Blacks Are Calling Obama a "Punk"

Some Blacks are now turning on Obama, as I noted earlier. In the Black Agenda Report article (by the way, excellent site!), some of them were calling Obama a “punk.” The contempt and hate was positively dripping off their comments as they wrote this. On Daily Kos, I saw more people calling him a “punk.” Since Whites don’t generally use that word, I assume it’s mostly Blacks calling him that, probably mostly Black males.
Alpha tells me that in the Black community, “punk” means an extremely passive and weak male. Originally it meant the passive partner in male homosexual sex, or a “bottom” if you will. Black culture is extremely homophobic, so “punk” is a bad word because extremely weak and passive males, homosexual or not, are held in extreme contempt in particularly male Black culture.
I suppose this is the same as “punk-ass bitch.” Sometimes the local Hispanic kids call each other that. Them’s fighting words. Whites will call another White a “bitch,” and those are fighting words too. All these terms probably have the same meaning.

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