Chinese Fishing Boat Collides with Japanese Coast Guard Vessel

The video described in the post may be seen at my video site here.
This is a new viral video that was just leaked to the Internet on November 7, 2010. It shows a Chinese fishing boat deliberately colliding with a Japanese coast guard vessel on September 7 off the Senkaku Islands.
The islands are located northeast of Taiwan and southwest of the Ryukyu Islands of which Okinawa is a part. They have long been held by Japan. The US administered the islands as part of the Ryukyus until 1972 when they were given back to Japan. Since then, they have been claimed by Japan, China and Taiwan.
The dispute over the islands is a major problem between Japan and China and between Japan and Taiwan. There is natural gas in the region, so this has heightened the conflict.
No one lives on the islands. The largest island, Diaoyu Dao or Uotsuri Jima has some rare species, including the Senkaku mole or the Mugeri Uchidai and the Okinawa-kuro-oo-ari ant. The mole has become rare due to goats being imported to the island in 1978. They now number 300, and they need to be killed off.
The leaked video was not supposed to have been released. It was probably released by someone on board the Japanese Coast Guard vessel. Since the video was released, there have been nationalist rallies in Japan over the incident.

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0 thoughts on “Chinese Fishing Boat Collides with Japanese Coast Guard Vessel”

  1. Japan cant get along with any of their neighbors, Hitler once called them “The Aryans of the East”. They sure are, those fascists! They also have a dispute with South Korea over some islands, and a dispute with the Russian Federation over 4 Kuril Island. But Japan was forced to give up those islands, and Sakhalin Island which for some strange reason they dont dispute, in the Treaty of San Fransisco in 1951. They are Russian politically and demographically, and Japan will never never never ever ever ever get them back. Medvedev visited the Kurils in early Novemeber and the Japanese went ballistic! Ha! Medvedev did that on purposes to piss them off! Fuck Japanese imperialism and colonization. In case nobody else noticed, China and Russia are cooperating to try to limit Japanese influence (which is a de facto American colony) in the Asian-Pacific region, and its reallly pissing America off! Why does America feel the need to be aaaalll the way in East Asian? East Asia is Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. Go home, America.

    1. “East Asia is Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian”
      lol. Speaking of imperialism..East Asia is russian like mexico is spanish right? Go home russians. Get out of Outer Machuria.

      1. the smaller and weaker are in more necessity of territory; are the senkaku chinese or japanese? = japanese, after fukushima japan can’t rely on nuclear energy like before (oh your comment was in the 2010,fukushima happened in the 2011) they have a huge economy that need huge energy
        are the southern kurils russian or japanese? = japanese
        russia is already damn big plus japan is neighbour to those islands,moscow (the real russia) is too far,why morally speaking they deserve more those islands? closer to japan and the natives are race siblings to japanese at least
        sooooo sad to see some anti-japanese feelings here
        japan is a better democracy and american ally than china and russia
        (like if those both countries were so superior to america morally speaking)
        (ah your comment was in the 2010,before china started to abuse simultaneously japan,philippines,vietnam just because being right now the second economy make them more assertive,confident and open about their imperialism)
        however with the same logic
        are the dokdo korean or japanese? = korean
        give proper and deserved respect to japan,you don’t know what a true colony is; a colony would be subjugated to the colonial power and couldn’t compete with it; you wouldn’t see toyotas or nintendos competing and surpassing general motors or microsofts in america,and mangas in libraries/ animes in toonami neither

  2. “nobody lived there but some eskimos”
    I guess they’re just subhumans with no right to self determination.

  3. better Russia has the far East than anybody else. If Russia hadnt taken it, somebody else would have. The Buryats have full rights in Russia, as do all ethnic minorites.

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