How Stalin's Collectivization Drive Defeated Hitler

John UK points out some of the lies about Stalin’s admittedly brutal collectivization drive:

The same can be said of Stalin and the pre WW2 Soviet era which thankfully despite the archives being edited to fit an anti-Stalin tone since the times of Khrushchev onwards despite his 5 year plan and collectivization program being a success which stopped sporadic famine outbreaks since the civil war which ended in 33 and if he had taken no action millions would have died anyway.

The truth is that Stalin’s collectivization efforts, brutal and bloody as they were, allowed us to defeat Hitler. Without Stalin’s collectivization of agriculture, we may have lost the war against Hitler. Keep in mind that 89% of Nazi casualties were inflicted by the Soviets.
Collectivization of ag was necessary in order to feed the huge population of workers that Stalin needed to do his massive industrialization efforts. It is true that during the 1930’s in the USSR it has been said that never had a nation accomplished so much in so little time. Then recall that somehow the Soviets were able to move all of their industry east of the Urals in order to deal with the Nazi invasion.
The pre-collectivization situation was no good at all. Your average peasant had a small plot, often rectangular, that he plowed in a primitive fashion with a hand-held plow. He grew barely enough to feed himself and often not even that. He lived in misery on the edge of starvation, disease and death and had been mercilessly exploited by kulaks forever. This was clearly extremely inefficient agriculture.
The kulak rebellion was bloody, and you can say that Stalin dealt with it in a genocidal fashion. 390,000 Ukrainians died in the anti-kulak campaign.
A good part of the harvest collapse of 1932 that killed so many people was caused by the kulaks, who in rebellion had destroyed 50% of the livestock in the USSR. The kulaks also were running around the Ukraine attacking collective farms, murdering farmers, raping the women, burning the buildings and destroying any collective farm crops that they could find. The kulaks were setting fire to their own fields, and harvesting their crops and piling them in the fields until the rains came and spoiled the crops. They were also setting fire to crops in storage.
Clearly, the kulaks had to be stopped. Sure, people died in a famine, but the kulaks were trying to starve the whole country!

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