Those Brainy Asiatics

Wow. Breathtaking snippet:

Even more strikingly, Dr. Williamson’s group reported that a version of a gene called DAB1 had become universal in Chinese but not in other populations. DAB1 is involved in organizing the layers of cells in the cerebral cortex, the site of higher cognitive functions


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0 thoughts on “Those Brainy Asiatics”

  1. Whilst I think the Chinese on average are more intelligent that Indians (our low castes let us down in this regard), I think India has more brilliant minds. The top layer of Indian society is more is more capable than the Chinese one. Indians also posses more creativity than the Chinese. All you need to see is the two economies as of now. The Chinese are brilliant at taking already existing ideas and improving or manipulating them whereas the Indians are more creative people.
    So, what I am trying to say is that India has more geniuses than China but China has more intelligent people overall.

    1. The only outstanding ability I’ve seen from Indians is the ability to sustain dogma for literally thousands of years against all proof and reason.

      1. I wouldn’t say that was a weakness. One of the great strengths of India has been its ability to absorb many invaders yet maintain its culture throughout but add these new cultures to the already existing cultures. Look at countries in the East like Japan, South Korea and, increasingly, China. You guys have and are becoming Westernised even without Western imprialism through supression. India suffered at te hands of the British but they could not break our resolve.

        1. Are you kidding me? The West has 20,000 atomic bombs and has genocided 1/2 of the Mongoloid branch. We’re just waking up. For what result I have NO clue. Possibly the ultimate rescue of The South, that includes India, Jackass. We’re your heroes and heroines and you don’t even know it.

  2. According to the article, Indians are Caucasians, so that means theyre closer to white people than to yellow people. Fascinating. I’ve always thought as Indian people as just white folks with brown skin, turns out Im right. If Chinese people are so smart, why does their country suck? People have been predicting that China will overtake Europe for literally centuries, whats taking them so long?

    1. India is more comlicated than that. It is dificult to say Indians are full Caucasoids because the maternal haplogroup M most Indians belong to is non-existant in Europeans and other Caucasoids, but a variant of this same haplotype is common in East Asians, though the two diverged some 40,000 years ago.
      Also, there are plenty of people in India with significant Asian features, especially towards the East. Also, some Some low castes definately show Austroloid remnants. Some of the tribals (although they are non-mainstream) have African remnants.
      But I will agree that Indians on the whole are Caucasoids but maybe not as pure Caucaosids as Euroepans and West Asians ar.

      1. There are three views on this subject. One, that Indians are Caucasoids. Indeed they are on most charts. However, they are at least some of the most Asiatic Caucasoids of all. That is, they are some of the Caucasoids most distant from all the others. Specifically, they are headed towards the Asian quadrant, though still in the Caucasoid quadrant.
        Another view is that they are more Asiatic than Caucasoid, and therefore they are Mongoloids. I do not agree with this theory.
        A third theory is pretty good – that they are another race altogether, very close to Caucasoids proper but outside of them heading towards Asiatics.
        Tribals certainly do not have Black genes. This is a misconception. They are Australoids. Australoids look like Blacks, but they are not Black. It is confusing. In fact, no one is more distant from a Black than an Australoid is.
        Most of the peoples of the NE actually are Asiatics or Mongoloids. The Scum imperialist state of India has no right to any of those lands. All of those places refused to join India in 1947. They only joined after India attacked them militarily or threatened to. Most of those states have been in armed rebellion ever since.

  3. “The Scum imperialist state of India has no right to any of those lands . All of those places refused to join India in 1947. They only joined after India attacked them militarily or threatened to. Most of those states have been in armed rebellion ever since .” How come we never hear about it? Do you think it is because they are brown, so journalists dont want to paint them as imperialists?

  4. Some of the tribals do indeed look a cross between Austroloid and Mongoloid (and I am not talking about the Northeast here), even the Central Indian ones do. However, I have seen images of some tribals (not the Siddis who we all know are African, and in any case, they are small in number, but other tribals who have significant African features, but like you say, maybe they are Austroloid too.
    As for Northeast, I would say the region on this side of the Himalaya is Indian Subcontinent while the other side is Sutheast and East Asia. Do you know that the Northeastern type Mongol people are mentioned and even were married to Indian princes, in the oldest of Indian books and their culture has always been either Hindu but mostly of Bhuddist orientation, until some British church missionaries started travelling tehre, feeding them the idea that they are not Indian and converting some of them to Christianity and giving rise to some rebel movements there as a result.
    But most Northeasterners (apart from Nagaland, which is one of the states ther) wish to be part of the Indian union. Let me tell you also that last year’s (th 4th year of the show) winner of Indian Idol (Indian version of American Idol) was won by a girl from the Northeast and the show is voted by people from all over India. Also, she was the first and so far the only female winner of the show.
    Many Northeasterners are increasingly travelling to the large cities on mainland India to study and work. Many are emplyeed in the IT industry and many others work in the hospitality, retail sectors. They are Indian just as much as any other Indian. The sooner you accept that the better.

