There is No Atzlan; There Will Be No Reconquista

AJ asks:

Robert Lindsay, do you support La Reconquista? I know your conflicted on immigration, but are you OK with millions of Mexicans taking the Southwest and turning it into Aztlan? 

Ain’t gonna happen. Mexicans are not that stupid. Even Mexicans are not stupid enough to annex this place with Mexico or create a new state. They came here to flee Mexico, remember. Mexico sucks. USA is cool. So they leave there and come here.
Aztlan crap is just an indulgence for often-ignorant bourgeois Chicanos who went off to the university and “got some of those funny ideas” as my great grandmother used to say. They took some Latrino Studies courses taught by some idiot racist Marxist Brown Beret overeducated asshat bigmouths.
Your average Chicano never even graduates from high school. They’ve never even walked onto a college campus. I talk about this Aztlan crap with local Chicanos, and 90% don’t even know what I’m talking about. I explain it to them, and they still don’t know what I’m talking about. These are phenomenally ignorant people, keep in mind. This is a culture that utterly celebrates ignorance and the Idiocracy.
Those that know about it simply shrug their shoulders or have no opinions.
A few gangbangers say they are going to take this place back, but they are just worthless assholes with the IQ’s of hedgehogs shooting off their GED-less potty mouths.
Aztlan is much ado about nothing. Chicanos like living with the White man. White man makes a good society for Chicanos to live in. White man leaves, it all reverts back to Mexico-in-USA. Chicanos ain’t that dumb. They want us to stick around, and deep down inside, they know that they need us, and most of them don’t even hate us anyway.
Hell, millions of them are more or less White themselves. What’s a White? What’s a Latino? It’s getting pretty confusing here in California.
See, I could turn into a Latino automagically just by lying about my ancestry. Now I’m one of them. See how easy that is? It’s not like the White-Black thing at all.

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41 thoughts on “There is No Atzlan; There Will Be No Reconquista”

    1. Did you read this part of Robert’s article:
      “A few gangbangers say they are going to take this place back, but they are just worthless assholes with the IQ’s of hedgehogs shooting off their GED-less potty mouths.”
      I think this description pretty much fits many people in the video.
      What I find interesting is how the Aztlan concept meshes with ACTUAL mexican nationalism. You know in…MEXICO. Azatlan is based on a claim about the origins of th aztecs being in the southwestern US. Many actual mexicans who care think that they actually came from the state of Nayarit. Could we really see modern Mexcio annexing a territory with this ideology? A Mexico that mostly speaks a European language, a mexico that largely believes in a middle eastern religion transferred by european conquerors, a Mexico who borders were decided almost entirely by spanish colonialism? The ideology of an indian nation is totally at odds with what mexico really is. Imagine if it were to come to pass. Why would Mayans, Zapotecs, Yaquis, and other mexican want to live under “aztec” domination any more that domination by creoles and light mestizos? For that matter, why would the Navajo, Apache, Zuni, or other southwestern indians want to join mexico where indigenous people are tradiotionally treated like shit instead of the USA where the white man almost worships them for their ‘spirituality’ and has his wallet open for him (at least more that the elite of Mexico ever will).
      The fact is that a pro-‘indian’ ideology like aztlan will never work in Mexico because Mexico’s national culture (but not its local culture) was created by creoles. I had a teacher who told me that a the time of independence that most spoken language in Mexico was Nahuatl and that Nahuatl declined with the rise of mestizoness. Mexico boundaries, even its claim on the Southwest, are based on european colonialism and have no roots in pre-columbian times. Hell even much of mexico music come from some place in Europe. Here’s an interesting post from Yahoo
      I am not celebrating the demise of the cultures of the indians in Mexico, but just stating the facts. At best for these people, Mexico could be seen as a mestizo nation which includes much white cultural, political, and even genetic input. I’m not going to claim to be an expert on mexican culture, but I cannot ever see an aztlan ideology coming to terms with that fact or mexico restructuring itself to the amount that it would take to make the aztlan ideology feasible there, if such a thing were even possible.
      My point is that there is no way that that area is going to revert to mexico, at least not under that ideology. This does not mean that mexican traits like extreme corruption and violence wont take over that region and it seems to some extent that may have already happened.

