Israel Controls US Mideast Foreign Policy

Lock, stock and barrel.
At least under George Bush they did. Amazing article. I don’t believe everything there, especially the part about the US planning 9-11, but I believe much of the rest of it.
One problem is that Gordon Duff is a first-class nutball, a crazy anti-Semite and conspiratorial anti-Zionist. He’s basically coming from Ziopedia territory. The Jews are behind everything, you know.
However, assuming that this is a real source, this highly-placed person certainly has a lot of great information.
It’s things like this that make me realize how great Wikileaks is. Wikileaks sheds light on this sickening government of ours and all their disgusting underhanded, lying, cheating, stealing crap.

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59 thoughts on “Israel Controls US Mideast Foreign Policy”

  1. Do you believe that shit that Lewinsky was a Mossad plant to distract the world from 2000 Lebanon withdrawal?

      1. Monica Lewinsky is a modern jewess named Esther. Same jew crap all over again. The jews Purim is about a jewess whore the jews send in to give the king a blowjob and by that get a jew next to the king.

    1. “Do you believe that shit that Lewinsky was a Mossad plant to distract the world from 2000 Lebanon withdrawal?”
      LOL. I should become president. I may be critical of the jews at times, but I’m completely into the brotherhood of mankind when it comes to dick sucking. If some jew broad really wanted to polish my knob I would have no problem. I guess Israel and the Middle East are a lot like Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s dress….both withdrew, but they left a huge mess.

      1. And really, how could anyone hate Monica Lewinsky. People may have called her ugly, but I don’t think so. We just need to realize that women are made for different functions. Some women are made for screwing(Monica Belluci), some are made for dick sucking (Monica Lewinsky), and some women are made by accident (Janet Reno).
        Really, who needs her to have a pretty face if all they see is the back of her head.

  2. I want Israel to become self reliant; stop relying on foreign aid and holocaust reparations. They would gain a true sense of self worth, more respect in the the international community, they might be able to ease corruption in the government to make way for a healthier society and eliminate conspiracy nuts.

    1. Co-sign!
      That would also allow the U.S. to pursue a more sensible foreign policy, stop alienating the world, and go a small way towards breaking the grip of Jewish power.
      Analyzing Israel and its relationship with the U.S. makes me angry.

      1. The US-Israel relationship can only breed resentment towards jews among Americans and lead them to support the Palestinians. Phil Weiss and Norman Finkelstein wouldn’t have half as much traffic if it weren’t for the post Iraq resentment among Americans.

        1. I just think that the Israel lobby and Zionists confirm the worst stereotypes of Jews.
          Let’s see…
          1. Manipulative? Check
          2. Conspiratorial? Check
          3. Questionable loyalties? Check
          4. Promoting multiculturalism at home while simultaneously promoting Likudnik fascism abroad, thus reinforcing the stereotype that Jews aren’t moral or liberal, and only support these liberal policies to weaken the white majority? Check
          Well, as Norman Finkelstein would say, stereotypes acquire their power because they contain an element of truth.

          Hey, is that Abe Foxman in that Der Sturmer cartoon? 🙂

        2. Organized Jewry and the Israel lobby should have quit while it was still ahead.
          The Iraq war was a major blunder on their part. The Gaza invasion, and organized Jewry’s shameless defense of Israel’s barbaric actions also exposed them.
          And of course, Abe Foxman/the ADL opposing the Ground Zero Mosque and giving an award to Rupert Murdoch has also exposed the ADL as a Ziocon organization.
          In general, Israel exposes the hypocrisy of so many American Jews, who promote multiculturalism and open borders at home, while supporting Likudnik style AshkeNAZI fascism abroad.
          I wouldn’t be so angry with Jews if they would stop fucking up our foreign policy and promoting anti-white vices. If they would stop doing that, I couldn’t care less what their precious Israel does.

