Freemarketeers Get Ready to Murder Ireland Again

Rich Broderick lays out the case.
160 years ago, classical economics, the ancestor of the neoliberalism and freemarket fundamentalism that currently rules the globe, deliberately murdered 25% of the population of Ireland in the name of the free market, Smith, Ricardo and the rest. It was pure Milton Friedman Libertarianism that killed 1.5 million Irish people. Ireland, a colony at the time, would not recover from this disaster for 100 years.
It was a genocide as brutal and Pol Pot’s and nearly as brutal as Hitler’s Holocaust. But it was done in the name of economic theory, a theory which today rules the world, which makes it particularly tragicomic. Ireland was destroyed and 1/4 of its population was murdered, Pol Pot like, in the name of ideology. Free market ideology, to be precise.
Here it is, 160 years later, and the classical economists yet live. Classical economics, instead of being a peculiar aberration of Europeans, now sits astride the globe, having conquered the world in its name. Ireland will be destroyed once again by the rich, just as the rich destroyed it 160 years ago. Few people will die, but Ireland will be ruined just the same.
Here is what happened.
Ireland subscribed to neoclassical economics, the economics that says that you must lower taxes to the bone on the rich and corporations and take a completely hands off approach to regulation of business.
In this case, Ireland allowed a totally unregulated Wild West of the Banks. Wealthy bondholders on the Continent apparently made bets with bonds on these hazy banks, and then the banks went south, and anyone with any sense could have predicted. Logic would say that rich bondholders in Paris and Berlin made a bad bet on Irish banks, and as happens when you make a bad bet at the casino, they lost and need to eat their losses like everyone else.
The best thing the Irish could do is to do an Argentina and simply default on their debt. It would be bad for a little while, but Argentina was growing again within 6 months. They should leave the ridiculous EU along with Greece, Spain, Portugal and any other European country with any sense. The sooner the EU dies, the better.
Instead, the rich bondholders on the continent will be paid off for the bad debts.
Imagine if you got t to go the casino all you wanted to. You got to keep all your winnings, and every time you lost, the local poor and working people would be reduced to penury to pay you for your losses. Paradise!
This is the scam that the rich and corporations of the world, especially parasitic finance capital, are running on all the rest of us. They need to be congratulated. Good scam, good scam! It’s increasingly a war of the top 2% income earners of the world against all the rest of us. I’m not even sure that the upper middle class should be lining up with the top 2% like they always do, but I’m not sure.
Who’s side are you on? Do you make less than $250,000/yr.? Then you are in the bottom 98% that the top 2% has declared war on. Do you make less than $75,000/yr.? Than you are in the bottom 80% who surely have no business whatsoever making common cause with their class enemies in top 2% (the case of those making $75-250,000/yr remains to be decided).
Whose side are you on? Are you fighting for the interests of your class in the class war or are you fighting for the enemy against yourself and your own like a fool?

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0 thoughts on “Freemarketeers Get Ready to Murder Ireland Again”

  1. What about the British engineered famine in India?
    LaRouche total predicted the collapse of Irish, Spanish and Greece banking sector as they are tied to British private banks (part of the Rothschild Inter-Alpha banking network) at least a year before it happened and that will effect the rest of the EU.
    What happened to commenter AJ you didn’t ban him did you Robert?

  2. Europe’s Undoing – that’s good, and dead on, unfortunately. Poor old Ireland – fucked up the ass again. This could get seriouser – there’s still a lot of ‘private paramilitaries’ around. I expect serious insurrection in Ireland, and frankly I hope it spreads to the UK. Then maybe we’ll see a NATO ‘humanitarian intervention’ to ‘save the Muslims from the nazis’ or some such shit. That’s what the assault on Serbia was about – getting NATO used to putting down European populations that get out of line. Anyway, I’m getting off topic. Poor old Irish. I know lots of Irish, and I like a lot of them, but they’re not like us – the Scots and English, who aren’t much different; all the centuries of brainwashing by the Catholic Church, and the romantic nationalist bullshit of the IRA (the faction that came out on top, anyway – I think they’ve improved a bit now), and a diet of dreams about escaping to the ‘land of the free’ (the USA – remember that one, LOL) and making the big time as a drug dealer or a rock musician, or just out of cheating Irish labourers out of their wages… all of this seems to have created a national character more American than European, identifying with the elites rather than their own, regarding class solidarity as faggotry… you know, like in the cowboy movies…. And their middle class! For airs and graces, and meanness of spirit, they outdo the English middle class (which is what they aspire to). I don’t want to crow, because a lot of them are among the best, but I hope they start stringing up their middle-classes, and come out of this ( and I hope they do, because I think there’s a chance they won’t) with a more realistic class-based worldview.

