Battle of the Imbeciles: Tea Partiers Versus Cholos

[youtube=] Ok, in this video we have two groups of extreme assholes. First of all, you have insane Tea Party idiot assholes, starting with the Tea Party hottie chick, who, for all her brains, is nuttier than a warehouse full of pistachios. They’re assholes, and they’re insane, and they’re trying to pick a fight with the Chicanos. The Chicanos rise to the bait. First of all, a young Chincao is arrested for no good reason by stupid White cops. Then there is more baiting and yelling back and forth. The Chicanos yell, “We’re taking over!” Sometimes these assholes say this, and it sounds ugly, but really they are just stating demographic truth. They are taking over, demographically. Duh. This is a controversial statement? Later the Tea Party Assholes bait the Cholo Assholes into saying that the cholo-tards are going to throw someone (apparently the Tea Party assholes) out of the US “when the Cholos take over.” First of all, cholos are incapable of taking over anything but a cellblock in a jail. They’re incompetent gangbaning criminal Underclass fuckwads. They can’t run a state. They can’t run anything. There’s never going to be some Cholo Police Force to come evict all the Whites. This is just the worst White nationalist insanity and paranoid psychosis. Later, the Cholo Assholes break out the guitars and start playing mariachi music. The Tea Party Assholes are all upset because it ain’t George Jones, Buck Owens, Tex Ritter, Willie Nelson or Merle Haggard, though any of those guys could probably get along with the cholos even though they’re all White. The Tea Party Assholes have the delusion that the Cholo Assholes hate them because they are White. Not so. The Cholos may be assholes, but they ain’t stupid. They don’t hate the Tea Partiers because they are White; I would get on fine with the cholos. They hate the Tea Party Tards because they are White racist reactionary dickwads. If I were there, I’d be standing with the Cholo Idiots yelling at the Tea Party Tards. Hey, when the tard chips are down, you need to chose tard sides wisely. The stupid video ends with some retarded and ominous suggestion that 80 IQ cholo gangbanger idiots are somehow going to “take over” White America. LOL, yeah right. These guys could hardly organize a drunken trip to the bathroom. In order to have a revolution, you have to get up early in the morning to fight. These cholos would probably be too hung over. Much ado about nada. Sound and fury, signifying nullity. Move along now, nunca to see here!

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0 thoughts on “Battle of the Imbeciles: Tea Partiers Versus Cholos”

  1. ” These guys could hardly organize a drunken trip to the bathroom”
    First of all, this is an awesome line. I LOLed at it profusely.
    Second, I concur. I’ve always thought that is white america really does have an existential enemy, that enemy is the cultural marxist(not necessarily economic marxist) clique and the international capitalist clique which is largely lead by whites.

  2. “First of all, a young Chincao is arrested for no good reason by stupid White cops. Then there is more baiting and yelling back and forth.”
    The started throwing out the N word and that’s when things got heated. Which is funny given that no blacks are even to be found in the video.

  3. “The started throwing out the N word and that’ s when things got heated . Which is funny given that no blacks are even to be found in the video .” I may be mistaken, but I think one of the cops was black. The Mexican started saying “nigga” at the white guy, LOL, thats how low-class Mexican gangbangers talk. Then the White guy siad “Thats a racial slur!” LOL! Yeah, Im sure hes real offended. I never understood why Mexicans, if theyre so proud of their culture, call eachother niggaz. Isnt that a black thing? I live in a working class/underclass Mexican neighborhood, and I hear it all the time. The wiggers around here say nigga, too, around their black gangbanger buddies. Tulio, your black, right? Does that offend you? That non-blacks call eachother, and blacks, “niggas” casually?

    1. “That non-blacks call eachother, and blacks, “niggas” casually?”
      I guess its better than calling them niggas formally.

      1. Surely – this the ultimate proof that certain whites actually wish to merge and miscgenate with blacks?
        Will the blacks accept them?
        Are their grandfathers rolling in their graves?

    2. Am I offended, not really. Using that languages marks said person as an uncouth idiot with no class. It will cause me to look down on him like he had a shitty upbringing or something, but no harm done to me.

  4. But Bob, you misunderstand.Mexico is where Mexicans are.if a majority of the people in SoCal are Mexicans then SoCal is defacto Mexican, it matters not one jot that SoCal might still be a member of the United States of America and send senators to congress etc, ultimately it’s the people who make a country and not the other way round.

