Black Agenda Report on Obama

This actually makes a lot of sense. Obama’s never been for the people, he’s never been one of us. He’s militaristic, imperialistic, pro-corporate hack from Day One. When he appointed Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles to head the Cat Food Commission, Obama made it clear he was determined to destroy the entire New Deal. I am convinced that Barack Obama is determined to shred every last bit of our safety net in the name of deficit reduction. That’s his agenda. That’s why he’s in power. With Obama, America is headed for an utterly terrifying and unmitigated disaster from a pro-people POV. With Obama, I guess the nightmare might be somewhat delayed a bit. With Republicans, the catastrophe may well be accelerated. This is the choice we voters have. Why did Obama engage in the biggest transfer of wealth in human history, $13 billion, to Wall Street? Because Barack is a rightwing, corporatist hack. Wall Street campaign contributions put him in office. His real name is Wall Street Barack Obama. Why did Obama go on the military offensive around the world? Because he’s the head of the US empire, and a militarist and imperialist to the very core of his being. Why did Obama blow off his very own people, Black and Brown communities across America deliberately targeted for foreclosure destruction by bankster criminals in the FIRE sector? Because bankster crooks are Barack’s buddies, and because Barack doesn’t give two flying shits about the realities of Black and Brown America. He doesn’t live in that world. Barack is a multimillionaire. He lives in the world of plutocrats and he represents his class very well. The Black Agenda Report supports the Black community as much as any entity out there. Glen Ford is the best. His site shows you can be a proud Black who loves his community and still have contempt for the first Black President. The comments at the end are excellent. Almost all readers of BAR are liberal to leftwing Blacks. One after the other, Black men and women in those pound the living crap out of Obama! Good! Smash him!

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  1. I’ve wondered if the power brokers chose Obama due to his inherent revolutionary image (FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!) since they figured he could slip by many of the abhorrent policies which never could have seen the light of day (without a fight, anyways) if a Whitey WASP Establishment president had tried, especially in light of the economic scandals and meltdown. Yeah I’m paranoid.

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