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This is a progressive website, a socialist website. I will leave the racists on for now. Problem is, if we remove all the racists, we won’t have any more commenters LOL. Anyway, there is going to be a real problem in identifying the racists.
Most of the Liberal and Left Blogosphere boycotts me on the basis that I’m a racist, sexist, anti-Semite, homophobe, etc. It’s ridiculous, but be that as it may. So who am I to call out others on this basis, and on what basis or using what rating scale will I make these decisions about who is and who is not being a bigot? The policy will violate vagueness rules. Commenters won’t want to comment because they won’t be able to tell when they are violating the policy or not?
Furthermore, I don’t think race, gender and orientation are important. Identity Politics is stupid, and so is bigotry. But both of them are meaningless to me. They’re just not important. What’s important is Economics and Politics. Like twirling strands of ivy, they are each part of one another. All the rest just gets in the way.
Almost all the real ugly racists (99%) are Republicans or pro-Republican anyway, so they can be taken out under the no rightwingers rule.
I want the comments section to be peopled by friendly people who think like we do. Alpha, Jacob and I are all progressive people. Our commenters should be too, at least on economics.
Why I have my comments section littered by trolls who only piss me off? It should be a place where like-minded friends gather to hash things out. My own comments section shouldn’t drive me livid with rage. That’s crazy. It’s my section. I should control it.

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0 thoughts on “More on the New Comments Policy”

  1. I’m a little confused as to whether I should move on or I will be allowed to continue commenting. I have said repeatedly I am neither a conservative, nor a supporter of the Republican pinkos.
    I am an anarcho-capitalist Libertarian. My position on Economics is Praxeological. I do get categorized as conservative on these comment threads all the time, so I’m just wondering what the call is on me…

    1. I think we are going to let you stay. You’re so far out that you hardly make anyone mad. Our beef here is with the Republicans. They are the ones who are actually doing concrete damage. Guys like you are essentially harmless. I vote to let you stay!

      1. “I vote to let you stay!”
        It’s a democracy? What if Robert Taylor launches a Pinochet style coup and takes over the blog for the Chicago School? I think you should execute him now…unless he can introduce us to the dizzy boobs lady.

    2. I am sorry. I am banning you. Everyone supporting rightwing economics is being banned. I’m sure there are a lot of blogs supporting your brand of economics where you could post.

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