  3. “In general, Israel exposes the hypocrisy of so many American Jews, who promote multiculturalism and open borders at home, while supporting Likudnik style AshkeNAZI fascism abroad.”
    I’m sick of hearing about how AshkeNAZIm are the cause of all the problems in Israel. Most of the idiotic leftist Ashkenazi jews as well non jewish leftists place the Sephardim above criticism because they are a POC so of course they are not capable of wrongdoing. They have a very narrow view of what really goes on in Israel. In reality, SHAS is run by religious Sephardim and the majority of human rights activists are of Ashkenazi or mixed decent.
    While there is some truth to idea of the “Ashkenazi elite” many Sephardim have become independently wealthy and educated. There is discrimination against and of course poverty among Sephardi and Mizrahi jews, I think overall it has been a positive experience. Ashkenazi zionists eliminated a lot of barbaric practices such as polygamy in the Temani (Yemenite) community as well arranged marriages of pre adolescent girls to older men in the Moroccan community. This is often overlooked because the supposed persecution of Sephardim and Mizrahim by the Ashkenazim serves an agenda for the leftists so they conveniently ignore it.

    1. I’m sick of hearing about how AshkeNAZIm are the cause of all the problems in Israel. Most of the idiotic leftist Ashkenazi jews as well non jewish leftists place the Sephardim above criticism because they are a POC so of course they are not capable of wrongdoing. They have a very narrow view of what really goes on in Israel. In reality, SHAS is run by religious Sephardim and the majority of human rights activists are of Ashkenazi or mixed decent.
      I can understand that sentiment. I’m hardly saying that the Sephardim are innocent little angels. In fact, as I recall, the prominent Israeli Rabbi who said that the goyim were born to serve Jews is Sephardic.
      Also, I’m hardly a radical leftist who believes in the saintliness of non-whites, so you won’t see me making the argument that the Sephardim are incapable of wrongdoing.
      That being said, at least from an American perspective, the overwhelming majority of Israeli hawks and their American Jewish allies are Ashkenazi.

        1. 92% of American jews are of Ashkenazi descent so obviously they will dominate US support for Israel but Israel receives more support US Sephardim and Mizrahim in terms of percentage. The majority of American jews who support human rights groups or antizionist groups or J Street are Ashkenazim. Influencial Sephardim and Mizrahim such as Isaac Larian, Lev Leviev, and Saul Kasin are predominantly hard line zionists. You would be hard pressed to find a US Sephardic jew who was a member of a peace group.

        2. Yuy, YT indeed will always be blamed.
          If a non-white person were to trip and fall down, thus breaking his neck, some Cultural Marxist turds would find a way to blame whites for it.
          (yes, I know I’m exaggerating, but my point is clear)

  4. Wikileaks = Psych-ops bullshit propaganda.
    This is a good video of Wayne Masden back in August discussing Wikileaks who used to work in the NSA and still has contacts there so he knows what he is talking about.
    Also listened to a Webster Tarpley radio interview in August where he makes good points about Wikileaks and their connections.
    I knew myself when Wikileaks came on the scene with the Iraq and Afghan war crimes documents it was a front for the US lead foreign policy agenda. Why? Because I know what it is.

    1. I always knew he was a zionist. I can’t believe so many people almost worship him. Even though it’s unfair, I think to some degree you have to think of the jews as guilty until proven innocent on support for zionism. Too some degree I can’t blame them. In a way its just jewish nationalism. If the EU were replaced by naitonalist european governmetns I’d support it. In other ways it’s different. If this happened my stance would be (and it is anyway) that the US ought to just keep its nose out of the region. The jews want to drag the US into the region, while supporting absoulutely disgusting anti-white policies in the US. There not the only ones in on this, but they do contstitute a very large portion.

