Obama Trying to Censor the Internet

What in the Hell’s going on here, anyway? Obama wants an “Internet Blacklist” of sites that all ISP’s would be required to block. Huh? It is expected to whiz right through both houses of Congress. The Republicans are all for it, of course, and the Democrats are lining right up too. Explain to me why we need this and why this is not one of the worst ideas around? Petition here.

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0 thoughts on “Obama Trying to Censor the Internet”

    1. You know what I think…
      Obama doesn’t deserve to be assassinated-that would immortalize him as it did with JFK.
      He doesn’t deserve to be disgraced or impeached- that would give him ungained notoriety as it did with Nixon or make him the subject or endless jokes as it did with Clinton.
      No Obama doesn’t deserve that kind attention. Lets send Obama back to obscurity so that he has to audition for American Idol to get his career back.

  1. This is indeed an outrage.
    Yeah, I guess Obama is giving us some “change” indeed. Although I thought that better jobs, the end of wars, and greater overall stability was what he meant when he said “change.”
    I hate to say it, Robert, but your site would probably be censored.
    Me thinks that the ADL and similar organizations enthusiastically support this bill (just a hunch), and since they define “anti-Semitic” as anyone who does not enthusiastically worship Israel and Jews, you could indeed be a target.
    I’ve also said this many times, but I’m sincerely surprised that your site has not been listed as a hate site by the SPLC or ADL.

    1. Though to be fair, I hardly think that this is Obama’s doing.
      I’m sure that there are certain lobbyists and big shots who are the real ones behind this.
      I don’t know. Obama just doesn’t strike me as a censorship kind of guy.

    2. “Me thinks that the ADL and similar organizations enthusiastically support this bill ”
      Me too. Despite all the talk about jews and human rights I think that the jews are a very totalitarian group of people, especially towards mere goyim.

      1. I think that, eventually, Jewry (particularly organized Jewry) is going to have to learn the hard way that they cannot promote open borders and multiculturalism at home, while simultaneously promoting Likudnik fascism abroad.
        Sooner or later, people are going to start asking questions, and detect the hypocrisy evident in organizations like the ADL.
        If you’ve noticed, the ADL has recently been giving more lip service to bigotry against non-Jewish groups, including discrimination against non-Jewish immigrants in Israel.
        (Yeah, I’m sure they’re losing a ton of sleep over anti-Arab discrimination in Israel. *snorts*)
        I think their ground zero mosque blunder exposed them as a hypocritical Zionist/neocon organization, and they’ve been trying to cover their tracks ever since then.

    1. Yes good point Google which also owns YouTube stores and records your internet searches and is linked to CIA companies and Microsoft has back door security that lets the US government access any computer using Windows operating system.
      Anyway another example of pure hypocrisy on the US part when they criticise other countries about internet censorship.

  2. “I think their ground zero mosque blunder exposed them as a hypocritical Zionist / neocon organization , and they’ve been trying to cover their tracks ever since then .” What blunder? Dont tell me they came out against the mosque?

    1. Initially, they did indeed come out against the mosque.
      Fareed Zakaria even returned an award he received from the ADL due to the ADL’s opposition to the mosque.
      The ADL received very bad publicity as a result.
      Therefore, you’ll notice that the ADL has recently been giving a lot of lip service to fighting anti-Muslim bigotry.
      They know that they screwed up, and are now trying to hide the dead bodies.

    2. @AJ
      Notice how the web pages of organized Jewish groups on their websites like JINSA that advocated and supported US intervention on behalf of Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo Albanians have been removed as well as the Balkan Action Committee website featuring prominent Jews advocating and lobbied for US intervention and ground for in Kosovo is no longer operational.
      I guess it will be a little embarrassing that international organised Jewry supported Islamic terrorism and let them have a presence and a state in Europe now that it become almost common knowledge at least those who cover Islamic terrorism like Jihad Watch Bosnia’s connections to international Islamic terrorism since the 90’s and that all the allegations against the Serbs were totally false and the Muslims staged false flag terrorist attacks for western sympathy.
      Doesn’t look good when one of the Madrid train bombing masterminds was born in Bosnia and the explosives used where produced there as well as the London bombing connection to the Balkans or Bosnian Muslims fighting US forces in Iraq.

  3. This sucks!
    If this passes which it will with idiots like Rand Paul then I won’t be able to download and watch TV programmes and films.

