Asian Guys Were Born to Kung Fu

A video grab from the scene of the altercation.

Recently, there have been some studies that suggest that Asian males may be genetically selected to kung fu. They tend to kick and punch particularly hard in the womb, and when viewed in the womb on camera, appear to be engaging in the primitive antecedents of kung fu moves.
In this view, a stupid Asian guy was too busy figuring out math problems in his head when he suddenly came upon a large metal post. Angry, he assaulted the innocent post with his head. Then he immediately and without thinking began to attack the post with his possibly innate kung fu moves. His stupid friends then also started beating on the innocent post. Through it all, the innocent post did not fight back, but just steeled itself and stood strong and tall.
The police intervened. The post was treated for superficial injuries on the spot. The Asian men were taken in by the cops for observation to determine if they were mentally retarded.

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