      1. I can’t believe so many people almost worship him.
        I know, right? People on the left literally worship at this guy’s alter and treat him as if he were a philosopher king. I’ve never understood why, and after taking a linguistics course for a GE requirement, I’m even more puzzled as to why he’s famous.
        I think to some degree you have to think of the jews as guilty until proven innocent on support for zionism.
        Definitely. I agree with Brother Nathanael when he says that almost every Jew is a Zionist at heart. Don’t believe them when they say otherwise. When religious Jews say they’re anti-Zionists, what they really mean is that they’re against a SECULAR state of Israel. When people like Chomsky or Rabbi Michael Lerner criticize Israel policies, what they really mean to say is “we think it’s wrong to treat Palestinians that way because we moral and enlightened Jews ought to know better.”
        Sure, people like Chomsky may criticize certain barbaric Israeli practices, but they’re ultimately Zionists at heart and support Israel as a Jewish state.
        That’s why Chomsky opposes the term apartheid when describing Israel, why he’s opposed boycott and divestment campaigns against Israel, and why he constantly absolves Israel of responsibility while making insane assertions that they’re the lapdog and the U.S. is their master, while any intelligent insiders will tell you that it’s the opposite.
        Sadly enough, even Norman Finkelstein shows a bit of blindness in this regard. While politically and socially aware enough to recognize that completely denying the influence of the Israel lobby will arouse suspicion (unlike his mentor Chomsky), Finkelstein still uses the whole “Israel is just a lackey of U.S. power” line of reasoning that Chomsky does, and tends to downplay the influence of the Jewish lobby.
        James Petras pointed out Finkelstein’s Jewish lobby denial during their debate.
        I think Finkelstein’s heart is in the right place, and he has been critical of Jewish excess in other regards, but one cannot help but wonder, especially considering the fact that Zionist apologist Chomsky was his mentor.
        But anyway, if Jews would just STOP promoting multiculturalism/Cultural Marxism and open borders here, as well as stop getting the U.S. dragged into Israel’s messes, I couldn’t care less what their precious Israel does.
        But as long as Jews continue to promote multiculturalism and anti-white policies at home while promoting Jewish supremacy and Likudnik fascism abroad, while simultaneously putting on a self-righteous and moral charade, I’m going to continue pointing out these contradictions.

        1. Philip Weiss, is an anti zionist jew. He wants to deconstruct jewish national identity and indeed any form of national identity. If he and his cronies were in charge it would be illegal to marry someone of your own race, public school attendance would be mandatory and he would bus American children all over the country so they can experience true “diversity.”

        2. There are some truly anti-Zionist Jews that exist, Gay State Girl, don’t get me wrong.
          However, they tend to be the exceptions that prove the rule. Even critics of Israeli policy like Noam Chomsky and Michael Lerner are Zionists.
          Chomsky is especially interesting. As pointed out by his critics James Petras and Jeffrey Blankfort, Chomsky is an otherwise very articulate and intelligent critic of U.S. foreign policy.
          And yet when it comes to Israel and its relationship with the U.S, Chomsky all of a sudden develops a MAJOR political and moral blind spot, as well as incredibly lazy scholarship on this issue.
          This means one of two things:
          1. Chomsky is either incredibly ignorant and naive.
          2. He’s being deliberately intellectually dishonest as a result of his Zionist Jewish bias.
          I’m inclined to believe the latter explanation, because there’s no reason why an otherwise intelligent foreign policy critic could be so blind.
          And Gay State Girl, just to clarify, I wouldn’t in theory have a problem with Jews promoting Zionism and Jewish ethnonationalism.
          My main objection is that they promote Jewish nationalism and supremacy in Israel while simultaneously shoving multiculturalism down white people’s throats here.
          Either Jews put their money where their mouth is and demand that their fellow Jews embrace multiculturalist principles, or they leave white Americans alone.
          Something’s gotta give.
          I certainly don’t agree with Philip Weiss (if he is indeed as you describe him) and his love for “diversity” and forced integration, but he at least is consistent, unlike the ADL, which denounces Arizona’s law while simultaneously acting as an apologist for Israel’s barbaric Gaza invasion and flotilla raid.

        3. I oppose the incessant demonization of whites as the most satanic people to have ever existed. I oppose leftist distortions of history that assert that everyone was living in harmony and bliss until the wicked whites came and messed everything up.
          I oppose the suppression of white identities and this whole notion that whites have no legitimate interests.
          I oppose double standards that allow non-whites to insult us with impunity, but we’re not allowed to talk back for fear of being called racist. And of course, ONLY whites can be racist.
          I oppose the fact that only whites are seen as capable of committing hate crimes, while non-white attacks against whites are always dismissed as having a non-racial motive, or even justified.
          I oppose leftist cheers that whites will one day become a minority, and that to not accept my demographic dispossession makes me a hater.
          Basically, GSG, putting up with crap like that in the schools, media, and the overall Bay Area drove me to where I am today.
          And I must point out that at least a couple of the teachers/adult figures I encountered as an adolescent who promoted this crap were Jewish. I couldn’t help but notice.