  5. I heard in India and Asia theres a multibillion market for skin-whitening cream. They want to have lighter, whiter skin like Europeans(we are so sexy!). I also heard that this is a problem of racial self hate. But why? Why is it a bad thing that Asians want to have light skin? Some White people like to have tans, does that mean they hate themselves and want to be black or brown? Why is there an uproar and backlash against Asians wanting to be lighter, but none against Whites wanting to be darker? Its the same concept, isnt it? Maybe I should start an anti-tanning movement so us White folks wont hate our own skin so much. Yup, White is Beautiful. Besides tanned white people look gross, like orange corpses. Yuk! Be yourself!

    1. I would say the money spent on darkening skin is many times more on lightening skin in the world. Look at the whole tanning bed industry in the U.S. Why are very white people the only ones ashamed of showing their bare skin in pubic at the beach? Blacks and Hispanics dont seem to have this problem. Darker skin is easier on the eyes I would say, it camoflauges discolorations better. Overly white skin highlights all the veins, pimples, rashes scars and blotches, not a pretty sight.

  6. There is one problem with the Aryan invasion theory, they forgot to consult the Indians who were supposedly invaded by the Europids about these theories. Ancient Indian literature does not support these myths. Especially the party about the Aryan Dravidian split. The Aryan invasion theory was brought about by linguists in the 19th C, primarily Muller, who noticed similarities between Sanskrit and European languages. The only conclusion that could be drawn from the racist anthropologists to support the British colonial hold on India and later White Supremacy under Hitler’s Nazi who adopted the Aryan misnomer to describe Northern Europeans was, “Of course!!!” Thats because, we were there! We were the great civilizers of India as well as the GreekS, the Romans, the Persians and all of the ancient Mediterranean and Asian civilizations, those darkies could never put 2+2 together, it is our great Nordic culture that civilized those inferiors. Never mind those stereoptyps of us blonde bearded marauders from the North in loin cloths and pelts with horned helmets, no written history, Pagan sacrificial and cannibalistic rituals who invaded and overthrew Rome and threw Europe into the Dark Ages. We are the real bringers of light, knowledge and reason in the world. The Great Wall of China? Us. The Pyramids of Egypt, ahem, Us. Democracy and Reason, Thank you, I am here all week. Roman architecture? Need I say more? How can you expect Mexicans to accomplish all that? Its us cool surfers, dude. The reality is that the Indo-European family of languages had more of an East to West, sorry to burst your Nordicist bubble. but it is the dark ones that civilized you bright eyes and its because we wanted your women. Those blonde babes are HOT!!!!!

    1. Most Indian people are not into white people – men or women. This is why you will see most Indians marry other Indians in Western countries. Don’t put yourselves on a pedestal thinking everyone likes you. Indians are very very proud of their historical cultures.

  7. dark people never “civilized” Europeans, take that psuedo historic crap elsewhere you racist jerk. Also, its not funny to joke about raping blonde women. where the hell are you from? what makes your people so great?

  8. @INDIA Most Indians marry other Indians? Thats racist, why dont they experiment with diversity? Im not the one putting my people on a pedestal, but yes, us Eurpeans have much to be proud of, like basic sanitation, lack of mass starvation, lack of a caste system, and running water. I think Indians should be more open-minded and that Indian girls should have more sex with White men, because we have bigger tools, and to celebrate diversity, because diversity is great. When will India have a Black president? How many minorites are in positions of power?

    1. Hehe, now THAT’S what I’m talking about, AJ!
      And yeah, Indians shouldn’t be allowed to marry other Indians. They MUST experiment with “diversity” in order to “enrich” themselves.

  9. “There is one problem with the Aryan invasion theory, they forgot to consult the Indians who were supposedly invaded by the Europids about these theories”
    This is quite possibly one of the dumbest statements I have ever read. Do you really think something is wrong or right based on what someone says and not what the evidence shows? Maybe we should consult neo-nazis about the Out of Africa theory on the origins of humanity. I’m sure you would get an unbiased answer.
    The idea that people should be consulted is stupid because the’ll just add in a bunch of self-congratualtory shit. Just look at the Aztecs. The claimed to be the natives of Mesoamerica to the spainiards, then the spaniards asked other tribes around and found out that they were the descendents of barbarians from Northern Mexico who were refered to by the native groups as chichimeca (I believe that was the spelling).
    chichimeca = DOG PEOPLE yeah, consulting them is a great idea.
    Maybe we should consult white nationalists about their origins. They could tell us all about the soultrean theory. Great idea.
    “overthrew Rome and threw Europe into the Dark Ages”
    Garbage. I don’t feel like writing at length on my take about it, but I will if my adoring fans are really that interested.

    1. I don’t mean to ask you to write at length about something you would rather not, but I am interested in your take on this.
      That’s because many people frequently use the whole “Northern Europeans overthrew Rome and ushered in the Dark Ages” argument, as proof that Northern Europeans are barbarians.
      I’m not trying to be patronizing or piss you off by asking you for your rebuttal, but I actually would like to hear your response to that statement.

      1. “I don’t mean to ask you to write at length about something you would rather not, but I am interested in your take on this”
        I’ll post a reply sometime tommorrow so check back. I actually have to leave right now or I’d do it now. Sorry

  10. “Garbage. I don’ t feel like writing at length on my take about it , but I will if my adoring fans are really that interested .” Yes, please continue.

  11. european women should be only married to indian aryan cuz european lacks bravery. we will enrich them will big tool. @BAY AREA GUY

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