    1. That is exactly what it is all about. It’s not about political censorship; it is about corporate bullshit regarding copyrighted video. Truth is that all they have to do is issue a take-down order and everyone will take down the video or get sued. Or they can just include DMCA copyright code in the film and then in a lot of cases, you cannot put it on the web. For instance, when I try to put DMCA copywritten stuff up on Blogger, I get endless weird errors. Blogger just flat out rejects such uploads.
      This what is done now.
      But if this shit passes, Youtube will automatically be guilty of trafficking in copyrighted stuff, and it will go right on the blacklist.

      1. I think it is more to do with website like irfree posting links to fairly new R5 DVD’s and DVD rips, albums and games hosted on file hosting websites although they are already subject to copyright laws and remove rar and video files of copyrighted material once a complaint is made.
        Same with YouTube, Google, etc if films are uploaded they already are removed when a request is made even video clips of TV shows like South Park.
        They tried that before with websites like the torrent website Pirate Bay who they took to court a couple of years ago.
        And the petition makes a good point they will just host their websites on servers in another country not subject to US copyright laws.
        I don’t use torrents anyway I think there shit.
        Here in Britain they proposed anyone caught distributing and sharing copyrighted material be back listed from using the internet although that was either last year or a couple of months ago and nothing seemingly came of it.
        China should host websites with copyrighted material on their servers to get back at Uncle Sam.

  4. Me thinks that the ADL and similar organizations enthusiastically support this bill (just a hunch), and since they define “anti-Semitic” as anyone who does not enthusiastically worship Israel and Jews, you could indeed be a target.
    Check out this bullshit:
    Barbara Spectre’s compadres think they know what’s good for us.
    Regarding copyrighted stuff, they can stop me from using torrents but they can’t force me to pay for shitty movies or cable television. That’s what public libraries and buying used on eBay are for.

    1. I mean, I don’t want to derail this into an intense discussion about the Jewish Question and all, but some of these Jews really do live up to the worst stereotypes of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.
      But back to the topic at hand. This talk about censoring internet racism is bullshit. I guess freedom of speech is less important than not hurting people’s feelings.
      I guess in those supposedly free societies, certain groups have a god given right to never be offended.
      And of course, they engage in this censorship with good intentions (or at least pretend to have good intentions. With organized Jewry, they NEVER have genuinely good intentions).
      Well, what is the road to hell paved with?

      1. These censorship types should also force Israel to require its internet sites to censor any websites or blogs that feature disparaging remarks about Palestinians.
        And the hosts of those sites should be punished and relentlessly pressured.
        I mean, fair is fair, right?
        But of course, the Spectre’s of the world will never do that, for OBVIOUS reasons.

  5. hey BAG if you hate Jews so much why do you comment alot at Jewamongyou’s blog? What if he finds out about your remarks, he wont be your friend anymore.

    1. Jew Among You is highly critical of organized jewry and Gay Area Guy said he would be a judeophile if jews like Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David dominated jewish discourse.

    2. What Gay State Girl said.
      JAY can look at my remarks. I’ve even made harsh criticisms of Jewry on his own blog.
      As a WN, he can understand.
      Simply put, AJ, you cannot analyze racial issues and problems of multiculturalism and PC without analyzing the Jewish Question.
      Although, I have been focusing less on Jewish related issues.
      I just brought it up, since, well, groups like the ADL tend to be spearheading censorship efforts.
      And AJ, while JAY and I get along, I’m not desperately trying to ensure that he’s my best friend. I won’t lose any sleep if he’s “not my friend anymore.”
      He’s a Jew who’s not blind on Jewish related issues. For that, I have great respect for him. He also offers overall good insight on race related issues, which is what attracted me to his blog in the first place.

  6. Ok seriously if obama passes this bill there will be a riot, you think people wont be pissed the fuck off if he shuts down peoples way of getting games, music, movies, etc i for one will be pissed. That son of a fucking bitch should not be president if the cock ass is going to do that i mean he needs to make things better not piss them off. If this dick face gets this passed i am going to be one way god damn pissed off person that bitch should eat his mothers pussy until she bleeds to death sorry young ears i damn sure had to speak my peace over bull shit like this. PEACE OUT PIRATE BAY USERS, LIVE ON FOREVER TORRENTS!!!!!!!!!

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