Psilocybin Doesn't Cause Brain Damage

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Told you so.
Hell, I’ve only taken it, what, 30 times or so? It never fried me, or at least I don’t think so. I never noticed any long-lasting harm after taking this drug. One time, I had bright colors for about six months after I took it. Another time, I got depressed and sat around alone on Saturday night feeling sorry for myself. Next morning, I woke up and was not depressed anymore.
One time, I took some, got in my car, and drove from Los Angeles to the Owens Valley, then turned around and drove home again. I think the whole trip took me about 12-14 hours. You can drive great on the stuff if you have a nice, clear, open road in front of you, and the towering Sierra Nevada sure looks great when you are frying. Plus, the stuff keeps you awake for many hours somehow.
I used to sell these mushrooms, and boy was it fun. I was a student, a schoolteacher, a paralegal and a drug dealer. I would sell quarter pounds and pounds and make insane profits like $300 for an hour’s work or so. Plus you get to feel like a spy and feel some real terror when you carry the dope around and do the deal itself.
You get to drive past lots of cops with a car full of dope that could send you to jail for a long time. You look at the cops and just drive right on by like nothing is happening. You carry the dope in a briefcase and dress up like an office worker, or you carry it in an athletic bag and dress up like you’re going to gym.
There’s nothing like the rush you get being out in public with a car full of felonious dope or a wallet full of tainted drug money.
My friends and I dealt dope in the smart way, and most of us never got caught. We were not all totally White, but most of us were raised in a mostly-White beach town. We dressed up like college kids, office workers, gym enthusiasts, and conformed to White middle class society in every way.
Yet we sold dope right in front of the cops and society’s noses for years for years and never got caught. There’s a luscious feeling in that.
A friend of mine made so much money selling coke that he bought two homes in San Fransisco, one to store the coke and another to live in. He was so hot I didn’t dare even look him up. You don’t even want to hang around some super-dealer like that.
I just checked him out and he’s resurfaced in Southern California, fit, healthy and fifty, selling real estate. A survivor. I guess he never got caught either. Even my Mom shakes her head in admiration of him. White society always respects someone who can outsmart the cops in a not-too-evil way. Why? It places a premium on not being stupid, and not being caught.
I often wonder if other ethnics share this value.
Sometimes I think that these young Blacks and Hispanics nowadays place a premium on getting caught, and therefore being a moron. This I will never understand.
These Hispanic kids around here are the biggest idiots on Earth. They do dope deals, albeit for small amounts of pot, right out in the open in front of everyone. They seem to take special delight in doing an obvious drug deal right out where anyone can see it happen. I guess it’s a macho thing.
White middle class me says it’s not a macho thing, it’s a stupid thing. No wonder they are always getting hauled in on dope-selling charges. They dress up like gangsters and criminals and then wonder why they get stopped by the cops. Duh.
There really is an art to being a criminal.
All in all, psilocybin is a fun drug. You keep hearing horror stories about this stuff, about people who took too much of it and are mentally ill, or people who took too much and are fried in some way or another. Problem is that there is not the tiniest evidence that this stuff damages your brain, unlike almost other drugs of abuse. Yes, the drugs that make you feel the most insane of all do not do the slightest harm to your brain in any way.
All those stories floating around about people taking too much hallucinogens need to be taken with a grain of salt. If it’s harmless to the brain, how is it supposed to create fried-out acidheads? Answer: it’s can’t.
I’m not saying take them every weekend. I haven’t taken the stuff in about 23 years, and I’m not sure if I will ever take it again.
Taking these kinds of drugs is one of the most bizarre experiences that one can have on this Earth, though, and you can have some really terrifying bad trips. Psychological harm can occur from traumatic experiences.
By the way, it’s not harmful to any other organ in your body either. Plus there are long-lasting positive effects, apparently.
On the other hand, this drug can cause HPPD , so I’d advise against taking it. I have HPPD, but I only have bright colors, and it’s really not so bad. You’re living in a Technicolor world, and if you just accept it, the world looks a lot better this way.

