Jews Are Black People?

[youtube=] This video is pretty strange. It shows a bunch of Black people marching in the middle of Tel Aviv, Israel. The only conclusion I can draw is that Jews are now Black people? What’s weird is all the Jews I met are actually White. I also so two of these Black Jews holding holds. So not only are Jews Black, but they are also queer now too? I don’t get it. Most of the Jews I met were straight. Are Jews changing?

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  1. I was surprised about the guys holding hands too. I’ve heard people say that this is normal in some other countries and not associated with romance, but it still looks pretty gay anyway.

    1. I’ve heard people say that this is normal in some other countries and not associated with romance, but it still looks pretty gay anyway.


      1. The Black Hebrews have a strong presence in the Israeli city of Dimona, which was highly publicized when Whitney Houston made a visit in 2006. In 1986, a Chicago bus driver led a group of US blacks to Israel on a pilgrimage and took all their money. They don’t have much respect in Israel but the government can’t deport them because it would piss off American blacks and lead to a possible backlash and violence against American jews.

        1. I’ve actually read about the black “jews” from Dimona. The article I read was a total puff piece though.
          I really am not shocked about groups like the Black Hebrews. Lets just look at some of the other black ‘histree’ claims:
          Da ‘Gypshunz wuz niggaz ‘n sheeit.
          Da Ancient Chineez wus niggaz ‘n sheeit. (Not joking
          Beethoven wuz a nigga ‘n sheeit.
          Da indeeinz iz niggaz ‘n sheeit.
          Da Olmecz wuz niggaz ‘n sheeit.
          The list goes on…
          Now we have a new one: Da Aynchent Jooz wuz niggaz ‘n sheeit. Da mahdun day jooz wuz created by da ebbil doktah Yakub in his laboratoy ‘n sheeit.
          Luk aht diz niggah. She beez tellin da troof ‘n sheeit.

      2. Rob:
        Really? Wow. So Jews are Black people. Funny, learn something new every day.
        I know Olive (and I think myself and David..) have discussed Ethiopian Jews before on your site. (I believe in response to BAG asserting that Jews were not White…) Is your Jewdar broken or are you just messing with us?

        1. The breeding habits of third worlders (especially blacks) reminds me a lot of the natural world. I remember being in Branson a few years a go at a fish farm that was used to help stock Table Rock Lake with fish. We were told that many fish woulds lay thousands and thousand of eggs because hardly any of them would survive. The never really invest much in their children either. Many primates however are different. The have few children and invest much in them. This reminds me of blacks and whites. Blacks tend to produce many children which the father abandons in many cases. Whites have fewer and invest more in them. When we see people from the third world invade western society they take their primitive reproductive attitudes with them. The problem is that in western countries most of their offspring will survive, which will overwhelm the society. Allowing these people to immigrate is stupid and harmful, but giving the modern medicine was fatal. As I’ve written before on here, between the mid 1990s and the late 2000s the popultion of the DR of Congo increased by over 15 million people to the mid 80 millions. The average was over one million new people a year in a time with and extremely brutal civil war and large outmigration. Maybe the end of european colonialism in the area was a much better thing than some pro whites think. With out the advances the colonials brought these area might start to decrease. The immigration from these areas needs to stop though and the current immigrants need to be repatriated. Only time will tell if chinese intervention in the area will allow the population to keep growing uncontrollably or if they’ll do the humane thing and let it curb itself.

        2. “With out the advances the colonials brought these area might start to decrease”
          I meant to put, “Without the advances the colonials brought the populations of these areas might start to decrease.”

        3. I actually hope the Ethiopians outbreed every other ethnic group in Israel. Apart from the third world nature of their culture, they make great food (try Yebeg Wot and Ethiopian Honey wine!), and produce sexy supermodels which could be a great asset to Israel. Sephardic/Mizrahi girls are too short to be models and Ashkenazi girls are too fat.

        4. ” and produce sexy supermodels which could be a great asset to Israel”
          On Chimpout someone would now enter the phrase, “MUH DICK!!!”

  2. It is obvious what has happened The Rapture has begun and transported the Chosen white Jews from Israel and left the blacks behind.

  3. To Rob:
    I know all about Ethiopian Jews. I’m just trying to be funny.
    I figured as much… although I was wondering if you had OD’d on a Mary Jane / Robitussin cocktail.

  4. Obviously Ethiopian Jews, judging by their sharp, Semitic features. Ethiopian Christians look about the same, although I’m sure they can tell the differences among themselves. At first I thought they might be some of the illegal African guest workers that the current regime proposes to intern in camps in the desert. But they’d have to be pretty crazy to draw attention to themselves.
    Gay State Girl: Most Israeli girls I’ve seen in media and in person are pretty hot, whatever their original country of origin. They don’t look much like American Jews, though. Probably some genetic benefit to the bringing together of long separated groups of people.

    1. I was just playing out stereotypes. I know Israeli girls are hotter than American jewish girls, they all smell terrible in my experience though.

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