      1. This is perfect. I have nothing more to say. Believe me, I live right in the midst of “Aztlan”, and other than a college professor or radical student here and there, you never hear two words about it. Most Chicanos, if you ask them and explained it to them, would probably say it’s a terrible idea. In a word, it’s something no one ever talks about, and I live in a place that is supposedly Ground Zero for Aztlan bullshit.

        1. Yeah, I actually used to believe in some of the Aztlan type mythology of white nationalists. To some degree I can understand why many people get into it. The media and well connected have made such a frenzy about open borders and ‘anti-racism’ that only whackos actually speak out. When someone sees something wrong and goes to learn about the issues, these white nationalists types are some of the only ones who are explicitly anti white and the person can easily get drawn in. If this is to be stopped we need more sane outlets of resistence to the status quo. Fantasies just wont do.

        2. Make no mistake about it, there are actual Aztlan assholes out there, mostly professional radical traitors associated with Latrino Studies at universities. They are highly subversive, sound very scary and are IMHO extremely dangerous.
          However, they have been saying this shit for 45 years now and they probably have even less support now than when they started. Your average Chicano on the street doesn’t understand, and even if he did, he would be against it.
          OTOH, if we tried to deport 11 million illegals by force, we might be in for some scary shit.
          I say cross that bridge when we come to it. Let’s worry about Aztlan assholes if and when they get to be an actual issue, instead of a flea on the ass of the White elephant. When will they get to be a real issue? Probably never.

  1. Why would anybody deport 11 million illegals? The Right likes them for cheap labor and the Left likes them because they vote Democrat and are brown, and therefore vibrant, exotic, and diverse, unlike evil, boring, crackkker white devils. The funny thing is, only the White Left believes strongly in “anti-racism”, diversity, progressive causes in general, gay marriage, the environment, and animal rights. Blacks and Mexicans just want economic benefits, like welfare, affirmative action, and soft socialism because many of them are poor. The majority of may pay lip service, but dont give a shit about Left Wing progressive causes, thats a white thing. Look at the demographics of Jon Stewarts Rally to Restore Sanity. Watch the videos on youtube, and you’ll see the crowd was Whiter than the Tea Party. The White Left are the craziest, wackiest, most politically-correct, self-hating, goofiest people ever. Sure, Russian people went all Communist in the 20th century, but we never said gays could be priests, Stalin never held Gay Pride parades, we never “celebrated diversity”, or had “Whiteness Studies” or any of that PC shit. Its ironic, if you think about.

    1. ” Russian people went all Communist in the 20th century, but we never said gays could be priests, Stalin never held Gay Pride parades, we never “celebrated diversity”, or had “Whiteness Studies” or any of that PC shit. Its ironic, if you think about”
      Truth. I remember reading that in the soviet union homosexuality was seen as a form of bourgeosie decandence.
      Here’s an interesting article from a right wing site (though not a mainstream right wing site) on the weirdness of the western left compared to communism and it;s effect on the current ‘conservatives’ in america.

      1. Even the sectarian U.S. far left in the 1930s-50s took what would now be regarded as a very judgmental attitude toward homosexuality, regarding it as a product of late capitalist decadence. And Castro in Cuba did what poor Jerry Falwell and the local rube brigade here can only dream about.

  2. “Even Mexicans are not stupid enough to annex this place with Mexico or create a new state.
    Roberts is right like the US would allow that to happen.
    If they did try that the US would just bring in their death squads in from Mexico and just start genociding them just like they did in their native Mexico.
    They don’t allow Mexico to be an independent sovereign country so why would they allow US territory to be independent from Mexico and who would recognise this new state?
    “They came here to flee Mexico, remember. Mexico sucks . USA is cool . So they leave there and come here.”
    And who is responsible for that?

