Just Kill Yourself and Get it Over With

Seriously, you sick bitch. Borderline personality disorder, apparently. She’s a cutter. I knew some cutters once. They actually formed a club called Oakhurst Cutters. Bunch of stupid, sick, fucked up young White women. She told us that at a table with a bunch of other people and started laughing. I stood up, pointed at her, told her she was a sick bitch, and walked away. In modern society, that’s considered impolite. I think it’s impolite to use your own living body as a med school cadaver, sorry. Why don’t we just line these people up and shoot them and get it over with? I’m not serious, but that’s what I often think about these BPD types. Just line em up and shoot em!  

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7 thoughts on “Just Kill Yourself and Get it Over With”

  1. To each his own I guess but do so at your own risk. Insurance should not be required to pay for treatment for injuries caused by self harm.

  2. If anyone can remember that far off decade known as the nineties they may be reminded by this article of a pair of girls called the slasher girls, who were huge Marilyn Manson fans who carved his name across their two chests.

  3. Compassion and understanding are due if this is a compulsion or a result of mental illness. Merciless ridicule and ostracism are in order if it’s a fashion statement or an attempt to show the world how deep and complex one is.

  4. Honestly, what has the modern world come to? What happened to the good old days when dumb bitches with no self esteem would go into porn and have their brains fucked out by some over-hairy white guy with a big moustach?(This guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNfnVtMeI84) Honestly, if you’re gonna do this why not just do double anal? Then we can just point and laugh at the dumb whore gettin double butt drilled instead of looking at your disgusting pictures and hearing your annoying thoughts.
    Fuck You Bitch (in the ass)!

  5. Oh man, that really is a bit much. She must have lost a limb or 2 at least out of that – some of these cuts just ain’t the healing kind. I suppose no-one knows what became of her? Well, we know how much she’s hurting inside; I suppose that what’s she intended.

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