Barack OHoover Says, "I'm a Blue Dog Democrat"

Two weeks ago, this traitor said that. Blue Dog Democrats are rightwing Democrats who vote with the Republicans at least half the time. They’re no good. In the last election, people were so sick and tired of them that half of their sickening Caucus got voted out of office. Republicans think they are socialists and Democrats think they are DINO’s. They have no friends. This is the friendless loser Caucus that Barack is lining up with. Way to go, chump!
On the campaign trail, Barack repeatedly said that Ronald Reagan was his hero. That means he’s a Reaganite? In the Senate, he quickly ran right up to Jew Lieberman and made Lieberman his mentor.
This may explain his puzzling behavior. Barack’s been a rightwing Democrat, a blue dog Democrat, all along. He’s a DINO. Otherwise his behavior doesn’t seem to make much sense. Of course he’s not a socialist or a Communist. He’s not even a liberal. Hell, he’s not even a moderate. He’s a rightwing DINO like Jew Lieberman.
It is only in light of this analysis that his strange Republican like behavior makes sense. Barack’s been a secret Republican all along!
That explains why he quickly packed his office with bankster and Wall Street holdovers from Bush. That’s why he made reactionary neoclassical economist Larry Summers his economic advisor. That’s why neoliberal Bernanke is on his economic team. That’s why he goes to India, shakes hand with the Indian Enemy, and says he’s saving the US economy. That’s why he negotiates another horrible free trade deal with South Korea and says he’s saying the economy.
This is standard neoclassical economics. Barack’s apparently a disciple of Milton Friedman.
This is why Barack was such a disaster on the Gulf oil spill. He’s a corporatist who loves BP and all oil corporations. This is why his record on the environment and endangered species has been so horrid. He’s a neoliberal who’s out to destroy the environment like all neoliberals. Either that, or he’s Black and hates or could care less about the wild and wild things like most Blacks.
When you look at Barack as a rightwing Reagan Democrat, everything starts falling into place.

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13 thoughts on “Barack OHoover Says, "I'm a Blue Dog Democrat"”

  1. Ralph Nader today called the dude a con man. This puts the Dems in their place who accused Nader of undermining squishy trusting Party faithful progressives who have given so much ground since the 1990s, they’ve arrived at nowheresville.
    But all you squishies, you and time have worn him out–he’s tired of running for prez and counsels you to find somebody else this time.

  2. “I’m a Blue Dog Democrat”
    So he’s kind of like a mixture of red and blue. This guy just can’t stick to one color, can he?

  3. I’m convinced the dude has an ethnic sitcom lined up the minute the AF1 helicopter lifts him away from his brief and uneventful presidency in Jan, 2012. Just in time for a midseason replacement.

        1. He probably has another book deal lined up…To lecture Americans on parenting or dieting all the while doing it very condescendingly.

    1. Obama always kind of reminded me of Steve Urkel, from Family Matters.
      They’re both from Chicago, and now we know where he ended up, twenty odd years latter.
      Not that I blame him for the economy. That is all Bush, and his insane tax-cuts for the rich while creating massive increases in government spending, while increasing foreign debt from 5% to 30%, between 2000 and 2008.
      Basic macroeconomics, that even a Junior College student could figure out.

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