Last Pro-Obama Diarist Left on Daily Kos

I guess there might be a few more left. This idiot, a “fiscal conservative” (rightwing scumbag) praises Obama for a great week (LOL). She gets mercilessly reamed and pounded in the comments. She also can’t write worth a crap, and her diary doesn’t even make sense. The tax cuts for the rich are going to stimulate the economy? WTF? I call bullshit on that. We’ve had 30 years of this insane, endless tax-cutting supply side crap. Does anyone feel better off? Isn’t quite clear that the deficit crisis is a result of 30 results of tax-cutting mania? Duh. Supply side economics didn’t work in 1980, and it isn’t working now. Worse, it’s destroyed the economy. So Obama’s solution is to keep doing more of it. I guess there are a few more of these idiots left, but this is the only one I could find today. Check out this rhetoric. Decent Democrats are “the traitorous Left.” Straight out of Barack’s teleprompter.

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0 thoughts on “Last Pro-Obama Diarist Left on Daily Kos”

  1. No Robert, actually taxes have been steadily increasing with the printing of money by the Fed, and out of control spending by the government. With the creation of each new government bureau, comes the inability to cut the funding or remove the office altogether.
    Here’s a little video to explain government spending and household debt:

  2. And yes, the stimulus is a tax increase.
    The entire goal of inflation is to allow the issuer of the currency to buy things with the full initial value of the money being inflated while simultaneously reducing the value of the money held by everyone else. In other words, inflation transfers the value represented by monetary tokens (bills, banking computer data, etc.) from the people who hold old tokens (the bills in your wallet) to the people printing the money (in America, the Fed).
    And like a pyramid scheme, the value of this “new money” is strongest with the first people to get the injection: ie. Stock Brokers, Hedge Fund Managers… until you finally get to the cash-dependents who get the real final decreased value ie the poor.

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