Letter from Australia

I received this letter from Savvas Tzionis, a Liberal Race Realist (The movement is spreading!) in Australia. He’s a good, solid progressive person, and he’s one of my favorite commenters.
I don’t agree with all of his post, but I do agree with some of it. Womanless and often aging bachelors in China are indeed going nuts and committing mass murders, possibly because they are not getting any due nookie to China’s one-child policy combined with Chinese discrimination against women resulting in mass abortions of female fetuses. This has created a hug imbalance in the male-female ratio, and there are now many more men than women in China. A similar thing is occurring in India for similar reasons.
I have nothing against Asian women; in fact, I am an Asiaphile, a Rice King or whatever you want to call us.
That’s right. I like to fish for yellowtail. They put up one Hell of a fight, but once you reel them in, they sure look great in the sack. They say we Rice Kings have a fetish, and maybe we do. So what?
I don’t think that White women are being left out in cold, though certainly many of them deserve to be! Perhaps that would discipline them a bit.
I’m not wild about tight pussies either. As an Asiaphile, I’ve had plenty of experience with that, and I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I kind of like my pussy loose myself.
One problem with White man-Asian woman thing is kids. Her body is not designed to carry that big White baby. Lot of C-sections!
I’m putting this up here for comment, and hopefully this will stimulate some interesting discussion.

Here in Australia the increase in the number of these White man-Asian woman couplings has in the last 18 months gone through the roof if my perception is of any worth.
I really really hate this.
I feel like going up to the couple and asking the White man if he is worried about his sister finding a man with all the available White men going for Asian women. And likewise, asking the Asian women if her Asian brother is attached.
Because lets face it, not many White women are going to date Asian men.
For one thing, his doodle won’t be able to do the job! Which these weak White men are getting plenty of. Tight twat!
What are your views? Because of mass migration from East Asia, the numbers are staggering.
This never happened during the Southern European migration period of the 1960’s and 1970’s.
I actually call it the Social Time Bomb. The Asian men are bottling up their rage and will explode. Whether they kill the (Asian) women…or the (White) man I am not sure.

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19 thoughts on “Letter from Australia”

  1. asian males are going to start lynching white Aussie men! As far as we’re talking about this, have you ever noticed the utter lack of white male/asian female interracial porn? Its always baffled me because I know theres a demand, and these interracial pairings are often the #1 interracial combination in many countries.

    1. No, there are some sites out there. Hehe. Used to be some of my favorite porn sites LOL. I had an Asian gf a while back and we used to look at those sites together or share movies or email them back and forth if we were not together. That was her favorite kind all right.

      1. AJ is right. In the porn industry “interracial porn” essentially is a synonym for a dark skin black guy with a big dick fucking the shit out of some blond woman. There is WM/AF porn, but compared to the black on blond stuff, it’s pretty minuscule. You don’t even see much white or black on Hispanic female porn.

        1. There you go Tulio keep stoking that white fire of interracial sex and self destruction.
          It’s what I like about the niglets ™.

  2. theres http://www.ghettogaggers.com and http://www.ebonycumdumps.com and http://www.whiteboystomp.com and http://www.exploitedblackteens.com and http://www.latinaabuse.com but thats all the main IR sites that arent bm/wf. Whats funny is according to Quantcast and Alexa the vast majority of visitors to bm/wf porn sites are white males from the US (very little from Europe, and zero from Russia). HAHAHA I always knew Americans were perverted. Whats up with AMERICAN white guys watching that psuedo-racist crap? However, upon doing further research, I discovered a shocking secret- depending on the source, from a third or even an outright majority of visitors to the #1 wm/bf interracial site on the web, http://www.ghettogaggers.com , are in fact black males. WTF? why do african americans like to watch black women get facefucked and gangbanged? Americans, black and white, have psycho-sexual inferiority complexes and get off on watching their own women abused by other races. A disproportionately high amount of visitors to LatinaAbuse (a white male/latina site) are Hispanic. LOL! Sickos! This is why Im so glad Im a Slav. Russians by far have the healthiest racial attitude than any other white people. Oh yeah, http://www.CumBang.com is visited by alot of black males as well, LOL. Its a site with redneck white guys wearing Confederate flag t-shirts gangbanging the hell out of these hot black girls, who apparently love it.

