support of either group between inauguration and October 31, the previous 21 months. It will be interesting to see what happens to Obama’s base in the future. Will it come back to him, stay the same or continue to peel off? I have a feeling that it will continue to peel away from him for the next 9 months or so. I long for the day I pick up a paper and Obama’s support among liberals is ~20%. Can you imagine how the oligarchic press would spin that?

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0 thoughts on “Obama Is Starting to Lose His Base”

  1. ANY President will have low numbers while unemployment is 10%
    If it drops to 7% by November 2012, he wins 400 electors.

    1. You don’t understand. Unemployment has been sky high since Obama showed up. He only lost 2% of his base the whole time unemployment was going through the roof.
      His base has only started peeling off as he has moved to the Right after the election.

  2. Look at this shit:
    Unlike white progressives, blacks and Latinos are not used to getting it all. They know how it feels to be unemployed and unable to buy your children Christmas presents. They know when not to shout.
    Oh, let us worship the wise Latinas and holy, all-knowing black folks. Because all white people are used to getting it all, all the time. I don’t know what it’s like to be unemployed. Oh wait, I’m unemployed right now, asshole.
    Reed doesn’t even care that Obama is pissing on black people too. He backs “his” guy like the Fox News creeps backed Bush. He just can’t admit that angry white leftists are right about Obama, and he is wrong. I do keep in mind the folks like Black Agenda Report and several other sharp black bloggers who had Obama’s number well before his election.
    For once Louis Proyect, who I hardly ever read anymore, is right:
    So dimwits like Reed are going to lead us white folks to the “redemption” that Tim Wise thinks we need? If the best you can do is change the color of the asshole elite du jour, then forget it.

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