  5. Latina chicks are heartbreakingly cute when young, but unfortunately that beauty soon cracks once they reach matronhood – and they develop the classic Mexican ‘little fat gut’ and chubby face.
    Notice how all the Lation men over 30 have developed that hideous body plan – short, short-legged squat little bodies surmounted by HUGE overarching bellies that gives a revolting, grotesque appearance, rather like a Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig.
    Latinos are supposed to tough little workers.
    How can one work with a gut like that?
    Anyway, young Latina chicks always manage to break my heart 100 times before breakfast, so I forgive them, possibly to the point of ‘merging my nordic blue-eyed flesh’ with the little gut-lords.

  6. I’ve read somewhere that it’s all down to the genetics of SoCal’s Mexicans, who these days are predominately of near pure blood indigenous south Mexican stock.
    You see, before the Spanish came they never really got past a low carb hunter/gatherer type existence.Now there are in the USA, the land of cheap abundant mega-calories, their metabolism simply cannot handle the extra carbs, thus the little fat low-slung guts.

  7. They sure are whiny for big, bad Alamoesque Texas tough guys. Speaking of which, have you noticed how many women are mixed up in this Tea Party thing? I wonder if that’s why the movement is so weepy and hormonal.

    1. And two words: Glen Beck. Look at him. Are you going to sit there with your bare face hanging out and tell me he doesn’t get shot up with estrogen at least twice a week? He has more of the stuff flowing in him than could be found in the whole Oprah studio audience. Tell me that’s not true.

  8. Of course, assuming the cholos are semiliterate
    and could read this, Bib wouldn’t be standing there upright, that is, with them long.

  9. Glenn Beck, whatever you think of him, is a political genius. Holding that rally on the same date as MLK’s “I have a dream” speech, at the same location, was brilliant and it co-opted MLK for the right. From a right-wing point of view, it was great. Whats funny is that now James Edwards and WN’s hate him for that.

    1. @AJ
      No doubt like MLK he is a blank slate where all his speeches, rallies, etc are organized by the same tribe.
      You could have an animatronic Mannequin where a computer program randomly spouts out one line phrases and it would have the same effect as Beck.
      “Whats funny is that now James Edwards and WN’s hate him for that.”
      Edwards I don’t think has ever like Beck, Fox News, etc mainly because thay are ass kissers to the Jews.

    1. @AJ
      They do control the US and push there own interest using US pressure to advantage there own agenda against foreign governments and nations especially Russia where they become a hostile elite by networking together.

  10. what about Adam Sandler? Is he OK? I know hes a Jew, but I’ve liked his movies. I heard the BNP was started by a Jew, is that true?

    1. @AJ
      Adam Sandler is a Hollywood movie star nothing more nothing less so I fail to see what relevance he has on the political sphere.
      I judge people on their actions not there DNA or ethnicity.
      Just so happens the most evil MF’s just happen to be Jewish.
      I am not a white supremacist like the Neocons, Winston Churchill or the British/US elite.
      As for the BNP I doubt it as the forerunner to it was the National Front.
      Nick Griffin according to a former BNP and National Front member Martin Webster had a homosexual relationship with him.

    1. Hey, we should pay these people to fight one another, arrange the fight, and then reap huge profits from people eager to see the fight.
      Hey, anyone with me? 🙂

      1. It’s certainly no sicker than Real Housewives of Atlanta. I smell reality TV. Fighting Extremists. That is so intuitive, yet so brilliant. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

  11. Abe Foxman just gave Beck the okay. He’s not an anti-semite even though he attacked George Soros
    unwisely says Abe. It all hinges on his dependable support of Israel. Jewry has hitched its identity on Israel, If it falls, expect an even higher percentage of Jews to outmarry and leave Jewry for good.

  12. Strange video. Good commentary. The behavior of both sides wasn’t the best, but the tea party people going on about illegal immigrants is mostly about race-baiting. I don’t blame the raza folks for being ticked off, even if some of them didn’t handle it well. The mariachi thing was great.
    For what it’s worth, I’m white and lived in a gang neighborhood in L.A. for years. I hardly ever heard them calling each other the N word. The insults were more along the lines of “puto” and such. Some of the younger ones who have been influenced by rap music used it, but people of every race who are influenced by rap do the same. I’ve been called the N word by a white chick before. Also a “white motherfucker” by a white chick. It’s all fairly nuts.

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