      1. Soory made a mistake that I just noticed I meant to say:
        “US territory to be independent from the US..”
        What are you talking about?

  3. Yeah, there was a story on one of the WN sites to the effect that (the US state of) New Mexico is over 50% Hispanic and is effectively a sanctuary for illegals who aren’t convicted of felonies.
    Yet its foreign-born population, as a percent, is 2/3 of Arizona’s, about 1/5 as many in total count.

    1. Closer to the truth, like most ethnic/victim studies majors/programs.
      Takes money away from real departments and programs at the U.C and Cal State level.

      1. Actually, it wasn’t a typo LOL! I don’t like to use slurs against Hispanics, but in this case sadly it’s true. I hate these Latino Studies programs, I really do. They are frankly hotbeds of treason and they are preaching some very dangerous ideas.

        1. Agreed. I had an ex-girlfriend that had to take no less than THREE of these bullshit classes to graduate form the U.C with a degree in Psych. She took two Latino studies, and one Asian-American victimology class.
          Interestingly enough, she said whereas the Latino studies professors where semi-illiterate morons obsessed in educating the class on how “evil” the White man was to the poor “Latino,” the Asian-American class consisted mostly of students and the T.A bitching about how hard-ass and demanding their parents were.
          She was Middle-Eastern by background, and could relate to that.

    1. Historically yes. That has been changing rapidly these last few years.
      I have a funny childhood memory about New Mexico. It involved my Mother getting kicked out of a fancy hotel we were staying at, because they thought she was an “Indian.” 😀
      Gotta love that place.

  4. Aztlan crap is just an indulgence for often-ignorant bourgeois Chicanos who went off to the university and “got some of those funny ideas” as my great grandmother used to say.
    Ain’t that the truth. My favorite is the notion many of these “Latino Activists” types have about the “what if” of a California that never left Mexico.
    As those all of California’s hi-tech, aerospace, and industrial development would have taken shape in a “greater Aztlan” scenario. LOL!

  5. Cyrus, why are you bashing Mexicans? Dont you feel, that as a Person of Color, you should try to unite with all other People of Color, so the racist white crackkker devils will stop oppressing you? @Robert Lindsay- Why are you scared of Chicano Studies? Dangerous and treasonous ideas? Earlier you said theyre so inconsequential that you dont really care. Hopefully Russia wises up and starts supporting/financing Latino warriors, so they can carve an independant state. Same thing with Quebec, Russia should support their independance. Oh, and Alaska and Texas too. Realpolitik FTW!

    1. Never bashed Mexicans on here. Just Latino/Chicano studies. I happen to like Mexicans a lot, and speak a good deal of Spanish. Feel rather close to their culture, in many ways.
      Seems you have a real fear of “brown folks,” though. 🙂

    2. Their ideas are very dangerous. If they ever got mass support, it would be a real nightmare. Fortunately, I doubt if 5% of Chicanos support this nonsense, and if it’s 1% of the rest, I would be surprised. They’re meaningless because they have no support, but God help us if they ever get some.

  6. Robert, if I wasnt an atheist, I would pray that that kind of thought would spread like wildfire among Latinos in America. Brown Fascism, I love it! @Cyrus, no Im not scared of “brown folks” why would you get that idea? Theyre cute and cuddly, whats not to love? I especially love Latinas and Middle Eastern/Persian girls, theyre sexy as hell. Too bad in the Arab world theyre all forced to wear veils. I really dont believe the stereotype of butt-ugly Arab women, I think its a myth propogated by Muslim males to keep “their” women from dating out, and doing porn. Of course, theres always for the more open-minded arab girls to display their charms.

  7. You might be right, overall, and you’ve got several good points underlying your uncalled for belligerent tone. But I think you’re wrong with respect to Los Ángeles. There’s a deep-seated consciousness among Mexicans in L.A. that they will outlive Anglo power in L.A. Maybe they’ll mix with Anglos some more along the way. So much the better. That dovetails with one of your points too. I should clarify that I’m not talking about Chicanos specifically.

