The Deficit Reduction Commission is Dead!

Via Firedoglake, an excellent left wing of the Democratic Party website.

The Cat food Commission is dead. President Obama’s fiscal commission failed to get enough votes for its horrific plan to cut Social Security, lower taxes for corporations and the wealthy, and to encourage outsourcing. The committee voted today 11 to 7 in favor, but 14 votes were needed to send this plan to Congress.

This is how these scumbags proposed to lower the deficit: Raise taxes on working class, poor, low income and middle class Americans via various mechanisms. “Make up for the tax increase” (Huh?) by lowering taxes on the rich and corporations. WTF? This reduces the deficit how? Increase outsourcing. Huh? How does this lower the deficit? I don’t get it. Military spending and all sorts of tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations were of course not touched by this plutocrat stuffed commission. Additionally, major reductions in Medicare and Medicaid spending, two programs already starved for funds, were recommended. The group also recommended getting rid of PBS. That’ll save a ton of money! Barack Obama was in love with this shitty Commission. It was his dear beloved baby. Now it’s deader than a sack of bones. Screw you, Obama!

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