        4. I know that the Foxman has taken a firm position against intermarriage but I believe he left a congregation because the rabbi said bad things about goyim-more than can be said about Obama.
          I think the jewish community is more politically split than you think. The majority of Israel firsters have become conservative at least culturally. They realize that Israel will lose support as the US becomes more culturally diverse. And the Israel firsters don’t care about religion in public places as they know US support for Israel requires support from the christian zionists so they have to be somewhat discrete.
          On the other hand, the vast majority of jews who support the Palestinians are left wing and multiculturalists. They have adopted the line that the Palestinians are a people of color so therefore they must be the oppressed group. They give lip service to the Sephardim, Mizrahim and Ethiopians as well even though they have a superficial view of relations between those groups. People like Philip Weiss do not only want to embrace diversity, they want to enforce it. Of course he supports open borders and embraced Obama solely because of his race and he now thinks that Muslims should be immune to criticism because they are a people of color and an oppressed minority so anytime Muslims are shown in a negative light, he dismisses it as “Zionist Propoganda.” He is a complete hypocrite.
          Philip Weiss has said that he would like to ban inheritance discrimination, believes school children should be strongly encouraged to intermarry, and he seems to have an idealistic, unrealistic perception of the public school system.

        5. @ Gay State Girl
          Interesting points. Jewish groups like the ADL are insane when they try to increase immigration and multiculturalism.
          The greatest non-Jewish supporters of Israel in the U.S. are WHITE CHRISTIANS.
          If they think that non-whites are going to give two shits about holocaust guilt or their precious Israel, they have another thing coming.
          All I know is that I’ve seen far too much hypocrisy from many liberal Jews (note: your typical LIBERAL Jew, not necessarily a far leftist like Weiss).
          They denounce Arizona’s law, support multiculturalism and “diversity,” and yet are AshkeNAZI fascists when it comes to Israel. Or even if they aren’t that extreme and oppose certain barbaric Israeli practices, they still support Israel as an ethnonationalist Jewish state.
          All I know, GSG, is that when Jews start advocating open borders, Cultural Marxism, and multiculturalist education for Israeli Jews, then I’ll leave them alone.
          Either that, or they stop advocating these things for white people.
          Like I said, something’s gotta give.

        6. Why Nomsky is infamous is because the jew”media” post him up wholesale. And you can only be sure of one thing when jew”media” spinns someone or something – it’s just more jew bullshit.

        1. @Bay Area Guy
          Chomsky is not a Zionist but he is an ethno-centric Jew like all Jews and critics of Israel who view Israeli as a western colonial project with the exception of Michel Chossudovsky and his excellent website Global Research which pulls no punches.
          I have yet to see a single critical Jewish response to historic and contemporary organized Jewry and their involvement in disastrous political/social and economic policy in their host countries.
          Have you read any commentary critical of the Jewish Oligarchs in Russia who raped the country after the fall of Jewish/British installed Communism who acquired there fortune from running organized crime and death squads and is protected by the international Jewish community like Berezovsky here in Britain.
          Christopher Hitchen’s is a good example who can criticise Israel and even leading Jewish figures like Kissinger but goes over the top with criticism of Jews as a group like his attack on Mel Gibson when he released “The Passion of the Christ”.

        2. @Bay Area Guy
          How can he be a Zionist when he criticises Israel and is friends with anti-Zionist Palestinians?
          Well the US is behind most of the destruction and wars in the world trying to create a NWO. It is US troops on the ground in about 60 countries.
          You can complain about Mexicans coming to the US but it is the US that engineered the collapse of the Mexican economy colonising it like some 3rd world country with multi-nationals taking over Mexican national state companies like food production, national banks, etc because the US/Kissinger deemed they were having to many children committing and genocide against Mexico putting it in the hand of CIA linked drug cartels and there death squads.
          I posted a video about that before.

        3. @ JohnUK
          How can he be a Zionist when he criticises Israel and is friends with anti-Zionist Palestinians?

