New Issue of Al Qaeda's Inspire Magazine Released

I was able to obtain the new issue of Al Qaeda’s Inspire Magazine. It’s difficult to obtain if you don’t know what you are doing. As far as I can tell, it’s only available on jihadi forums. First of all, you have to find those forums. They are very secretive, their locations are not well-known, and the sites are constantly going up and down and changing locations and url’s. However, I have access to sites with lists of the latest lists of jihadi forums. Then you start to visit the forums. The forums are all in Arabic, so you have to figure out the Arabic. Even then, it’s not easy because a lot of the links are just pictures. You click the picture links, then try to figure out where the download links. After a while, you find them. There are many hazy-type download links at fly by night servers. You find one that works, and you go and get the file. I’ll be making the file available for download on my server here. That link should work; anyway, I was just able to download the file. The last copy (available on my server here) got downloaded 141 times, so apparently there is some interest out there. The latter link definitely works. I emailed WordPress asking them if it was ok to offer Al Qaeda stuff for download, and I got no response, so I assume it’s ok. If anyone is wondering, I hate Al Qaeda and I don’t support their project. I’m just making this stuff available so people can see what these very dangerous people are all about. This latest issue is getting quite a bit of press. It highlights “Operation Hemorrhage,” the operation to down two cargo planes, a Federal Express and a UPS, in October by using PETN explosives packed into a toner cartridge of a printer. The report goes into minute detail about how they did it. Why they are showing their hand like this, I have no idea. AQ says that the intention was not a terror attack, as they realize that these planes only have two people aboard. They said that instead the purpose is to disrupt the US economy. It’s true that for 10 years since 9-11, we were not checking cargo flights at all. Now we are supposedly checking 10 Al Qaeda claims to have found a way around a variety of security measures. First of all, the devices are made with no metals, and this is how they elude metal detectors.They now have five different bomb detonators that use no metal whatsoever. They elude bomb-sniffing dogs by packing the material so tight in the toner cartridge that the cartridge is completely sealed. Then they use a variety of solvents to wipe clean all of the surrounding objects in case any PETN molecules escaped. They explain how they manage to elude X-ray scanners, but that description was rather complex and I will let you tackle it yourselves. For one thing, they used an explosive that was similar in molecular composition to the printer toner itself. It is true that the printers were inspected twice in the UK, but both times passed inspection. The bomb was only intercepted when the US had the exact tracking number of the package. Al Qaeda denies US claims that they have only one bombmaker. The US named this fellow, and claims that he is AQ’s bombmaker. Whoever the bombmakers are, they are extremely intelligent. AQ continues to claim that they downed a UPS cargo plane that crashed in Dubai on September 29, but the US insists that that crash was due to a battery fire. AQ ridicules that claim, and asks why the US can’t figure out that they did it. There is quite a bit of baiting and ridiculing of the US and its allies in this issue. They are basically taunting us. AQ claims that the whole operation cost only $4,200. That is probably correct. There are repeated exhortations about Palestine in this issue (“Palestine remains the main issue,” etc.) US analysts note that AQ’s ability to pump out the propaganda shows that AQ is operating with relative freedom. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is currently operating mostly out of what even this issue of Inspire calls “the failed state of Yemen.” I would agree that Yemen is close to being a failed state.

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  1. “If anyone is wondering, I hate Al Qaeda and I don’t support their project. I’m just making this stuff available so people can see what these very dangerous people are all about.”
    I’m sure you also hate Freddy Krueger, the Cyclones from Battlefield Earth, Darth Vader or any other fictitious bogeyman.

  2. The TSA will not be able to prevent an attack from a determined terrorist. What are they supposed to do, perform a rectal exam on every passenger to check for PETN explosives?
    We should adapt many of the techniques of the Israeli model–I know many commentators here hate Israel but they will have a hard time denying that they haven’t done a good job with airport security. This means ethnic, gender and age profiling.
    I find Ann Coulter to be all about hurling insults, generally, to rile up her base but she recently wrote an article that hit the nail on the head, and, Robert, you should check it out & let me know what you think, okay? 🙂

  3. Alquaeda is a small part of a major problem for non-Muslim nations. While Al Quaeda gets the most press because it uses violence first and political move second, it is far more recognized as evil by most of the world’s population. The more dangerous organizations are those that use non-violent political means in their efforts to achieve the same ends as the terrorists. The non-violent groups may engage in support for terrorist groups at times, but their main mission is to infiltrate governments, use the courts to modify the law toward sharia, and spread propaganda to confuse the enemy nation among whom they live.
    I write almost exclusively about Islamic doctrine and the actions of Muslims inspired by it:

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