Alt Left: The Audacity of Hopelessness

Or the audacity of narcissism.

Obama 2008: “Yes We Can!”

Obama 2010: “No, I Won’t!”

Obama is the 3rd term of George W. Bush. Now look, Obama can have any politics he wants to have, and I don’t begrudge him that. There are Black conservatives out there. They have a right to that choice, as I have a right to my choice to be a liberal or Leftist. Everyone gets to choose their own politics and own them, and we can’t hate them for the choices they make.

The reason Obama is generating so much red hot fury and sheer hate among liberals and the Left is that he ran as a progressive. He lied and p0wned all of us. We got played, ha ha. That’s what we are so mad about. It’s the betrayal, stupid. Furthermore, his word is mud now. He’s the boy who cried wolf. Who cares what he promised to do anymore, since his promises are as worthless as fool’s gold?

Thanks for playing, everyone, says Obama as he runs off to go on vacation, just like Bush would have done. Pitiful. I guess we get a photo op of him clearing brush on his ranch in Hawaii now, right.

Obama was a Reaganite Republican.

Did you see how Obama turned the podium over to the Big Dog, then said he was keeping his wife waiting, and bailed on the press conference? Pitiful! Have you ever heard of a President saying he was keeping his wife waiting and leaving a press conference before? Obama’s looking weaker and weaker by the minute now. This Presidency is a bad dream, but at least I’m not awake when I’m having nightmares.

Can you believe that Obama refused to caucus with his own party on this nightmare bill, then sent Benedict Biden to caucus directly with Mitch McConnell and the Republicans, then bragged about it, then told his own party to take it or leave it, then repeatedly beat up on his own party in press conferences? WTF Obama?

I don’t understand this guy. The Republicans have made it clear that they tend to end Obama’s career in 2012 no matter what he does, and there is nothing he can do to halt that drive of theirs. Yet he still keeps trying to win their love and affection. Pathetic!

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0 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Audacity of Hopelessness”

    1. Forget it. I’m going to keep bashing him. I’m not going to let up. What the Hell, it’s for a good cause. The liberals on Daily Kos and bashing away at him right and left, and they are great people who’s minds are right alongside mine. If it’s ok for them, it’s ok for me.
      I’ve had it up to here for this guy. I worked for him, contributed to his campaign, voted for him. I feel like a jilted lover. He dumped me and laughed while he did it. I am so pissed.

      1. “The liberals on Daily Kos and bashing away at him right and left”
        Well, they may have a point, but isn’t the Daily Kos the same rag that ran that anti-white Tim Wise column a while back. (Maybe I should be more specific since every Tim Wise article is anti-white.)
        I think I’ll keep my distance.

        1. Obama 2008: “Yes We Can!”
          Obama 2010: “No, I Won’t!”
          Obama 2008: “Yes We Can…”
          Obama 2010: “…Have 8 More Years of Bush!”

        2. I really enjoyed that article.
          Daily Kos is the base of the Democratic Party. They are stark raving batshit nuts on race, it is true. I could never have an account there, I would get banned right away.
          Tim Wise does have an account there, and he publishes a diary there. You can write whatever the fuck you want in your diaries more or less as long as you are within the “left wing of the Democratic Party” spectrum. So that was just Tim Wise’s own diary. It was not an official Kos piece or anything like that. But Kosniks are seriously whack on race. Reading through it, you can see why Whites want to vote Republican just for that if for nothing else.

        3. “Reading through it, you can see why Whites want to vote Republican just for that if for nothing else.”
          Exactly. How many white voters have assholes like this driven away? No doubt they blame the whites and hate them for not voting democrat. It’s people like them who have created much of the fuel behind the Sarah Palin/Tea Party movement.

  1. Sung to the tune of Don’t Cry for Me Argentina
    Don’t cry for me O-merica
    The truth is I never loved you
    All through my wild days, my sad existence
    I’ll break my promise, do keep your distance

  2. I’m not into liberalism although I do support things that the US considers liberal like a national health service but the thing that dooms liberalism/socialism is this whole anti-white race thing and this religious devotion to equality that all the races are equal except under-achievers like blacks, Mexicans, etc who should get special privileges and benefits.
    Never see liberals coming to or having to come to the defence of Asians.
    South African has proven that to be an immense failure if not proved by various studies on the issue of race which liberals are silent on the attacks and murders against white farmers.

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