Obama Sells Out on Israel

After the party was beaten in November, Obama and his idiot buddies took home exactly the wrong message. One of them was that the Dems got creamed because Obama was too liberal. One way he was too liberal, I assume, was in his extremely principled opposition to continuing settlement building in the West Bank. This noble line was pursued for two years. This was one of the hardest US lines against Israel in a very long time, possibly in 30-40 years.
Now, after November, Obama announced a new line. The Administration will abandon its opposition to continued Israeli settlement building. Reason: Such opposition was making a peace settlement difficult, and the Administration wants to concentrate on a peace settlement. LOL! The Jewish Lobby, including JStreet, the leftwing of the Jewish Lobby, was beside itself. JStreet confidently told me that the US insistence on Israeli halting settlement building was “getting in the way of a negotiated settlement.” LOL, what is that, some kind of a joke?
Another rightwing move by Obama.
The tax cut deal will not be a lone compromise. Obama is just getting started. For the next two years, nearly every new day will see a new rightwing outrage by Obama. Brace yourselves.

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0 thoughts on “Obama Sells Out on Israel”

  1. A good move by Obama in my opinion let the Israelis build there settlements.
    Are you surprised?
    During the presidential campaign he pledged $10 billions of aid to Israel over 10 years no strings attached and Israel as a Jewish state with Jerusalem its capital in an address to AIPAC.

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