CPUSA "Neutral" on Republican Obama's Tax Cut Sellout

That does it. I am leaving this party!
The CPUSA (Communist Party USA) has pursued a policy since the Clinton Administration of supporting the Democratic Party through thick and thin as the lesser of two evils, the major evil being the Republicans. When the whole rest of the Democratic Party base has thrown in the towel on this Presidential disaster, the CPUSA will be the last folks on the left still waving the Obama flag.
It all boils down to the one year of unemployment extensions. Everything is worth it for these idiot Commies to get another measly year of unemployment extensions. I guess if we have to kill 6 million Jews in a ” best deal we can get compromise” to get another year of unemployment extensions, it’s worth it.
The comments are sickening. “This is not the time to start attacking Obama.” “We must support the President.” “The Republicans are the real enemy here.” “I support Obama!”
I think what’s going on here is that the CPUSA is now basically a Black and increasingly Hispanic political party. There are not that many Whites in the party, and it seems like most of the Whites are Jews. So the blind support for the Republican Obama is part and parcel of Blacks’ continuing strong loyalty to him, based mostly on race apparently and the idea that he is some Black liberal savior.
The real problem with Obama is that it is becoming rapidly clear that Barack Obama’s Presidency is a catastrophe. So the first Black man to become President of the US was a disastrous failure as President. That’s bad. It makes people not want to elect another Black as President because he will only be a clusterfuck like Obama. Obama is poisoning the well for future Black political prospects.

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0 thoughts on “CPUSA "Neutral" on Republican Obama's Tax Cut Sellout”

  1. ” So the blind support for the Republican Obama is part and parcel of Blacks’ continuing strong loyalty to him, based mostly on race apparently and the idea that he is some Black liberal savior.”
    Maybe black racial identity needs to be deconstructed. (sarcasm)
    What else did you expect Robert? I’ve been saying that blacks are not the liberals that so many liberals think they are. They will follow Obama no matter what. He could adopt evey position of the Tea Party and (as long as he didn’t adopt Tea Party supporters(crackers)) and they would still follow him. Many people may shit I nuts but I believed for a while that within the next few decades there will be a shift in the major parties. Democrats (or whatever leftist party there is) will have to reembrace poor non-cultural marxists whites in order to get anywhere. The republicans will still be around and representing the rich. The rich will be supporting mass immigration and affirmative action type policies. They will do this in order to prevent a backlash against globalization which will be primarily driven by poor whites and whatever is left of middle class whites. The coloreds will get special handouts and the rich will get open borders that will allow them to continously import cheap labor. The republican party will become openly anti-(poor) white. If you remeber a few years ago when Bush tried to privitize social security you may remember some articles and tv programs who talked about social security and future demograpics. the general idea was that whites in the next few decades would become old a gray and the majority of workers would be non-white, so why would they want to support all these old crackers. We all ready know from history that the republican Nixon started AA and the republican Reagan issued the first illeagal immigrant amnesty. I normally don’t like extreme white nationalists, but one actually said something interesting to me a few years ago. He said, “The republican party will always be the party of Lincoln and all the baggage that entails.” I don’t think the republicans are really like Lincoln, but rather they are like the sanitized and well cropped picture of Lincoln that most americans have.

    1. They have nothing whatsoever to do with it.
      My Black neighbor just told me that she voted in the last election. “I always vote,” she said. She and I must be the only two people in this whole complex who vote in all elections. She told me she’s very disappointed in Obama and agreed with me that he’s turning into another Republican.
      Blacks seem to be frankly silent from this whole tax cut debate for whatever reason.
      Sure, Blacks support Obama, but they’re awfully quiet about it. His Black support seems to have gone silent. I think most Blacks are quietly angry and disgusted with him in a way. That’s being expressed by their extremely low levels of enthusiasm for him. In the last election, Blacks sat it out and didn’t even vote, they were so dispirited by Obama.

  2. The “communists” in America attack real socialist countries like Cuba and attack countries striving to make real socialist reforms like Venezuela. American “communists” attack the real reds while simultaneously they make excuses for the democratic party appeasing their capitalist masters. American “communists” have just become another ideological appendage of the capitalist worldview.
    QUESTION: What can a American who is a real red support if even the “communist” party in America is infiltrated by capitalist rhetoric.

  3. I’m sure there must exist a semi-authoritative membership comparison showing the CPUSA is and has been moribund compared to several other domestic Commie groupings.

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