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11 thoughts on “Psilocybin Doesn't Cause Brain Damage”

  1. I am currently trying to find psilocybin as a treatment for obsessive compulsive syndrome. It has worked great for me in the past, with one dose relieving symptoms for 1 to 2 weeks. it works even better than marijuana does. Not so sure on its potency compared to LSD, but i have not taken a lot of LSD. The thing is, I used to take psilocybin with my old friends, but they moved and I cannot find it. I have been on Lexapro, Paxil, Wellburtin, Cloreptamine, etc….and lots of behavioural therapy. The thing is, on my maximum dosage of Clopreptamine, my compulsions are reduced in half….but that is about it. Do you know where to find psilocybin or how to obtain it? I do not plan on abusing it…..I merely require some relief from my symptoms. Medicine doesnt help one bit. Please, I must obtain some. Any ideas?

  2. My ex girlfriend supplied it for a while as well….but we are no longer together. I really need a supply of psilocybin. It is the best destroyer of obsession compulsiveness, and my guess is that the govt doesnt legalize it due to lack of an ability to monopolize on it under the current economic system. But if you could give me some clues on how to find psilocybin, thank you. I am definitely not a acidhead pothead or shroomface, but its really nessecary that I find some to destroy my hell and just relax. Doc even prescribed testosterone undecatone for my obsessive compulsive syndrome but all that did was make me really aggressive and he took me off after I got into a fight and my enemy and i severely injured each other. I need pdilocybin….honest to God I am not trying to abuse it.

    1. Yun Bak Ho
      I haven’t done a search for it, however if iirc High Times magazine and website used to have advertisements for grow it yourself mushroom kits.
      Didn’t look too hard, mebbe you could try that…..

    1. Thanks Mr. E2me. I guess I can always resort to weed if the going gets bad enough, weed is more effective for OCD than any medicine I have been prescribed before. But I really do wish they would leaglize all of this stuff….it works medicinal wonders, with no harmful side effects that I could observe which was long term.

        1. I honestly dont mind talking about it….its nothing to be embarrassed of, but I have to perform ritusls or I get stressed out real bad and such. At the prime of my ocd,I was taking 9 hours a day ritualizing in my head, counting numbers, memorizing useless texts, brain rape. But now with medicine I can cut that down, but one hit of psilocybin completely cured me for almost two and a half weeks before symptoms emerged again. Weed is less effective but still potent. I have tried a lot of cognitive behaviour correction therapy, and it is at best a small band aid. One wrong thought and I start ritualizing like a Israelite priest in Leviticus.

        2. I work as a counselor for OCD’ers. People pay me to work with them. But most of my clients are Pure O types. They are worried that they are gay, or suicidal, or murderers, or rapists, or pedophiles, or schizophrenics, or psychotics, or this, that or the other.
          I work a bit with people for free too. I work with them a bit for free, then I tell them more will cost.
          I also get people coming to me with sexual orientation stuff constantly. Am I gay or bisexual? I don’t want to be gay, I want to be straight. Is my husband gay or what? Am I a pedophile or not a pedophile? I deal with that stuff constantly. At this point, I can figure out people’s sexual orientation very well, and I can tell if someone is a pedo or not.
          I also get a lot of “Am I dangerous?” “Am I psychotic?” I can figure those out too. I can tell if they are dangerous or not and whether or not they are psychotic.

  3. It’s been a couple of decades since I dabbled with the stuff as well.
    I also used to sell that stuff on occasion. Just lucky enough to know the right people I guess. The guy I copped from used to have wooden shipping crates of the stuff. Show up at his place and in the middle of the living room
    would be a large wooden crate from B.C. full of mushrooms.
    I did overdose myself once though. I had so much of the stuff lying around it skewed my perspective on what should be an optimal dose. More is better, right? Especially when yur aboot 20 or so.
    I remember wondering if I was going to die, then laughing maniacally about it. I had coerced the girlfriend to join me … she was deep in the throws of it as well. Tears running down her face , then the same type of ridiculous laughter.
    I also remember calling everyone I dealt to and telling them to flush the ‘shrooms. They were baaaad. Couple of friends did that then were pissed after I told them, ‘nah shrooms were fine. I just took waaay too much and didn’t know what I was doing. ‘

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