Neville Obama Goes to Munich, Obtains Peace in Our Time

Barack Obama as Neville Chamberlain. Indeed.
Barack as Neville Chamberlain. Or better yet, Barack as George McFly in Back to the Future.
Barack McFly in Whiteface, being tormented by a bully.
Or perhaps the Neville Chamberlain analogy is best after all.
Barack Chamberlain in another lifetime.
The truth is actually much worse. Barack is not a sellout at all. He really is a Blue Dog Democrat, a rightwing Democrat. He told the horrible New York Times reporter Matt Bai privately that he sees himself as a Blue Dog Democrat, a fiscal conservative Democrat. These are the rightwing Democrats that are going extinct. So it’s actually not true that Obama won’t fight. This is the line that liberal Obama supporters like Paul Krugman have held out for. Obama ran as a progressive, when all this time, he’s been a Blue Dog, rightwing Democrat. Obama will fight, but he only fights the liberal wing of his party! He fought them tooth and nail during the health care debate, so viciously that he frankly stomped their asses into the dirt. Look at the determination on his face and the rage, contempt and sheer hatred in Barack’s voice in recent days. You hear that hate in his voice when he talks about his base. When he talks about Republicans, he sounds clinical, like he’s reading a dictionary. He’s fighting like a madman. Who? The liberals in his own base, of course! Obama doesn’t compromise with Blue Dog Democraps and reactionary Republicans – those are his pals. He makes peace to them, makes love to them. Obama essentially agrees with reactionary Republicans! That’s why he goes along with them right away and seems to be folding. He isn’t folding at all; he agreed with the Republicans all along! I don’t understand why Blacks continue to support this fraud. They may as well support rightwing Blacks like Thomas Sowell, Colin Powell, Pastor Manning or Condoleeza Rice. Barack’s an Uncle Tom. He only looks Black. Barack Obama is just another lousy rightwing White politician pushing White, rightwing politics. He’s ought to be the sworn enemy of 90 In fairness, it’s going to be hard for most Blacks to swallow the reality of Barack Obama as a sellout, Uncle Tom friendly Black face for the White man. The dream of the first Black president was a glorious one, and it will be hard for Blacks to accept the pain of his total and abject failure. Most will probably support him in a very lackadaisical, lazy and unmotivated way until the bitter end. If J.C. Watts was President, would Blacks line up behind him?

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0 thoughts on “Neville Obama Goes to Munich, Obtains Peace in Our Time”

  1. I believe America was truly ready for a black President.
    However, it was not (and is not) ready for an insanely progressive president. So we got Obama who is really the same ol’ business but in a darker suit.
    Joke’s on us!

    1. Americans are shit. America is shit. I’ve hated this fucking shithole of a country for a good 30 years now. It’s only gotten worse and worse over the past 30 years and it looks like it’s going to turn into a real super shithole coming up real real soon. It will all be the fault of American assholes, since they created this mess by voting for them and supporting them.
      I’d say let America fuck off and burn in Hell but I have to live here and the descent of America is going to hurt me something awful.

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