Nader Blasts Republican President Barack Obama

Go Ralph go!
The reactionary scumstream (mainstream) media is spreading a lie about Obama’s tax cut deal. The SSM media is overjoyed at the tax cut deal because the US media is hardline reactionary. It is all owned by the top 1% of income bracket, so that is the class politics that the entire media in the US pushes – the class interests of its super-wealthy owners.
The lie is this: that the only people opposing Obama’s outrageous tax sellout are people called “liberals.” True, liberals are beside themselves with fury. But only 20% of Americans call themselves liberals anymore. The lie is that 80% of Americans support the plutocratic media in their support of the tax cut deal.
Not true. The SSM keeps trying to drum up new polls all the time on this to try to find the one that shows the most support, but lately, it’s hard to do. The latest polls show that only 27% of Americans support OHoover’s latest tax cut sellout. So 73% of Americans are opposed to the deal, not just some 20% called liberals. But the SSM will never tell you that because they are pushing so ferociously for this deal to go through.
Barack just went on TV today and said that unless his tax cut travesty passes, we risk an “economic collapse.” Earlier he said that we risk a “double dip” recession if we don’t pass this oligarchic sellout. Barack’s best buddy, rightwing Democrat, neoclassical economist and ultra-Jew Larry Summers published an article today basically ordering Democrats to “pass the tax deal or else!”
As you can see, Barack OHoover only pushes ferociously for his most reactionary projects. OHoover was furious when his Cat Food Commission To Destroy Social Security failed to get enough votes. OHoover never pushes for his progressive projects like the public option in the health plan. He says he’s for them, but then he sits back and does nothing and lets them die. But when he’s pushing something to the right of Genghis Khan, it’s pull out the stops and twist every arm to get it passed.
Fuck off Barack Obama!

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  1. The only thing bad I can say about Nader at this time is the fraud John Edwards fooled him. OK, Ralph’s not infallible. It’s true, when Kucinich dropped out of the race, Dennis threw his support to Obama. At the same approximate time, Nader properly criticised Obama and Kucinich’s choice and , too loudly, went for late blooming “left Populist” pretty boy opportunist Edwards.
    Who couldn’t have been any worse than Obama, except as an embarrassing philanderer.

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