Why Racism, Sexism and Capitalism Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

The new commenter Chuck is over at Abagond’s making a White racist ass out of himself in front of an audience of Black people. I expected a lot more of the guy, but I guess it’s to be expected. Most of these people who are into neoclassical/Libertarian economics are pretty nasty racists. At first it freaks you out, but then the more you think about it, the more it starts to make sense.
Ok, here is something to think of. This guy, and all like him, is: an:
1. A Racist (goes with #1)
2. A Sexist (goes with 2 and 3)
3. A Men’s rights advocate
4. A Game/PUA advocate
5. An HBD guy
6. A super-duper ultra capitalist Libertarian on steroids who *really really really really* hates anything suggesting of “socialism.”
7. A supporter of neoclassical economics. He has an MA in Economics. (6 and 7 go with 1-5)
In general, if you have any one of the attributes 1-7 above, you will have all of the rest, and I do mean all the rest. This is unfortunate. Can’t White men be Captain Capitalists without hating non-Whites and women?
You know, I always thought that the Left was full of crap when they talked about the link between capitalism and racism/sexism, but the more you think about it, the more you have to admit they’ve got a point.
And indeed, some of the most anti-racist and anti-sexist societies yet designed were Communist and Euro-socialist societies.
It is as if there is something inherently anti-sexist and anti-racist about socialism and the Left itself.
This may seem elementary, but there’s a lot of blather on the PC ultra-Left from insane feminists about how all the men on the Left are sexist dogs and from anti-racist CRT kooks about how most to all White liberals are vicious and ugly racists.
I’ll admit there is something to the ultra-Left line. Most of us guys on the Left probably are sexist dicks to some degree. But we are definitely a Hell of a lot less chauvinist than your average rightwing male pig.
And I’ve long said on this blog that most White liberals are racist to some degree. But still, they are a Hell of a lot less racist than your average cynical Republican.
Non-Whites and women ought to do what all sane people do in life. Be happy with what you’ve got. White male liberals are as good as White guys get. Either like us, or turn gay and move to Africa so you won’t have to deal with us anymore.
We have a lot of cheerleaders for capitalism on this blog. I ask these cheerleaders that if capitalism is so groovy, why are the most ferocious capitalists are typically some of the ugliest people on Earth?
Capitalism isn’t like health food, the more you dig it, you better off you are. It’s more like arsenic. You need a little bit of it, but a lot of it kills the patient. Further, capitalism creepily looks like a toxin. As people get more and more enthusiastic about capitalism, they get progressively uglier and meaner and more sexist and racist. Either enthusiasm for capitalism is a marker for assholery, or capitalism is poison itself to one’s mind. As you pour more and more capitalism into the mind, the patient gets increasingly vicious and immoral.
I asked Joseph Bauthumley about the paradox in 1-7 above. He said the answer is simple. These people are in love with hierarchy.
Whites like racism because it’s tied into White Supremacy, and increasingly this HBD crap is just another way of rudely waving the old white, white and white flag.
White men like sexism because it tells them that women of all races are niggers, as Comrade Lennon reminds us.
Combine the two and I get to feel superior to 67% of my fellow Americans. What a deal.
Capitalism in its more unrestrained forms is all about hierarchy. Some are rich because some are poor. The Arabs understand this intimately. That is why Islam demands that the rich tithe 10% to the poor to thank the poor for making the rich rich.
If you’re a White male asshole who’s into feeling superior to women and non-Whites, you need a spiffy new economic suit to go along with that cutthroat attitude. Neoclassical economics, or trickle down economics, is the economics of the winners. White men feel like winners. After all, we are superior, right? So neoclassical economics and radical free market capitalism suits us just fine. We get to run roughtshod over all the women, niggers and muds, and we get a scientifically proven model with empirically tested pure mathematical proofs to give our assholery the seal of scientific approval.
Socialism, liberalism, and the Left is all about equality. We are not into hierarchy too much. Pecking orders are for lower animals like the dogs and cats romping in the living room. Humans are above that. The reason #1-7 guys have such a fanatical hatred of the Left is precisely because of our belief in relative equality and egalitarianism. If you think you’re better than 95% of humanity, some asshole handicapping all the loser muds and bitches is really gonna piss you off!
It’s hard to attack a nice guy, so the Natural Rulers of Mankind have to make up all kinds of lies about us.
Feminists, who at best merely request some legal equality, are Kali-like destroyers reaping firestorms across the paper houses of civilization. In order to project, they also accuse those who request fairness for women of the hate that they themselves possess.
Anti-racists, who at best are a noble bunch requesting only that one try not to feel too much animus towards entire races, try not to hate people too much due to their racial genetics, and try to treat each person as an individual, are treated much the same.
We are all Little Hitlers plotting the Auschwitz of the Great White Race. We plant little seeds of evil niggerdom in white pocket fence pretty and dainty White towns, sending a flamethrower of malign and depraved Black crime tearing through White decency and rectitude.
Then they project onto us, those who request that folks not hate. What do we suffer from? What else but what they do? We hate, hate, hate and then hate some more. The racists are put-upon Davids in tears only fighting back because they can’t hold back anymore.
And the socialists, those of us who have tried to craft what can only be called the Great Human Emancipation Project that began in 1917 or earlier at the Commune?
Instead of trying to make sure everyone has a roof, a bed, a job and something to eat, we destroy wealth and create poverty. Even more cruelly, those of us who put nutrition above all profit are accused of being so inept that we starve other humans. The capitalists, who starve 14 million people to death every year, mostly in South Asia, are running some worldwide Meals on Wheels program for the tattered, sighing and bony abject castoffs of our blighted globe.
We, who put human health above all dirty profit, are accused of murdering hospital patients in their beds with our ineptness, or worse, of running Mengele-like hovering reaper death panels.
I’ve given you a bit to think of here. Please think on it a bit. I did, and I feel a lot better now.
Things are coming together like booze glasses clinking in the air. The lights are all coming on at once and merging into one blast of white light.
Epiphany feels good. Try it some time.

