Ultra-Traitor, Republican Bill Clinton Lines Up With Barack OHoover

The shame is here.
In 2012, we will have a choice:
You can vote Republican, possibly Tea Party, for terrifying reactionary party that is to the right of Genghis Khan.
You can vote for a liberal Republican named Barack Obama.
You vote for a zillionaire named Mike Bloomberg, mayor of New York city, who is double the corporatist outrage that Barack OTraitor is. Bloomberg has been gleefully slashing away like mad any people program he can find in the City. He’s bought and paid for by Wall Street. We ought to just call him Wall Street Mayor Bloomberg.

At Obama’s side, Clinton backs tax deal
WASHINGTON — Former President Bill Clinton made a surprise appearance at President Barack Obama’s side on Friday to back the tax cut compromise Obama negotiated with Republicans.
“I don’t believe there is a better deal out there,” Clinton told reporters in the White House briefing room who’d been summoned at a moment’s notice to see the former chief executive back the current one. Clinton and Obama had just finished a private meeting in the Oval Office.
Obama said it was a “terrific meeting” and then turned the podium over to Clinton.
The voluble former president took it away, and Obama left part-way through his remarks, saying he had holiday parties to attend.
“Both sides are going to have to eat some things they don’t like,” Clinton told reporters. “We don’t want to slip back into a recession. We’ve got to keep this thing going and accelerate its pace. I think this is the best available option.”

Implicitly ruling out a return to the tax policy that he enacted in 1993, President Clinton argued that delaying a deal to extend Bush tax cuts would only strengthen the Republican position.
And what exactly was the problem with the tax system in 1993? Absolutely nothing whatsoever. What’s the sense of all of these insane tax cuts in the midst of a so-called deficit crisis? It makes no sense at all. You don’t cut taxes in the middle of a deficit crisis. I don’t believe that any of these scumbags on either side of the aisle care about the deficit, either that, or they care about it to the extent that they are trying to making it worse.

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