  8. “There ’s a deep- seated consciousness among Mexicans in L . A . that they will outlive Anglo power in L . A” Great! When are they going to secede/and/or join Mexico?

    1. Soon, I hope! Secede, I mean. Not join Mexico.
      I should clarify that “outliving Anglo power” doesn’t mean anything bad happening to Anglo people. They’ll be right in the thick of things as the Cali faithful grinds itself into one big Sexican race. If they piss off their daddies, well, so much the better.

  9. There will be a reconquista. There already is. It doesn’t involve the government of Mexico, all it involves is Mexicans outnumbering Anglos like how Anglos outnumbered Mexicans in Texas 170 – 180 years ago. It is a demographic reconquista, as a matter of fact, the people who coined the term meant it that way. But I guess if Mexico gets it shit together and becomes a first world, thriving country somewhen in the future, then a political reconquista will probably be the inevitable. This would especially happen if Mexican Americans educated themselves and found out the shit Mexican Americans went through and the broken promises for those Mexicans who stayed in US gained lands after the U.S.-Mexican war. They’d probably feel alien and disillusioned with the country of the US (especially if they remain unassimilated). As a matter of fact Robert, your city has an example of reconquista. Most Hispanics will probably be united by the same idiocy that plagues the common American mind: the notion of a “Hispanic” race. That is when the little idea to group Latin Americans under one ethnicity called “Hispanic/Latino” backfires.

  10. Silly Robert, reconquista is already happening. Apparently, reconquista already happened where you live. Like Frederic said, it has little to do with the Mexican government. It has to do with Hispanics/Mexicans taking up the former territories of Mexico. So it didn’t matter that the US warred with Mexico to gain those lands, in the end, they are, or will be, mainly inhabited by Hispanics/Mexicans and not by Anglo Americans. It wouldn’t even matter if those Hispanics/Mexicans hated Mexico, all that matters is that they stuck it up to the Anglo and made a majority in those US-acquired lands anyways (something that even Mexico couldn’t do when it controlled those territories – at least with Texas). It appears that the same thing is starting to happen with Florida, but with Cubans and other Carribean islanders.

  11. Mexican Americans have a saying, “we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.” And notwithstanding the well established Anglo hold on the formerly Spanish and Mexican territories of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and California, there is a legitimate argument to be made that these lands were taken illegitimately by force at the brutal hands of racist invaders in a manner that would not be acceptable under international law today. And if you think this is ancient history and old news, think about Israel and the precedent we have authorized by our support of the Jewish “reconquista” of those areas. Maybe you know a few Mexicans here and there but you truly underestimate the people of Mexican and Hispanic background and their culture if you think they are not capable of raising a ruckus under constant Anglo anti-immigrant onslaught. You better hope they don’t become “self-aware.” May I remind you that Mexico City was a thriving metropolis with universities and a sophisticated culture well before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth. You have to remember that many of these “ignorant” Mexicans are the native people of the region virtually indistinguishable from Pueblo and Hopi Amerindians. All the Anglos have done is illegally divided a people and their territory for nothing more than racist motivations. FUCK MANIFEST DESTINY!! and who says they need you? Things would have been better without the smog, strip shopping centers, pollution, urban blight, traffic and overdevelopment brought on by the Koyanasqaatsi White Man. So don’t be so cocky.

    1. Yeah. Living in mud huts for the last 500 years would have been divine! Warring tribes would be fun too, eh? Damn, society sux!

