Sometimes They Really Are Out to Get You

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While I was getting my Master’s Degree at a local university in the 1990’s, I used to read a lot of academic journals. One of my favorites were the psychology and psychiatry journals, but I read journals in all sorts of areas – medicine, linguistics, history, political science, biology, sociology, etc.
I found the most interesting case study!
At some time between 1991-1994, a middle-aged man presented to a Canadian mental health unit complaining that “the Mafia was trying to kill him”. (When I wrote this post, I thought the Canada part was strange because I was not sure if there was a Mafia in Canada, but Googling shows there is). He described an elaborate conspiracy involving various figures, surveillance, threats, etc.
After an extensive interview, the man received a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. He stayed in the hospital, was medicated, and was released after a few weeks.
About three months after his release from the mental hospital, the man was murdered…by the Mafia!
This was a true case written as a letter to the editor up in one of the most respectable, peer reviewed journals. I could not believe what I read! The theme of the letter is that you have to be careful diagnosing psychosis in folks complaining of plots to kill them, because in some cases, there really are people trying to kill the person.

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0 thoughts on “Sometimes They Really Are Out to Get You”

  1. “Sometimes They Really Are Out to Get You”
    Sometimes They Really Are Out to Get Our Chaste White Blonde Aryan Women
    Finally someone else sees it!

  2. I once phoned the psychiatrist who had an
    afternoon radio show on WBAI. I did not tell
    him that I was going to be killed by anyone
    but I did say that there was a person or
    persons who were in the process of causing
    me to be diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic.
    He didn’t believe me, of course, but offered
    that he did have a patient who said the CIA
    was following him. As proof the patient
    opened the office door and there were,
    in fact, 2 CIA agents who said they were
    following the patient. To make my
    unbelievable and long story short I
    was diagnosed PS and spent 3 weeks
    in a mental ward. I was never PS
    (many PS’s say exactly that),
    I did hear voices, I was totally sleep
    deprived for 6-8 months, and, it turns
    out, the voices originated from from
    an external source.
    See the Wiki entry, Microwave Auditory
    Effect, also called V2K, (Voice To Skull)
    or Voice of God technology. Regardless,
    the effect is synthetic schizophrenia.
    It does exist and it was and is being
    used on me. The process of describing
    this is indistinguishable from PS.
    The more I describe it the
    worse my credibility gets which is
    why the ppl behind this never worry
    about getting caught and why i will
    stop trying to convince you.)))
    BTW, technology that delivers voices
    or sounds that bypass the human ear
    is, no matter what you think of my story,
    a complete game changer. Also, putting
    voices into ppl’s heads is the least of
    what is now possible without ever
    touching the person.

  3. I was hospitalized in psyche unit last year. An old man named Walter, age 63 was bun kmate with me. He was schizophrenic (legitimately). We exchange addresses and home numbers. None of us had a cellphone.
    He got discharged a few days before me. When I got out I looked him up, not before I hooked up with latin blonde from the unit who got discharged a day before me. That was fun. Anywho I called him and track down his location via computer. I rode my bike to his house in a rundown section of Bronx, NY.
    As I approach his house, I make a call from a pay phone nearby letting him know I arrived. On the phone he specifically tells me to ring his doorbell six times because he feared Miami drug dealers were after him. He said his brother killed Pablo Escobar, HAHA. I did just that, and now knowing I’m not an assassin coming after him, he comes down and opens the door. We head to this 2nd floor apt and talk and laugh about our stay in psychiatric hospital. We ate some food, had a few drinks. Later we left his apt and got some pizza down the block.
    In total I befriended 5 people from psychiatric hospital, 3 females and 2 males, including crazy Walter and a young Latin name Angel who was in there for Angel dust. I have a crazy story about him, another time.
    Moral of the story. Thankfully Walter was a schizo, or I could of been beaten, rob or killed by a bunch of Latin thugs. A Colombian necktie, pump up with a Mac 10 or being chainsawed is a terrible way to go out.

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