Extend Only the Middle Class Tax Cuts

Via one of my favorite political sites, The Pen. They are associated with Democrats.com. Both sites represent what could best be called the left wing of the Democratic Party. And in case you are wondering, the leftwing of the Democratic Party hates Barack Obama’s guts! So much of the Obama’s a socialist/Communist crap. If he really is, why do all the Lefties hate him so much and call him a Republican?
With the top 1% of the country now in possession of 30% of the wealth of our economy, and with the federal deficit completely out of control, it is time to let the misguided tax cuts for the wealthy expire.
Extend ONLY Middle Class Tax Cuts Action Page
In the first place, they did not work. We were told that they would
stimulate the economy and create jobs. They did not. All the rich did
was hoard more and more of their money.
Secondly, what really stimulates the economy is when people who are
NOT rich have money to spend on the things they need. Yet the most
heartless members of Congress propose balancing the budget on the
backs of people who cannot make ends meet as it is.
Worse yet, the Republicans are threatening to shut down the business
of Congress until their most greedy constituents, the only ones they
represent at all, get to keep their reserved seat at the pig trough.
And it is the road to utter economic collapse and disaster. The last time distribution of wealth was so unequal was just before the Great Depression, and we all know how that turned out.
So let the overgenerous tax cuts for the wealthy expire. Enough is
more than enough.

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0 thoughts on “Extend Only the Middle Class Tax Cuts”

  1. you’ve routinely admitted that you don’t know much about economics; why do you keep making suggestions like these then?
    just stick to looking like Jeffrey Dahmer in your gravatar and talking about black people.

    1. I do know about economics. Surely more than 98% of the population anyway, which is good enough for me. I don’t need a Masters in Snake Oil Theory like you got to figured when I’m being conned.
      BTW, insult me one time, Chucky Cheese, and I’ll ban your White ass.
      Comprende, amigo? Thanks for playing.

      1. ” I don’t need a Masters in Snake Oil Theory like you got to figured when I’m being conned.”
        This is exactly what I think. You can be extremely smart and study something for years, but if it’s wrong it’s wrong no matter haw much fancy theory goes with it. What would people think if I told them I got a PhD in Perpetual Motion Machine Engineering? They would laugh at me. Well, libertarianism is the perpetual motion machine of economics. Someone can study it for years, but it’s still bullshit.
        Also, I’m sure the shitheads that caused our recent economics crash all had advanced degrees in economics or business and they sure as hell didn’t help them keep the economy stable. The only thing it did help them do was find more clever ways to steal from people.

  2. The House just passed an extension of only the middle class tax cuts, by a comfortable margin. There are now 229 votes in favor. Recall that one key argument against holding the vote before the election was that Dems might lose. And maybe moderate Dems would have been more reluctant to vote Yes before facing voters. But I doubt it. It’s far more likely that when it came down to it, enough Dems would have voted Yes to pass it. More proof that punting on the earlier vote was a profound error.

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