Obama and Corporate Executives Caucus with the Public

Joe Public, that is.
Here is commenter Wade’s version of President Obama and a group of US corporate executives having a summit with the American people, represented by Joe Public.
Good stuff!
Barack Obama: Welcome corporate executives. I would like to introduce you to our special guest, Joe Everyman.
Executives: Hi Joe!
Obama: Alright, time to get down to business. Joe, grab your ankles. Sorry we can’t afford Crisco or a pillow to bite on because we had to keep the tax cut for the rich. Alright now executives, form a strait line behind his ass. One of you come around front and stand on this chair so you can piss on his face. I want him to feel the full effect of the trickle down.
Executives: Why does his ass have a tattoo that says “Welcome” on it?
Obama: Well, all the guys from the Tea Party got together and decided we had those put on as a resistance to socialism.
Executives: You mean the people from the REAL America?
Obama: Well they’re gonna feel like the people from the real San Francisco or Key West when we’re done. (Obama and execs laugh and anally rape Joe everyman).
Executives: What about the compromise?
Obama: Why should we compromise when we’re on the same side?
Joe: What about hope and change?
Obama: You’re going to have to hope and change your pants.
(Obama and execs laugh loudly. Joe Everyman dies of anal bleeding.)

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