In My Next Life, I Will Come Back As a Cockatiel

Reincarnation sounds more and more fun all the time.
This bird’s name is “Tits.” Amazing, huh? What a coincidence.  

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0 thoughts on “In My Next Life, I Will Come Back As a Cockatiel”

  1. Bob, it’s not a cockatiel, rather appropriately it’s a lovebird.
    A cockatiel is middling sized, white parrott like bird with a ‘crest’.Not to be confused with a ‘cockatoo’.
    Bad Joke.
    Two broads coming home one late night after a party, and feeling rather hung-over:
    Broad #1: “Gosh, I feel really rough, my mouth feels like the bottom of a parrott’s cage”.
    Broad#2: “Well, you had a cockatoo in it.”

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