Buttered Peas and Beets

This is actually two separate recipes, but you can combine them if you like. 1 15 oz. can peas, drained 1 15 oz. can beets, drained 4 TSP margarine 2 TSP dried onion flakes 2 tsp dried parsley In a pan, melt 2 TSP margarine over medium heat. Add peas. Add onion flakes. Cook for 5 minutes on medium. In another pan, melt TSP margarine over medium heat. Add beets. Add parsley. Cook 5 minutes on medium. You can eat them separately or combine them, but I combined them over rice. The onions go very well with the peas, and the parsley goes great with the beets. Good vegetarian meal. 12.5 servings vegetables. 600 calories.

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0 thoughts on “Buttered Peas and Beets”

  1. What’s on your Thanksgiving menu?
    I’m making:
    Kibbeh Batata-Potato pastry (Syria)
    Ceviche-Tilapia marinated in lime juice and rum topped with cilantro and mint (Venezuela)
    Vegetarian Ghormeh Sabzi-dried parsley with kidney bean marinated in persian lemons (Iran)
    Tofu Kim Chi-Cabbage cooked in red chiles (North Korea)
    Stolichnaya Vanilla Vodka (Russia)
    Rambutan nuts (Burma)
    Guyaba con Queso-Guava Cheesecake made with non dairy cheese-the least I could do for my family after I cooked up this shit for my family (Cuba)
    Meelepah-Corn Mush (Zimbabwe)

    1. I’m making:
      Stuffed Turkey (United States)
      Cranberry sauce, canned(United States)
      Pumpkin Pie(United States)
      Human flesh(Haiti)
      Okay, so the last one is a racist joke.
      We do traditional Thanksgiving food at my house. It only comes around once a year and I don’t really like substituting it with other stuff.

        1. “Do you actually cook yourself, Wade?”
          I cook throughout most of the year, but not actually on Thankgiving. I am usually my mother’s assistant during Thanksgiving and Christmas, however, the same attitude on traditional food applies to all my family.

      1. Nah I was just being snarky. I did threaten my dad that I would make Ghormeh Sabzi, the national dish of Iran, on the foruth of july 🙂

        1. ” I did threaten my dad that I would make Ghormeh Sabzi, the national dish of Iran, on the foruth of july ”
          At least it’s not Tofurkey. Now that’s snarky.

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