  12. “May I remind you that Mexico City was a thriving metropolis with universities and a sophisticated culture well before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth .” LOL! Made my day! “Things would have been better without the smog , strip shopping centers , pollution, urban blight , traffic and overdevelopment brought on by the Koyanasqaatsi White Man .” Mexico City is one of the most polluted cities on the planet. I kinda have a soft spot for Reconquista because Im anti-American Empire, but idiots like bigmoe give it a bad name. Mexican immigrants arent the indigenous people of Colarado, New Mexico, California, etc, they are indigenous to Mexico. And about 10% of Mexicans are white, too, so theyre not indigineous even to Mexico! Saying Mexicans are “indigenous to the continent” and therefore have a right to US land is like saying since Koreans are indigenous to Asia, they have the right to just waltz right into China, India, and Pakistan whenever they feel like it. Its funny you call Anglos “racist invaders” when Mexico was a colony of Spain. What language do you speak? Spanish, the White man’s language. What religion are Mexicans? Catholic, the White man’s religion. “Mexicans” are the most confused people when it comes to ethnic identity. How can you be proud of being conquered by the White Spaniards? Cortez and his Conquistadors were vastly outnumbered, yet they humilated and completely destroyed the Aztecs, Mayans, or whatever fucking tribes lived in Mexico. White Spaniards fucked your women, Moe! For centuries! They said Europeans have bigger dicks than Amerindian short and squat men! What are you going to do about it? I bet you have a White great-great-great-great grandfather! Keep speaking Spanish, the White mans language, and think its yours, LOL.

    1. First of all I am not Mexican, I am Colombian of Mestizo heritage. Second of all, Spanish culture has been deeply ingrained in Mexico since the 1500s and has produced a hybrid culture that is primarily Amerindian racially but Latin ethnically. Third your Korean claiming rights to Chinese territory analogy is stupid and inapplicable to the my position regarding indigenous peoples because they were never ethnically present in China. What you dont seem to understand is that Mexicans are the indigenous people of Colorado, New Mexico, California, etc. because they were already there and had towns and cities with an operating culture that spoke Spanish for centuries, way before Anglo marauders got there. These towns were founded by Mexican missionaries. Have you looked around and noticed the names of these towns? Los Angeles, San Juan Capistrano, San Antonio, Pueblo, San Francisco. I laugh when I see Tea Party idiots standing on their soap boxes in America yelling “The people of San Juan de Las Cruces are tired of illegal immigrants!!” The fact is Mexicans were present and freely traveled between the present day United States and present day Mexico for centuries without interference. Have you noticed the adobe and colonial Architecture of the “old towns,” the continuing cultural traditions, such as the food which has been adopted by Anglos to the point of creating fast food establishments. You take all these things for granted now but the fact remains, Mexicans do have a claim on the now Anglo controlled territories. I would understand limiting entry from countries such as Colombia that have no claim to North American areas, but shutting out Mexicans who were already there with the racist border is wrong, they should be given special consideration and be allowed to travel freely within their land.

      1. BTW I am not insulted by your allusion to white men fucking indian women because I am the product of such an exchange so, “no problema.” What I do see as a new reality for you racist, puffy freckly pink skinned, British toothed, gangly, spastic, mouthbreathing, alcoholism prone, incestous, inbred Anglos, is the growing preponderance of Mulatto children among you with the growing number of young nubile anglo females seeking out black men. This is no accident judged by the dwindling number of Anglos around the world due to low birth rates -a telling sign of racial failure. The fact is not only can you bozos not jump, you cant even fuck.

        1. No. It’s a “telling sign” of Jewish genocide of the best of the “goyim”. 33 million Whites genocides in Stalin’s Holomodor. 22 million German civilians genocided in Germany alone, WWII, under the pretext of a holohoax. Another 50 million Eastern Europeans, quickly, efficiently, silently genocided in a 50 year period is the reason for the decimation of the White population, not as you so ignorantly put, ” racial failure”. No. Jewish “Social engineering”. They need masses of dumb, emotional, sexually immature easily controlled coffee colored SLAVES, and as you described, NWO is getting them. You are an example.

      2. “Mexican” missionaries? Nice try. Spanish missionaries, Spanish (European) names. Same European origins as the Pilgrims. Spanish Europeans mated with the Natives. Mexicans are descendants of the colonialists and were not Native to anywhere, BUT Mexico.

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