Offensive Interracial Sears Ad Pulled Off the Air

The video in question is here.
This is a Sears Christmas ad that has been running on TV lately. It shows a group of happy young people kissing each other and giving each other presents for Christmas. Of course they bought all of the presents at Sears. In the middle of the segment, a handsome Black man gives presents to a beautiful White blond three times and kisses her as he is doing it.
The video was uploaded to Youtube, where it got 15,000 views. It was flooded with negative racial comments from Whites. In many cases, anti-Black slurs and racist language were used by outraged White commenters. After the outpouring of rage at the ad on Youtube, Sears pulled the ad. Later the video disappeared on Youtube too.
The White nationalists are going nuts over this and saying that now corporations will have to listen to their complaints and boycotts too.
Problem is that the WN’s, like all such folks are reactionaries who are fighting a war against time. History moves forwards, not backwards, and the good old days were usually not so great.
In 1958, 96% of US Whites disapproved of romantic or sexual mingling between Blacks and Whites. By the early 1990’s, that number had dropped to 49%. In 1998, only 25% of Whites disapproved of such things. Between 1992-2008, the % of Whites disapproving of miscegenation was dropping precipitously by 1.5 points per year. If the freefall continues at this rate, within 15 years or so, the anti-miscegenationist Whites will be all but gone.
This is why WN’s are losers, and time is not on their side. Their agenda fades with each passing year.
My opinion of the video? I could care less; but then, I care nothing about interracial sexual behavior. I’m not opposed to it, but I’m not going around cheerleading for it either. It’s simply a freedom that folks should be allowed to have if they wish to indulge in such things.
Certainly Whites ought to be free to decline interracial dating with any race or ethnicity without being thought of as racist.
Increasingly, Whites are losing even that freedom, as White women who say they do not wish to date Blacks are pounded by their fellow Whites (and obviously by Black men, which figures) as “racists.” That’s simply PC run amok, and it’s got to stop. Sex is as intimate as human behavior gets. You have the right to do it or not do it, as much or as little as you like, with whichever consenting partners of either gender or whatever race or ethnicity you choose, and there’s nothing abnormal or racist about any of the choices that result.

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0 thoughts on “Offensive Interracial Sears Ad Pulled Off the Air”

  1. “In the middle of the segment, three different handsome Black men give presents to three different beautiful White blonds and kiss as they are doing it.”
    Actually it is the same people repeated 3 times in different tops as the segment is advertising sweaters for $10 in the advert.
    Anyway what bullshit that they would complain about this advert just because there is a brief kiss under mistletoe between some urbanised middle class black guy and some blond chick.
    Nothing to indicate in the advert that they are a couple.

  2. Where did Sears indicate that they pulled the ad for this reason? Perhaps they just stopped running the ad.
    WN’s are going to complain about anything; I feel the same way about IR relationships as you. While I would have noticed that a black guy kissed a white girl if I saw this commercial while sitting on the couch, I wouldn’t have gotten all up in arms about it. There are bigger fish to fry.

  3. “This is why WN’s are losers, and time is not on their side. Their agenda fades with each passing year.”
    Don’t be so sure Robert. You’re assuming that everything will stay the same. Major events could happen that could completely change the dynamic. After the fall of the Soviet Union many previously communist politicans suddenly became nationalist. I doubt this sentiment will ever dissapear from the populace.

    1. It’s so interesting.
      In many cases, perception really is the ultimate reality.
      To white nationalists and people on the far right, the left and non-whites are taking over. To people on the left, the U.S. continues to grow more right wing and reactionary.
      To leftists, the Tea Partiers are a bunch of vicious white supremacists. To white nationalists, the Tea Partiers are a bunch of neocon/Zionist shills.
      One person’s hateful white supremacist is another person’s teocon.
      Like I said, perception is the ultimate reality.

  4. How do we know the ad was pulled as opposed to reaching the end of it’s cycle? Did someone make a statement?
    I have a hard time believing they would actually pull it. Before seeing the video, I thought it would be much more than it was. The guy only kissed her on the cheek and the guy wasn’t even all that black. He looked about the same color as Obama. It’s not like Wesley Snipes did it.

  5. Yeah, it’s the same couple 3 times, and for Koresh’s sake, it’s just a peck on the cheek.
    He’s not chasing her thru the woods like in “birth of a nation”.
    I agree that people should be free to boff whoever they please as long as they’re of age.
    We saw the same ‘controversy” after “100 rifles” and “Mandingo”.
    The excuse used is that “the poor kids will go thru rejection and societal marginalization”.
    That’s demonstrably untrue, i think the real objection is that many whites feel the attraction is based purely on lust (“that whore”) and takes a potential source of booty off the list for white men, while black women feel that there’s not alot of black men in the general population for them to choose from to begin with and competing with white women thins the field.

