Do You Think This Horrific Tax Cut Deal Will Pass?

The scum media is still beating the drums from the tax cut deal, one of the most diabolical, sheer evil bills to threaten to pass Congress in recent memory. If any bill in the last 30 years had to be destroyed, it is this one.
The White House now seems less optimistic about the bill. It’s clearly not going to pass right away. Now the White House “expects it to pass by the end of the year.” They are loading this satanic bill down with every Christmas ornament add-on you could imagine in a desperate attempt to get the bill to pass. One notices that not only does Obama hate to lose, he can’t stand to be defeated by his own party. But it’s something that needs to happen a lot more often!
To me, it looks like people are punting the bill. Nancy Pelosi first said that the bill will not be passed in its present form, then she said that the House Caucus will not even bother to hold a vote on it. That’s like saying the bill is a roadkill smashed in the street. It stinks so bad no one even wants to pick it up. Then Pelosi suddenly took off for Christmas vacation somewhere in Europe, hardly leaving a forwarding address. When is she coming home? Who knows? Looks like a punt.
While she is gone, one Democrat after another stands up and blasts away at the bill. The hostile, often frighteningly furious opinion pieces from the Left continue to mount.
From the horrific mushy center (the center of US fascism they should be called), the idiot pundits are falling all over themselves in orgiastic joy over the bill.
Every major despicable US paper is coming out in favor of the bill, often using insane rationales. My paper, the Fresno Bee, supposedly a liberal paper, urged passage of the wonderful bill. Then after the monster deficit neutron is passed, they added, it’s time to get down to the “tough choices” of serious deficit reduction and program shredding.
David Broder, of the sick, scummy center, a so-called liberal columnist, was rolling on the floor in joy over the bill. But the best thing about the bill, he said, is its budget exploding mechanism (!). The wonderful debt nuclear bombs in the bill would create such a horrible deficit crisis that it would exemplify the need for harsh deficit reduction. Think about that for a minute. David Broder is apparently mentally ill! We need to pass the bill to explode the deficit so we can get down to serious program slashing, he says. WTF!
One thing is clear. With the elite of both of this shit parties behind the bill and the entire US news media behind the bill, it looks there the major big money movers and shakers in the US are really rooting for this thing for some reason.
Why? The millionaire slush fund? The deficit car bombs? The evisceration of the inheritance tax? The beginning of the slow torturing to death of Social Security? All of the above?
Apparently the super rich gangsters and criminals who run this country think all of these things are as good as gold. Or money in the bank. That’s why you are seeing this thunderous propaganda campaign for the bill. Big Money wants this bill! Bad!
On the other side are the American people. 73% of them say that the bill stinks, and please put this putrid mess in the garbage. The bill is even bad politics. So there’s no reason to pass it; the American people hate it. But the Ultra Rich want it, and in our neo-feudal America, the oligarchy tends to get whatever it wants.
Obama gave a pitiful press conference, handed the ball to a mournful Bill Clinton, the most corporatist, bought and paid for Democrat hack shill politician on Earth, then bizarrely said he had to leave because he was keeping his wife waiting. Then he took off for Christmas vacation in Hawaii. It’s as if he set off a stink bomb and is now running away from it as fast as he can. Looks like a punt.
The White House can squawk all it wants about the bill passing by December 31, but from here it looks like everyone is punting the bill and trying to get out of the way of it. It appears there’s a real possibility it may not get passed in this lame duck session.
Any thoughts?

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