          It’s actually quite simple.
          He criticizes certain barbaric Israeli PRACTICES. He thinks that Israel goes too far and is too repressive towards the Arabs.
          That being said, even doing some cursory research reveals that he is anything but an anti-Zionist.
          Chomsky is opposed to the Palestinian right of return, he supports the post 1967 Israeli borders, he opposes boycott and divestment campaigns against Israel, he opposes the use of the term apartheid to describe Israel (even though anyone who seriously studies Israel can see otherwise), and he’s an Israel lobby denier (AIPAC and other members of the Jewish lobby are not mentioned ONCE in any of his books on Israel), subscribes to the theory that Israel is a servant of the U.S. and is just going along with its master’s interests (when any insider with half a brain can tell you that it’s the exact opposite), etc.
          So in other words, he documents Israeli crimes, and yet is not willing to advocate any substantial steps to actually bring Israelis to justice. By opposing sanctions against Israel and by denying the Jewish lobby behind Israel’s privileged relationship with the U.S, Chomsky in fact sabotages any efforts to end Israel’s power and oppressive policies.
          Why is this? Because while me may be opposed to certain immoral Israeli practices, he’s a Zionist Jew at heart, and supports the existence of Israel as a Jewish state.
          Carefully read the article by Jeffrey Blankfort (which I’ve posted on this very thread), for he exposes Chomsky far better than I ever could.

        4. @Bay Area Guy
          I don’t like Chomsky although I dislike John Pilger more but I don’t think he is a Zionist but denies influence of things like the Jewish lobby because that exposes Jewish group power and ethnocentrism.
          Uri Avery who is an Israeli and writes critically of Israel has never once criticised the fact that these Russian and Ukrainian Jewish Oligarchs and so called “Russian” mafia and there sex slave brothels because that would criticise the Jewish behaviour and character.
          Other people are like that like Christoper Hitchens and that piece of shit Eric Margolias both half Jewish.
          ”Chomsky is opposed to the Palestinian right of return, he supports the post 1967 Israeli borders”
          That only makes sense Israel which is already fighting a major demographic war against Palestinians is not going to let millions of Palestinians return and commit state suicide.
          I think in any war when an enemy wages aggression against you and they lose you have a right to their territory although I am not sure about 67 it is said it was a pre-emptive strike against Egypt and other countries that wanted to attack Israel. Have researched or cared to look into it.
          All countries have acquired territory through military conquest.

  5. Bay Area Guy
    It seems that jews who have completely rejected zionism and distanced themselves from jewish tribal identity go way overboard like Atzmon, Martillo, Shahak, Shamir, Vanunu, and super multiculturalist Philip Weiss. There is no middle ground and they all seem to have developed their own agendas that have evolved out of rigid tribal and in Vanunu’s case parochial jewish identity.

    1. Don’t forget Brother Nathanael!
      And I don’t really see anything wrong with Jews rejecting their tribal identities.
      After all, if Judaism is “just a religion,” then if someone isn’t practicing the religion of Judaism and doesn’t consider himself Jewish, then he shouldn’t be Jewish.
      To suggest otherwise would be to agree with my theory that Jews are/at least seem themselves as a distinct racial group, and measure their Jewishness more by blood than religion.

      1. Of course there is nothing wrong with rejecting tribal identity but they all have their own agendas. I wouldn’t mind if someone abandoned their jewish identity and went on living their lives but the self haters do have their own agenda and try to impose their views on others. In Weiss and Atzmon’s case they are multiculturalists and want to deconstruct jewish identity and indeed all national identities (except for their beloved Palestinians). Kapner, Vanunu, Martillo, and Shamir all have religious reasons for deligitimizing jewish identity. David Shasha, a jew of Syrian descent is resentful towards the Ashkenazim whose narrative has been used to dominate jewish history and who are the supposed ruling class of Israel.

        1. Good point, GSG.
          I generally don’t like self-haters in any race. While I may agree with many of their specific views, it would be in better taste is Jews like Atzmon, Bro Nathanael, and others abandoned their Jewish identity in peace.
          In general, I oppose those who shove their points of view, particularly with regards to identity, down other people’s throats.

        2. *if*
          I also wish that there were no white self-haters like Tim Wise (who constantly plays up his Jewishness despite the fact that he’s not even a real Jew), Robert Jensen, and others.
          I wish that there were no black self-haters like Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, and others.
          For Hispanics, no more Linda Chavez.
          Everyone should be proud of and loyal to their group.

    2. Atzmon, Shamir, Martillo and Kapner are Jewish anti-Semites! I am not impressed by such folk.
      Weiss, Shahak and Vanunu were all good progressive and humanist voices.
      Shahak was even a Zionist, believe it or not.

