Cannabis Is Good For You

Repost from the old site. Well, not necessarily in general, but if you are a regular methamphetamine user, there is a suggestion that you get less, not more, brain damage, or cognitive impairment (whichever it was) if you concurrently use cannabis than if you use methamphetamine only. The fact that there is a drug that gets you high that might actually be protective of brain damage in some cases is downright fascinating. Keep in mind that this study found only a trend, and did not prove that cannabis protected against the damage caused by meth use. However, if you read the study, there was a linear trend that showed that the meth + cannabis users had scores intermediate to the controls (no drugs) and meth only groups. The meth only group scored worst, the controls scored best, and there was a trend for the meth + cannabis group to score intermediate. The trend was not significant enough at the .05 level to be probative, but there was a suggestive trend towards better scores if meth users used cannabis also. What was found was only cognitive impairment, or worse scores on a test, but with meth use, at some level, say 1/2 gram a day for 1 1/2 years, there is definitely brain damage, and it does not completely clear up with abstention. There is anecdotal evidence for permanent damage after only 2-3 weeks of very heavy use, but it’s not proven. We don’t yet know when structural damage to the brain due to meth use begins. Meth can probably be used up to a dozen times or so in a lifetime with no problems, but after that, all bets are off. If anyone has some good data on meth and brain damage, please comment or email me the links.

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2 thoughts on “Cannabis Is Good For You”

  1. Who needs illicit or illegal so called recreational drugs mostly weak people with some problem that goes back to their childhood so many use these drugs to block out the past emotional pain and issues.
    At the end of the day it is all chemical crap even dope that is foreign to the human body which over time will fuck up the body and brain.
    But hey you can’t tell that to people use all these bullshit drugs as they wont listen and deny the truth and will say hey man this is good for me, i feel great man, what’s all ths fuss man, hey man this stuff should be legal.
    which all crap and they know it but will never ever admit.
    if it was that good the system would make it legal by now and cash in big time on the revenue, end of story.

  2. People who think that these drugs are good and should be made legal including dope all live in a walt disney childrens fantasy world.

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