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6 thoughts on “Why Racism, Sexism and Capitalism Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly”

  1. In all fairness to the White man, we have treated women better than any other race. Womens Suffrage gained steam in White countries. New Zealand was the first nation ever, to grant women voting rights. White guys are actually, if you really want to be honest, historically the least sexist. I never really got all this PC harping about how white men opress women. What total BS, blacks and other races dont?! Oh, and onto your main point about the link between racism and capitalism, Im not convinced. Go to the “diversity” page on any corporate website, it looks like CRT class. Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP, the (in)famous quasi-White Nationalist party in the UK that has its roots in NS, is a left-wing socialist who wants to nationalize the nation’s oil. Hugo Chavez is a socialist, and is considered by many as an anti-white racist. PS- you know Chuck runs his own HBD/PUA/libertardian/ginger blog right? Its called http://www.glPiggy.wordpress.com

    1. Exactly. Go to any American university. There’s some white female giving a speech about the low worldwide status of women:
      selective aborticide in Asia
      genital mutilation in the Middle East
      rape epidemics in Africa
      Then next week she’s giving a speech about how sexist and racist the West is and the need to be more multicultural. I say we start by importing gender attitudes.

  2. Bravo! And I agree a 110% with what you’ve written.
    Having come from a relatively affluent family and having worked for American, Canadian and other foreign firms, I’ve been around rich, conservative people a lot, including white Americans and whites from other nations. In most cases, their conservatism is an unthinking a-theoretical, reflexive reaction driven by narrow personal interest. They vote for the conservative party, because it is in their personal material interest to do so. They believe they would be paying less taxes if their party is in power. It’s that simple. I hang out with guys of this type at time, and a lot of them are alright on a personal basis.
    What I’ve noticed though is the virulently right-wing fanatics, who have transformed their conservatism into an aggressive all encompassing ideology, the guys idolizing Ayn Rand and Glenn Beck, are down-right petty, selfish, self-centered, uncaring, bigoted, nasty, and quite frankly, despicable people. I stay away from these guys as much as possible. This is my own personal experience, but may not hold true for all of people of that ilk, and I am fully aware of the dangers of over-generalization.

  3. On the theory that it is at least occasionally useful to belabor the obvious (even if it is mostly just old-hat by now), one might more readily connect racism to capitalism by way of the Conquest of The Americas, the American Conquest of the West, the peculiar institution of chattel slavery, the clearances and the inclosures in the British Isles, The East India Company, The Hudson Bay Company and just about any other colonial depredation one might care to dredge up off a bookshelf near you.
    Have the socialist revolutionaries truly forgotten history–already?
    Do Marxists, too, devoutly worship at the shrine of synchronic amnesia these days?
    Say it ain’t so, Bob! Say it ain’t so!

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