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      1. Actually it is from a protest in Bariloche, Argentina.
        I found it using the TinEye reverse image search engine.
        Great impact photography was published yesterday in the top of the daily Clarin. It showed a young demonstrator, in Bariloche, while I was pee in a group of policemen.
        The scene was captured by photographer Matthew Pepe, the same that played a key role in the coverage of the fierce police repression of June 26, 2002. That day, in a social protest, the government of President Eduardo Duhalde decided to picket to prevent a group cut the Avellaneda bridge. The performance of the Buenos Aires Police was fierce, and ended with the killing of two protesters. Were Darío Santillán and Maximiliano Kosteki. Pepe Mateos Santillán’s death registered. Thanks to its photo-incorporated in the court case, “Commissioner Alfredo Fanchiotti ended up imprisoned for murder aggravated by treachery.


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