One of Obama's Top Advisors

Cass Sunstein, Obama’s Legal Advisor, married to Samantha Power, Obama’s Foreign Policy Advisor, who I suspect is no good either.
This guy just flat out sucks. He’s a rightwing DNC Democrat. Forget that he’s a Democratic Dick Cheney on civil liberties and executive powers for a moment.
Let’s look at him on domestic issues. Same old DNC Clintonista “era of Big Government is over” bullshit. This idiot was up for Supremes nomination. Good thing he did not get it.
He’s a rightwing, authoritarian, pro-corporate Democrat from the corporate neoliberal DNC small government branch of the party, just like Barack Obama is. He thinks Rahm Emmanuel is a liberal (LOL).
I’m getting tired of the Robert Reich (Obama needs to get some new advisors) argument. Obama is Commander in Chief. He picks his own advisors. The nightmarish Larry Summers is gone. Rahm Emmanuel is gone, hopefully moving to Israel or something. Things look any different? Of course not. It’s not that Obama’s advisors are bad. Obama picked them! He picked them because these jerks think just like Obama does. Obama’s advisors are bad for the same reason Obama is bad. Like minds think alike.

Ever since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, the Democratic Party has shown a great deal of enthusiasm for rigid national requirements and for command-and-control regulations. Having identified serious problems in the private market, Democrats have often insisted on firm mandates, typically eliminating or at least reducing freedom of choice.
Republicans have responded that such mandates are often uninformed or counterproductive – and that in light of the sheer diversity of Americans, one size cannot possibly fit all. Much of the time, they have argued on behalf of laissez-faire and against government intervention. At least with respect to the economy, freedom of choice has been their defining principle.

As Open Left notes, this is the voice of 1970’s Jimmy Carter, Gary Hart 1980’s, Bill Clinton’s Administrations and Barack Obama.
Government is too big. Regulations and mandates don’t work. People should have free choice about whether to opt in or opt out of various programs. We should give incentives or nudges to corporations and give up on regulating them altogether. After all, regulation is Big Government.
Allowing people to opt in or opt out of Medicare or Social Security insurance while they are younger is one of the Republican plots to kill the program. A lot of idiots will opt out while young, vigorous and healthy and decide to put money on Medical Savings Accounts or IRA’s or this or that. By the time they are 65 and it’s too late, there won’t be a dime left saved, but they were young and foolish so hey. Now they are old, weak and sick, but they opted out while young, so…No Medicare! No Social Security! Enjoy your golden years, sucker!
This is Sunstein’s and the corporate DNC’s vision of the world. It’s also apparently Barack Obama’s. The good and decent people say piss on that.
Sunstein also subscribes to the notion that Social Security is in crisis and some day, “hard choices” will have to be made, resulting in the slow to total destruction or privatization of the program. So he’s a Deficit Hawk too.

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  1. “Cass Sunstein, Obama’s Legal Advisor, married to Samantha Power, Obama’s Foreign Policy Advisor, who I suspect is no good either.”
    Samantha Power and I go WAAAAAAAAAY back. Someone I know (and hate) used to sell her addies and dexies while she was still at Harvard. The dealers have this shit well documented too, so they can blackmail the Harvard and MIT students (and professors) once they acheive success in their field.

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