    1. ” all the centuries of brainwashing by the Catholic Church….. all of this seems to have created a national character more American than European”
      It seems odd that you would imply that catholicism has led to the mindset of the US consider this country’s long history of anti-catholicism. The US was founded by the protestants that you seem to like so much, and not just any protestants but real nutjob weirdos. The places where the descendents of these people still make up the vast majority (the south) has always been the economic and intellectual backwater of the US. Only recently has the midwest began to lose out more economically, but this is largely due to free trade. It still has many top colleges. Many of the areas where catholics have predominated for a long time are some of the most “forward thinking” and “liberal” in the country. Boston, Chicago, Philidelphia, New York City…
      I think some of your rantings against catholicism on this site, upon examination, are pretty baseless.

  3. Given that many of the Irish before and during the famine were just a hair above slaves to the British landlords… I think the concept of laissez-faire was badly misused and was used a b*llshit excuse to continue to ship food out of Ireland while it’s people were starving. People like Adam Smith were antagonistic to colonialism and slavery.
    Many things have been in the name of Christianity (The sacking of Jerusalem, the murder of “witches”, etc…) but these actions were truly not Christian but committed by frauds who called themselves Christian.

  4. When it comes to Catholicism in the US, you have to realize that it has been imported through immigration. In 1840, fewer than 2% of Americans were Catholics. Then came the Irish, the Italians, the Poles, etc. The Catholic Church in the US was essentially an immigrant church. Since so many of these immigrants were proletarians, it isn’t surprising that American Catholicism is probably further to the left than it was in Europe.
    Regards. James

  5. I was talking about the effect of catholicism on Ireland, not the USA; the south of Ireland became almost a theocracy after ‘independence’; the total power of the church, and its total support for the maintenance of traditional class privileges, have undeniably been a major factor in Irish ‘consciousness’, though thankfully the spell seems to have been broken of late – note how a lot of them now feel free to complain in public about children being buggered by priests. I know Wade is very concerned about child abuse. I wasn’t (here anyway) making a generalisation about the catholic church, but I feel it’s fair to make generalisations about it. The protestant churches are varied, and tend to be national churches or sects; the catholic church is a world-wide organisation with a consistent reactionary agenda, not the least of which seems to be free access for priests to young boys’ bottoms. I also have to disagree with James – everything I’ve heard about Irish catholics (their descendants anyway) in the US suggest that EVERYONE considers them the most reactionary and racist constituency in the USA, though I suspect the evangelicals must be giving them a run for their money. I don’t really consider evangelicals to be protestants though – more a zionazi funded and directed New Age cult.

    1. ” everything I’ve heard about Irish catholics (their descendants anyway) in the US suggest that EVERYONE considers them the most reactionary and racist constituency in the USA”
      Well I don’t know what you’ve been reading but from my experience it doesn’t seem to be true. A lot of their descendents are very liberal, maybe too liberal. We could have done quite nicely without the Ted Kennedys of the world. I wouldn;t call them racist. They’ve been know for not taking a lot of shit from blacks, but I find that to be a quite admirable trait, maybe something the rest of us should look into. Of course the descendents of english protestants generally pick up and run when such people come around messing with them. I would say that they carried that trait here from England based on how the english are not only moving to different neighborhoods, but completely fleeing the country to places like Spain and Portugal.
      ” The protestant churches are varied, and tend to be national churches or sects”
      Different names, ultimatley similar errors. Despite the names, few of theses are really national churches anyway. Most have converts that are of other nationalities or other races.
      Also, I wasn’t refering to anything about child abuse (Incidentally, heg was ordained last year), but rather about some of the remarks about the catholic church being anti intellectual is nonsense. I guess if you spend your time reading reformation or enlightment era screeds you might think that.
      ” the south of Ireland became almost a theocracy after ‘independence’”
      I guess they should return to the ‘glory days’ of british colonialism where the head of state was also head of the anglican church.

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