Ethnic Nationalists/Supremacists Are All the Same

AJ asks:

Robert, what do you think of Malcolm X, the NOI, and the New Black Panther Party, and the Black Hebrew Israelites? how about MLK Jr? You never talk about him. 

I hate them. Those are Black Supremacists and Black nationalists. They’re as scummy as the White nationalists and White Supremacists. All ethnic nationalists and ethnic supremacists are scum, and they’re all reading from the same script. This is something AJ hasn’t seemed to have figured out yet. It takes a while to figure this out, but once you have been around a variety of nationalist-chauvinist types, after a while, if you’re observant, it should hit you like a ton of bricks that they’re essentially all the same folks, even when they are homicidally enraged at each other. It would make sense if you are a White nationalist/supremacist to respect Black nationalists/supremacists, after all, they are only your mirror image in Black. Yet too often they are deadly enemies. The real clash is not between dueling nationalists/supremacists, who are after all just different colored leaves on the same tree, but between the ethnic nationalists/supremacists and those non-racists and anti-racists like me who oppose them.

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  1. Did Hitler actually fight (in any way) any non-whites?
    Or did he just use race as a propaganda term for people he hated?

    1. Good question his foreign policy seemed to be targeted towards Europe mainly the Soviet Union and France then in the future the US which he wanted an alliance with the British Empire and the new German Empire according to his unpublished foreign policy book in 1928.
      And he had non- white German aligned forces in India and Africa.
      Winston Churchill was a bigger racist than Hitler could ever dream of being.
      FDR didn’t like him and wanted to dissolve the British Empire.

  2. Blacks who served in the US army is all I can think of, but there werent that many. yeah, Hitler probably killed more white people than any other person in history. He was doing the Black Panthers job for them, I guess! White people rallying under Nazism is like Asian people rallying under and celebrating Japanese imperialism, its retarded. Hitler was a race-traitor, in fact.

  3. More scatter-shot. Races are building blocks for culture. Spengler was anti biological race materialism but acknowledged Race as necessary building block for Culture. Ditto Yockey. Once the spiritual organism is built, it’s sealed.
    So Bob’s anti-racism, such as it comes and goes, can never establish socialism in the multicultural
    abyss of American materialism.

  4. White nationalists and black nationalists have always worked together, going back to Marcus Garvey meeting with the KKK, Elijah Muhammad having George Lincoln Rockwell (founder of the American Nazi Party) speak at an NOI rally, etc.
    While they disagree regarding who the master race is, they both have very similar goals.

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