  6. “takes a potential source of booty off the list for white men”
    That’s the most important one. Most guys realize that they will never be able to fuck Raquel Welch (who would want to nowadays anyway) but they like to dream. they like to see themselves with females.
    the other thing here I believe is more aesthesic. I don’t know other people opinions, but as an outsider to interracial dating I can say that its not aesthetically pleasing. Black guys with blondes just don’t look right. Just like though darker skinned minorities who die their hair blonde. White guys with asians looks off to.
    It’s just amazing that a woman will obsess over whether whether her shoes match her purse when her boyfriend clearly doesn’t.
    The one that really gets me is Heidi Klum and Seal. The interraicial part is the same as others, but he looks like someone ran a cheese grater over his face.

    1. Klum and Seal drive the WNs absolutely batshit bonkers. I remember reading stormfront at the time and she was being referred to as “the ultimate race traitor”. It’s funny how just being blond and pretty somehow makes her “more” of a race traitor than I guess if she were a fat, greasy Italian woman.
      I’m as open-minded as it gets on IR lovin and Klum and Seal look funny even to me. Or maybe just “striking” is a better look. I mean if you saw a 4 ft man with a 7ft woman, you know there’s nothing wrong with it, love is love, but the contrast can’t help but grab your attention. If Will Smith was with Angelina Jolie, people probably wouldn’t even notice due to less contrast. Even though both of them would self identify as black and white. Funny how that works, huh?

      1. It’s funny how just being blond and pretty somehow makes her “more” of a race traitor than I guess if she were a fat, greasy Italian woman.
        LOL. I almost choked on my breakfast when I read that. Thumbs up Tulio.
        But seriously, who gives a single fuck if a couple look different? There are a million more important things to care about. Seal may have some messed up cheeks, but homeboy can sing his ass off and seems like a nice enough dude. And he dated Tyra Banks once, so clearly Heidi Klum is more than just a lucky accident.
        For the record, my partner is a lot darker than me (she’s Indian).

  7. ” He looked about the same color as Obama. It’s not like Wesley Snipes did it.”
    Exactly. Obama is like chocolate milk black, mixture of black and white. Wesley snipes is “holy shit is that a hole in the universe” black, way darker.
    While in college is say an african girl wearing a black coat during the winter. I thought she was wearing a matching pairs of black gloves, but those were her actual hands. I could couldn’t tell where the coat ended and her hands begins from about five feet away. I was amazed. I felt guilty about that back then, but I would probably just laugh about it now.

      1. That picture actually reminds me of an article I read about the phenomenon of blondism amongst austrailian aboriginies.
        I don’t want to be an asshole, but some hair colors just don’t fit with some skin colors.

  8. I rarely read the reactions to Bob’s inconsistent racial posts before commenting myself, so as not to be distracted by other cogent rejoinders.
    Adhering to that general rule in this case, my retort is simplythe American eras of white dignity and privilege which of course are synonomous, were “winning” ages for the race and nation. The eras in which Bob designated whites as “losers” are not improved eras for either the race or the nation, but degraded eras in almost all areas of life. Time isn’t on the American nation’s side either.
    The exclusivist racial practises of other White ethnics of numerical significance elsewhere in the world do not parallel the decline of the American white in the time periods under scrutiny.
    Southern laws against miscegnation paralleled the Divine Order. Of course there were rebels even in that de jure time, whom others could depict as heroic nonconformist rebels. (But not Rebels)
    In the rarest of cases they might have deserved the accolades.

  9. “History moves forwards, not backwards”
    So you don’t believe in historical cycles but rather some linear progression of history?
    “and the good old days were usually not so great.”
    I think that depends on the famous question: “Who? Whom?”

  10. I could see affluent educated African American women being offended by this ad, as marrying a blonde bimbo is seen as a form of social mobility for black men.

  11. Gay State Girl is right. Yhe ad is actually quite conventional in that it shows a black male and a white female. Why didn’t Sears show a white male and a black female? Was that too daring.
    I would say that of black-white interracial couples in North America, about 80% have a black male and a white female. When the interracial couple consists of an Asian and a white, then in most cases the male is white and the female is not. The grand result is that a lot of black women and Asian men won’t be able to find a partner unless Asian men start going after black women, and that doesn’t seem to happen.
    Regards. James

  12. With the decline in whites against interracial marriage, the actual number of interracial marriages is going up fast. 1.4 million interracial married couples in 2000, 2.3 million in 2008.

  13. The decline of whites in America is not due to inter-racial marriage, only illegal immigration. The past opposition to inter-racial marriage was only due to the fact it was strange, inter-racial marriage is not inherently wrong.

    1. The fact is once whitey is in the picture they go nuts. I would have had Black Ho nappy head Mother Christmas and a traditional Jewish guy with the hat and dreads or a Australoid Indian guy straight from the slums to do the the kissing. Get whitey out of the picture and everyone is happy. Once he or she pops up then they go mad, I mean the WN population.
      Whitey is just is everywhere and that is why the WNs go nuts. Get him out of the picture!

    2. The sentence meant ‘with the decline in whites being against interracial marriage’. I’ve never been one of those people who talks about the decline of whites.

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