      1. Weiss is an arrogant POS.He was a mediocre journalist at best and he is clearly exploiting the Israel/Palestine conflict to make a name for himself. This has become increasingly common for people to take radical positions or behavior to distinguish themselves and make themselves seem greater than they actually are.

      2. @Robert Lindsay
        Don’t forget the good people at LPAC like Jeff Steinberg, etc who exposes the evil in the world today and historically who are at the forefront of exposing the NWO.
        Steinberg’s EIR intelligence review is a great publication and the LaRouche movement and website has great videos, articles, etc.
        There has been a new assault against LaRouche and his organization now that the things he has been talking about are coming to fruition and his group has attention with people of potential influence.

    1. Well, I’ve never had a high opinion of Chomsky to begin with. I think he’s overrated, he’s a freakin’ linguist, and his views on the U.S/Israel relationship demonstrate either profound ignorance or intellectual dishonesty.
      Why so many people on the left worship him as a god is beyond me.

  6. The jew clown Chomsky is nothing but more jew bullshit to divert the (m)asses from understanding the jews power. Anyone with a half working brain understand that the jews rule America. At 32:00 the ´mafia jew Richard Perle explain how the jews rule America.
    “The Israel Lobby (Marije Meerman, VPRO Backlight 2007) ”

  7. Those sheenies don’t always call the shots. Fact is, strategic interests coincide between Israel and its U.S. big brother bully, similar to an Egret who sits on the Hippo’s back. In the same manner that the hippo provides the Egret with protection and sustenance with flies constantly flying around its putrid backside, the egret keeps those pesky critters to a minimum making the environment tolerable. Israel is basically a big listening post for the United States in the middle of a hostile but strategically vital part of the world, we have seen how Arabs are not to keen on the stationing of military and intelligence assets on their soil, yet we need to have eyes and ears there to mind our oil. How about one smack dab in the middle of everything known as Israel, with a sophisticated western culture, good infrastructure, and a shared suspicion and need to monitor and control Arabs. Israel is basically our annoying little Jewish cousin we have to put up with and protect who does our math homework to compensate.

    1. Sounds like it could have come straight out of Noam Chomsky’s work.
      Sorry, but Israel is not a strategic asset, but a strategic liability. And we are not Israel’s big bully brother. In fact, one could argue that it’s the other way around. They control us.
      Read articles by Jeffrey Blankfort, James Petras, as well as the Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by Mearsheimer and Walt.
      The primary reason why we support Israel is because of Jewish power and influence.

      1. The U.S. wants the Middle East to be calm and stable, so it can keep up the steady flow of oil.
        Having an aggressive, resourceless Jewish ally in a sea of Arabs and Muslims does not help our interests.

        1. I don’t really focus that much on 9/11, and I’m not a 9/11 “truther,” if that’s what you’re wondering.
          Though since we’re talking about Israel, I would certainly say that absent our unconditional support for Israel as the result of the Israel lobby, there’s a very good chance 9/11 would not have happened.

        2. @Bay Area Guy
          I don’t really focus that much on 9/11, and I’m not a 9/11 “truther,” if that’s what you’re wondering.
          Why not?
          9/11 is why we are in these foreign wars and everything else and exposed Jewish power and influence which I didn’t and presume most people didn’t before 9/11.
          I’m not a “9/11 truther” as they focused mainly on how the WTC towers collapsed, what hit the Pentagon, etc which I think is a misdirection setting up straw man arguments instead of focusing on the hijackers themselves and their background and connections.
          I just used critical logic that you would expect of any investigation which the official 9/11 narrative does not pass the most basic scrutiny.
          History Commons website is probably the best source with thousands of references.

          Dennis Hopsicker of Mad Cow Morning News has done the best investigative reporting of Atta and other hijackers and there connection to the CIA and there operations in Florida talking to witnesses even his girlfriend Amanda Keller.

        3. Bay Area Guy
          Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld were end of timers. I think part of the reason we went into Iraq had to do with that.