    1. ” Oh yeah, http://www.CumBang.com is visited by alot of black males as well, LOL”
      LOLZ did you look further down at the list of related sites?
      The heading of the list is this:
      Some of the sites and descriptions are:
      “Watching My Mom Go Black
      Hot Cougar Mom’s Make Their Son’s Watch Them Suck and Fuck Big Black Black Studs”
      “Blacks On Boys
      WhiteBoys Get Their First Black Cock”
      ” Cuckold Sessions
      Tiny-Dick Cuckold Sissy Boys Watch Their Wives Fuck Multiple Black Men ”
      “GloryHole Initiations
      Black Girls Get Their First White Cock”
      “Bro Bang
      Intense Interracial Bukkake! Every Scene Has At Least 10 Black Cocks Spraying 1 Unlucky Girls Pretty White Face! ”
      “Candy Monroe
      See The Cuckold Queen Candy Monroe Humiliating Sissy Whiteboys”
      And my personal favorite:
      “Ruth Blackwell
      8 mo’s PREGNANT & Fucking Black Strangers! ”
      Yeah there is definitely something wrong with american porn watchers…Yet I can’t stop laughing.

    2. No wonder it was an American porn company that made Avatar the porno. LOL

    3. What is there not to love about the Robert Lindsay blog?
      Not only some good banter from a gentle, bearded leftwinger who exposes the truth about dickwaddery in the Republicunt Party and with capitalism in general, but he even provides links to some jolly good porno too! – Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Jared Taylor or Steve Sailer!
      As I’ve said before gentle, berded leftwingers are an endangered species (when I was at school back in the early 70s half the male teachers modelled hemselves on John Lennon, complete with ‘lollypop’ glasses, long hair, beards, corduroy jakets with leather elbow patches and lectures about Chairman Mao).
      Thanks Bob, for helping me revisit my childhood and kinder, gentler times, not to mention the gratis dirty pictures.

      1. Bob,
        What’s really calling out for the Lindsay is an expose of the LA porn industry (actually it’s the only industry LA has got left), with a Marxian perspective.
        Do you think that the porn bizz is viciously exploitative and capitalistic in the worst way possible?
        Is America so packed with sluts due to vicious exploitation.
        Bob, you might be conflicted on race, but I’m conflicted on porn.On the one hand I realise the ‘exploitation’ argument fully (no, and not from a feminazi viewpoint), but on the other hand I just find it so damned nice and enjoyable.
        As St. Augustine might have said………

  3. Asians are approximately 5-8% of the Australian population, depending on your definitions and whether you include foreign students. And most Asians, male or female, marry other Asians. Asian man – white woman pairings are on the increase as well. So really, why anyone would get up in arms about this is a mystery.
    Relationships are not just about doodles and twats. If Savvas stopped perceiving people in this way, maybe he might get more action himself, and thus not spend so much time consumed with anger over who other people choose to love.

    1. “Asian man – white woman pairings are on the increase as well”
      I hope you are right but I fear not.
      As for my dooddles and twats comment, that was just my anger at this situation and everyoen jsut acceptign it or being compeltely oblivious t othe situation.
      And why would I be peeved off about this situation? It has in fact made my pool of available talent much larger!!
      I once dated a Korean but once she said she like John Howard, it was 안녕히가세요

      1. Yeah, I’ve met this kind of dizzy Korean girl before. LOL. Tough out. A community college skank thinks she’s holding out for Brad Pitt. Can make it tough on Korean men with elite degrees.
        Fortunately, most Korean women have a good sense of their worth and Korean mothers match the girls up well.
        “John Howard”?? Holy.

  4. Americans, black and white, have psycho-sexual inferiority complexes and get off on watching their own women abused by other races.
    Yeah, it’s probably some variation on misogyny to watch a woman of your own race getting done by a man from an inferior* one.
    (*From the male viewer’s perspective.)

  5. “I actually call it the Social Time Bomb. The Asian men are bottling up their rage and will explode. Whether they kill the (Asian) women…or the (white) man I am not sure.”
    But Asian men are “good at math”. 20 million white Australians vs 600 million SE Asians and 1.5 billion NE Asians. Big deal. Don’t overestimate yourself Aussie. Sheeesh.

      1. Like the Stones say:
        “Ti-ii-ii-iime is on our side, yes, it is.”
        Asian men aren’t getting worked up about it as much as you think for that reason. The people who should be real pissed off are white women. Neglected and disappearing. And yes, they ARE pissed off.

  6. I typed 9/11 into the search engine but I could only find 1 post dealing with the subject and another that deals with it briefly in an interview with Philip Giraldi.

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