Barack Obama, Republican

There are two types of Republicans out there.
There’s the real deal, the terrifyingly reactionary Republican Party itself.
Then there’s the party of Barack Obama and most of the Congressional Democrats. This is sort of a light, liberal, mild or moderate version of the Republican Party – what the liberal Republicans from the Northeast used to be until they were made extinct by the Tea Party.
Robert Reich lays out the case. Barack and the Congress Democrats buy into the lie that the bad economy is being caused by too much government, not enough handouts to the rich and corporations, too much bureaucracy and too much government spending.
It’s one of the biggest lies out there, and there’s not a lick of truth to it. It is in fact the utterly dishonest narrative of the Republican Party and the corporate media that is in bed with them. So Barack and the Congress Dems are parroting the narrative of the Republican Party and the lying corporate media.
You have two choices when you got to vote:
Vote for the real deal, the red meat Republican Party
Vote for the soft, wimpy, flaccid, weak and mild version of the same Republican Party
Which one do you choose?

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0 thoughts on “Barack Obama, Republican”

  1. Real hard core republicans would breed more resentment among everyone except their base so I’ll choose. Obama is representing the democratic party and he ends up looking bad and just drives people to vote republican so I’ll take one more administration of the real red meat republicans and let them expose themselves and repel all the independents so we can salvage what’s left of civilization.

  2. “Vote for the soft, wimpy, flaccid, weak and mild version of the same Republican Party”
    LOL They were’nt “soft, wimpy, and flacid” when Clinton was president

  3. “It’s one of the biggest lies out there, and there’s not a lick of truth to it”
    Damn strait. Parts of my famly work for the government they complain all the time. Thanks to these douchebags, almost everything done by government agencies is done through subcontractors. The subcontractors are horrible. They charge way more than the government and they are dishonest and will try to rip the government off at every turn. My aunt used to work in Washington. She told me once that the agency she worked for hired a company to create a data retrieval system. The company built the retrieval system and it had not database. The company was told about it and said that technically they didn’t have to build one becaue it wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the contract. The company’s bid was not lower than anyone elses, the were just using a technicality to fuck people over. They went to court and the company won. My aunt tells me that they actually continued to do business with this company several times after that. I ahve a feeling they were well connected. Another time they hired someone else to get a new computer system. They searched around and got a bunch of shit used. After spending most of the money and getting all the stuff they found out non of it was compatible.
    My mom also tells me that the government paid to have and new system (for payroll I believe) built for her agency. Once it was delivered the whole thing was found to be so shitty that it was never put into use. I’ve also heard about people who come back from Afghanistan who are really digusted with private contractors. They tell me that we spend billions building toilets there, however no Afghan wants to use the toilets. They would rather shit in holes. EVERYONE knows this and yet we keep building toilets and other things be cause contractors are well connected and get lots of money. The afghans strip bathrooms for what’s useful and never use them, yet we keep building more.
    Private contractors and other parts of private industry of completely full of shit and should never be trusted, despite what republican morons say.

    1. Haha, hilarious, but not.
      The essence of “subcontracting” is a real scourge in private industry as well, albeit for different reasons. As the corporate overlords do their best to reduce head counts, while technology and data pipelines grow in transmission capability, we are seeing shit subcontracted out that boggles the mind. I don’t know if sending clerical tasks to the Philippines or India is technically considered subcontracting but it’s still a diffusion of the American labor force.

  4. I agree with most of Reich’s article, but I don’t agree with him on raising the debt ceiling. The debt is out of control and the fed is printing money like there’s no tomorrow. If we weren’t the world’s default reserve currency(for now anyway), we’d be royally fucked.
    We need not just a tax on the elite’s income, but we need a tax on wealth perhaps. For the super rich, their income is only a small part of their wealth. Their lawyers are paid very well to hide their wealth from taxes.

  5. Caroline and John John had a very good lawyer who was able to find loopholes and paid a very small percent on their mother’s will.

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