Hard Right Finance Blog Praises Bernie Sanders

Great stuff!
We may have more allies than we think we do on the “Right.” Most people on the Right don’t even know what it means. A friend of mine lives in an all-White town in the California Sierra Nevada foothills. Almost every White person there is a Republican, often a very far rightwing type. Fundamentalist Protestantism is really big. Tea Partiers are throwing the biggest political rallies lately.
It could be a rural town anywhere in the US Midwest. You would have no idea you’re in California.
He tells me the most common political question he hears from any of these White working class fools is, “What the difference between rightwing and leftwing?” They honestly do not know. He tries to explain it to them, but they seem like they still don’t get it.
There’s a lot of anger and alienation, but everyone deals with it by watching Glen Beck. There’s quite a bit of lunatic rightwing populism around – Libertarianism, Federal Reserve fearmongering, One World Order, Black Helicopters and UN rule, anti-freemasonry, on and on. It’s ridiculous. Drinking and drug use are heavy, especially meth and pot. The heavy users/drinkers are typically fanatical Christian fundamentalists. It’s a great big heap of stupid out in the middle of the woods.
I agree with everything this guy says except for this:

A free market – or capitalist society – isn’t one where you use the government to enact laws that promote and protect your looting of the people. Those who claim to be “for free markets” and “for the rule of law” are supposed to use the law to put a stop to that crap by prosecuting and locking up the crooks, clawing back the illicit profits and returning them to the people they were stolen from instead of passing more laws and regulations that enable further looting of the people.

Wrong. Free market capitalism is always crony capitalism. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. It goes with the package. You don’t want the crooked, thieving oligarchic crony capitalism, get rid of the free market crap.
The only thing that has ever constrained capitalism is a healthy degree of socialist regulation in the state and society. Nothing else has ever worked. If you hate socialism and love the free market, then you get the nightmarish, criminal, looting, oligarchic plutocrats and a state that’s part and parcel of them.
The plutocrat-run Washington Post recently ran a poll on Bernie Sanders filibuster. The poll was rigged. 2 out of three questions were snarky hits on Sanders. Nevertheless, responders saw through the rigged poll and voted 87% in support of Sanders speech.
Bernie Sanders is increasingly looking like one of the last honest men in Congress.

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0 thoughts on “Hard Right Finance Blog Praises Bernie Sanders”

  1. To Rob:
    Wrong. Free market capitalism is always crony capitalism. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.
    By definition free market capitalism is not crony capitalism… you could argue, probably with conviction, that there is no such thing as pure Free market capitalism. (as there is basically no such thing as pure communism..)
    As I told you before the concept of free market capitalism came about as a counter to crony capitalism wherein the king (or whatever ruler..) would grant special favors to his cronies. As with any human endeavor it has it’s flaws and needs checks and balances. I am not surprised that hicks don’t truly understand libertarianism…. as I am not surprised, when presented McCain’s platform but told it was Obama’s platform, Blacks in Harlem (when interviewed by someone who worked for Howard Stern..) supported the right wing platform 100%, simply because they thought it was Obama’s platform.

  2. I agree there is a lot of potential for alliances with the far right. What’s key is that the left has to reject support from the likes of George Soros, Michael Moore etc. They will just alienate potential allies.

  3. Interesting article. I think the only movement that can liberate this country from the financial oligarchs is going to have to get the left and right to work together. both the left and right are pretty screwed up from their corporate controled leadership but some new Third Positonist movemnet needs to lay the framework and gradually appeal across the ile.

      1. anti-mass immigration, anti-wall street, anti-multinational corporations, anti-globalization outsourcing, civil liberties, non-interventionism.

        1. I know both mainstream liberals and mainstreams conservatives wouldn’t go for a lot of that but thats just my thoughts on an independent movement.

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