      2. If that is the case then why did we just sign a deal to sell $60 billion worth of arms, basically providing Saudi Arabia -Israel’s foe (they have no diplomatic relations), with a completely new Air Force, if we were beholden to the Jewish state then we would have no truck with regimes who are basically calling for Israel’s elimination, we have strong economic and political relationships with several of these, Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE to name of few. The fact is we play them against eachother and can thereby leverage our power among them, dont kid yourself the Israelis have a strong lobby, but big oil money from these countries talks and Israeli bullshit often walks.

        1. Mearsheimer and Walt on the modest impact of oil:
          (brace yourself, this passage is a bit long)
          “Neither Arab governments nor the vaunted ‘oil lobby’ pose a significant counterweight to the Israel lobby. The belief that oil companies and/or wealthy oil sheikhdoms exert a powerful influence on U.S. Middle East policy is widespread and is reflected in the frequent claim that the war in Iraq in 2003 was a ‘war for oil’ and for related corporate interests such as Halliburton…More conspiratorial versions of this perspective suggest that personal and financial connections between the Bush family and the house of Saud have shaped U.S. Middle East policy to America’s detriment. These various interpretations portray the ISrael lobby as just one player among many, and probably not the most important one. There is no question that the United States has a major strategic interest in the energy resources located in the Persian Gulf….Beyond this obvious interest in preserving access to Middle East oil, however, there is little evidence that either wealthy Arab states or a powerful ‘oil lobby’ had much impact on the broad thrust of U.S. Middle East policy. After all, if Arab petrodollars or energy companies were driving American policy, one would expect to see the United States distancing itself from Israel and working overtime to get the Palestinians a state of their own. Countries like Saudi Arabia have repeatedly pressed Washington to adopt a more evenhanded position toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but to little avail, and even wielding the ‘oil weapon’ during the 1973 October War had little effect on u.S. support for Israel or on overall American policy in that region. Similarly, if oil companies were driving U.S. policy, one would also have expected Washington to curry favor with big oil producers like Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya, or the Islamic Republic of Iran, so that U.S. companies could make money helping them develop their energy resources and bringing them to market. Instead, the United States imposed sanctions on all three of these countries, in sharp opposition to what the oil industry wanted….. Wealthy oil producers such as Saudi Arabia have hired public relations firms and professional lobbyists to enhance their image in the United States and to lobby for specific arms deals, and their efforts have occasionally borne fruit. Their most notable achievement was convincing Congress to approve the sale of AWACS aircraft to Saudi Arabia in 1982, despite AIPAC’s strong opposition. This episode is sometimes invoke to demonstrate the Israel lobby’s limited influence and the power of the ‘Arab lobby,’ but the latter’s victory in this casewas mostly due to a set of unusually favorable conditions. The strategic importance of Saudi oil was obvious, the Soviet Union was seen as a serious military threat to the Gulf at that time, Ronald Reagan was a popular president, and his administration pulled out all the stops to win congressional approval. Even so, the sale barely squeaked through (the final Senate vote was 52-48 in favor), and Reagan was forced to withdraw several subsequent arms packages to Saudi Arabia and Jordan in the face of renewed opposition from the lobby and from Congress.

          (Mearsheimer and Walt, “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy,” pages 142-144, for those of you who want the full passage)
          And I could go on.

        2. @Sojourner Troof
          Saudi Arabia is Israel’s foe who the fuck told you that? lol!
          Saudi Arabia and other Mid East states have been working secretly with Israel at least since the 1970’s with Saudi regime sponsoring proxy wars in Afghanistan and Latin American during the latter years of the Cold War.
          Israeli and Saudi interests also have connections to Islamic revolution in Iran with the Iran-Contra scandal and trafficking of Iranian weapons and resources to the Mujihadeen in Afghanistan against the Soviets.
          Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi has a long connection to Israeli intelligence and was instrumental in the distribution of the PROMISE spyware to Mid East countries who frequently meet with Zionist officials during the various presidential administrations including Pearle just prior to the Iraq war.

          Saudi Arabia is an absolute whore of Britain and US the Islamic equivalent of the Shah of Iran.
          When the Saudi royal family were allowed to leave after 9/11 when air traffic was closed down they didn’t travel to Riyadh they immediately travelled to Great Britain.

  8. “Israel is basically our annoying little Jewish cousin we have to put up with and protect who does our math homework to compensate.”
    LOL. It reminds me of that scene from Animal House.

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