Islamist Bombers Attack Sweden

1 dead, 2 wounded in blasts attacking Christmas shoppers in Stockholm. The dead man was apparently a bomber on foot. He was carrying a bag of pipe bombs and they seem to have exploded, either accidentally or on purpose is not known. The press was calling it a suicide bombing, but police are not sure.
Video of the blast here.
A while earlier, a car bomb had gone off in a shopping center. There was no one in the car.
Before the blasts, the Swedish press had received threats from Islamists threatening attacks against Sweden for their presence in Afghanistan and the recent cartoons of Mohammad by a Swedish cartoonist. The 2 wounded people suffered minor injuries.
The blasts seem to have been carried out by an Al Qaeda type group, because AQ groups are the ones who threaten to bomb Europe over Mohammad cartoons and troops in Afghanistan.

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0 thoughts on “Islamist Bombers Attack Sweden”

  1. I know that this will sound bad Robert, but I’m glad this happened. These sort of actions will really begin to turn the populace against immigration and demographic change. Hopefully it may even start an immigrant repatration movement for those foreigner born in other countries and the FOREIGNERS born in Sweden.

  2. Here’s betting they have some connections to the Balkans or the North Caucasus or both like virtually every other genuine terrorist attack?

  3. I heard the explosion happened outside a Swedish sex shop where someone bought a Muslim sex doll which inflate themselves and blew itself up prematurely.

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