It's Official: Americans are Fascists

Polls don’t lie. 59% of Americans (all of them fascists) say that Julian Assange must be prosecuted for espionage.

I’ve been feeling this way for 30 years or so, that Americans are fascists. I’m wondering if it’s always been this way though? Was there ever a time when polls have showed that a majority of Americans were not fascists?

For instance, Barack Obama’s fascist Administration is trying to prosecute Assange under a fascist US law called the Espionage Act, passed during the First Capitalist World War in 1917. It’s one of the worst laws ever passed in this country, and it was used to criminalize dissent during WW1. It was used again during WW2 to criminalize dissent again.

The court rulings during the war said that the act could be used to restrict any political expression that the government considered a “clear and present danger.” Apparently this is only operative during wartime, or at least during world wars. But subsequent rulings found that the Vietnam War did not meet the test of clear and present danger.

The fascist Nixon Administration tried to prosecute Daniel Ellsberg using this fascist law. The courts ruled that Ellsberg was a journalist, and he had whistle-blower’s rights to release the Pentagon Papers. There have been repeated attempts at prosecution using this Act since then, but all have failed in the courts. At this point, the courts have slapped down Espionage Act prosecutions so many times that the very constitutionality of the Act itself is in question.

I am curious what the polls at the time showed? Did they show support for Ellsberg (the anti-fascist position) or did they support the state (the fascist position)?

It’s a poignant question. Have Americans always been fascists? How sad that I should even have to ask that.

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3 thoughts on “It's Official: Americans are Fascists”

  1. The idea that fascists are the only ones who suppress information is just plan silly. Are you going to call the Soviet Union fascist?
    The idea that amercans are fascists is silly. Don’t insult fascists like that. Most of the american public is just stupid and most of the american political class are just authoritarians who act cynically to hold onto power.
    If you read some writier about foreign events they have come up with a name to describe the ‘new’ econnomies of Russia and China: authoritarian capitalism. That’s nothing original to either of them though. We’ve seen elements of that in the US for a long time. My guess is that as foreign competitors become more powerful and the hold of the american elite starts to loosen on the rest of the world they’ll want to make sure they can hold on at home. This is the wave of the future. What’s even worse is that I believe that political correctness and minority/female worship will be an integral part of the US regime for the forseable future. You can already see that this movement has hardened up and dug in. That’s why your “I’m glad whites are becoming a minority” routine is so foolish. I didn’t like the Tea Party because it was right wing republicanism repackaged, but I did like it in a way because it showed that people were willing to rebel. The problem is that a) the didn’t have a well defined ideology, b) many of these people were older and had been indoctrinated against communism or any form of state intervention during the cold war, c) they lacked clear leadership in the begining. If a coherent party/ideology could be formed to tap into this identity and will to rebel it could be used to fight the capitalists. We just have to hope we can do this without taking in a lot of evangelical protestant idiocy.

    1. Who cares if PC minority/female worship takes hold in the future? Why is this important? I mean, I was talking to this Black moron tonite. Hopefully, it will be the last time I ever talk to him. First he asked to see my Nazi tatoos when I told him I’m pro-White (we were talking about my interviews so the subject could not be avoided), then he freaked out and called me racist when I mentioned his fucking dreadlocks.
      Anyway, here in California, we have to deal with PC idiocy constantly. It’s like complaining about the weather. It’s always there, it affects everyone, and what can you do about it? Nothing at all. You can as much change this PC shit as you can change the wind or the rain.
      It’s way down there on my list of annoyances, trust me. WAY down there.

  2. Ron Paul is on YT defending Wikileaks. Unfortunately he is defending wikileaks against a good portion of his own erstwhile tea party crowd, now taken over by the neocons. We have a local tea party Big Media radio guy, Eric Deters who roundly attacks Assange, even as he claims to be a small government guy. Whad’ya expect from a former George Bush local
    campaign official?
    Anybody know where Ron’s compromising son Rand Paul is on the subject?
    Google has links incorrectly confusing him with his father:

    Rand Paul: More WikiLeaks Please
    Dec 3, 2010 … By Stephen C. Webster Friday, December 3rd, 2010 — 2:36 pm Popular Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul is no stranger to breaking with … – Cached
    Other than that, can’t find anything.
    My suspicion is Rand is keeping a low profile, refusing to express affinity for wikileaks, parallelling his equvocation on support for Israel.
    The apple has fallen far from the tree.

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